RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 07/06/11

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Ted K's picture

Of course that Chinese FX official back-tracked.  The dumb cunt is making metals more expensive for his government.

Like you need a new opening man. like some joke opening (trust me on this dude).


"This is Dame Edna with your markets"

"This is Peewee Herman with your markets"

"This is Hyacinth Bucket (pronounce with t) with your markets"

and just once like you could wear some crazy glasses with the plastic eyeballs bouncing out on a spring.  Trust me man, I could do wonders for you. 


JW n FL's picture

you are just mad he is not wearing a jacket! and bow tie! and 400 years old.. your demo is dying off! we dont want you old timers stick up the ass style of shit around, we dont even want to look at it... now, know your place! back to the crypt!

JW n FL's picture

Thanks for the view.. as for the crazy glasses??? maybe on casual friday?