RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 09/03/11

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Just place ur eyes in the 10yrs Portuguese Yield Bond..... 7.7-7,8%

Why Portugal doesnt hold any gold and silver? BIS_Basel...wondering with IMF when to press the AID Portuguese Button...

Remember the case of Banco Comercial Portugués¿-BCP... Where has all that gold gone? Ah yes has acted as Counterparty to EUROSwap to give a bridge loan to the Portuguese Empire...meanwhile their bonds are close to default and the contagious effect to Spain and Belgium + France is inminent.

No more South Eastern Asian Central Banks Pumping Euro....The game must end with the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates ,or inflation will eat the whole world. (The bad thing is not Demand Inflation, is completly artificially provoqued.---OFFER Inflation...the worst inflation ever you can drive"...Also remember the Real Estate prices has to drop specially in Spain,Australia and HongKong and banks needs to clean the bad stuff + recap.





This is a BIG SCAM in THE EURO ZONE , please talk about it

Also Spanish Institutions are fully crap junkdebtholders.

Dont trust any Stress Test...Specially if done by Banco Popular, Banco Sabadell or Banco Pastor, They are in default cos Real Estate Exposure


In Germany AAREAL bank has the same Problem.


EURO is hyperinflated....


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Hyperinflated? Maybe! But at least they can buy the fucking dips!

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Greece default

Portugal Default

Spain Default

Ireland Default


Belgium gonna be in default... Dexia is a bomb...


And EURO At Highs of weeks¡.......................WHAT A SCAM¡¡¡¡ Just Central Banks playing with dices....



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I think that much of the pressure on the Euro zone peripheral nations has been caused by something which I have only seen reported outside Greece by the economist Shaun Richards.

The Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported this yesterday about Greek budget revenues.

Compared with the first two months of 2010, revenues declined this year by 9.2 percent…………the shortfall exceeding 870 million euros after the February goal was missed by 595 million.

This reinforced a point made in the downgrade issued by Moody’s (point two from my update from Monday the 7th of March) . It also reminds me of the furious sounding rebuttal of the downgrade issued by the Greek Finance Ministry.

Furthermore, Moody’s announcement refers to the delay in the rebounding of budget revenues, yet does not take into account the increase in revenues.

Whilst they are talking about 2010 they must have known their own figures for 2011…..



I wonder what his suggestions to Portugal's Finance Minister were?

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The market is stuck in a fever pitch, soon to be broken by the realities that are staring us in the face.  I have the biggest overnight short position I have had in nearly a month: http://www.hedgefundlive.com/blog/wednesday-market-expectations-it-has-begun