RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 09/02/11

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The Machine has been programmed with a very simple algorithm:

- Before NY open check the stock index futures

- If stock index futures are red - Kill Dollar

- Other machines are on autopilot to buy stocks when the Dollar is down

Brilliant! So what could possibly go wrong?

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"Robots to get their own Internet:"



Coming to a University near you:  "Robo-American Studies", look for Bender Bending Rodriguez at the seminars! :>D


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These algorithnms shall operate from 7am EST to 10am EST . The brainless speculators will take it from there - having seen that stocks opened in the green - their endorphin levels shall be high . And they will buy more stocks.

There ya go - a complete basis for a sound eeeconomie.

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I propose an innovation:

Now I fully understand the health benefits of a good nights sleep - but surely these algorithms can be made to operate earlier than 7am EST. I humbly propose that such algorithms be activated earlier , much earlier - to avoid the spectacle of seeing red SPX futures at ANY time . Why sometimes I totter down to the old refrigerator at wee hours of the morn to get myself a nice bowl of cheerios soaked in Jack Daniels - and it surely bothers me to see dem SPX futures red. So comrades - lets be united in proposing that the Algoriths be made to operate 24 hours a day. After all if we can send a man to the moon - why cant we accomplish this. The nations energies and its best and brightest young people shoul be assigned to this most urgent of tasks.


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i think today gonna be a reversal day...

be careful if long

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I agree. Hell we may even get a crash ( 0.5% decline in the DJIA).