RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 01/11/10

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Messing around on Google trends...  Saw something comical:

AIG Credit-Default Swap Losses Won't Be `Material' (Update4)
Bloomberg - Feb 12 2008

Any losses by the unit that issues so-called credit-default swaps won't be material to AIG, the firm said today in a statement.

Chief Executive Officer Martin Sullivan, who manages units that originate, insure and invest in subprime mortgages or securities, assured investors in December that writedowns tied to the U.S. housing market were ``manageable.'' The company, based in New York, has said it doesn't expect to sell mortgage- related investments at a loss when markets are weak.

"For patient investors willing to ride out near-term volatility, we see solid upside in the stock,'' said Morgan Stanley analyst Nigel Dally in a note to investors today. He rates the company overweight.''

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Also of interest, 'zero hedge' is at an all-time high for popularity.  Hats off to TD et al.

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new low dollar/yen. hmmmm, you breezed through that pretty quick.


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