RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 19/05/11

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Tyler, suggest you check out the past couple of days' articles in the NY TImes revealing that a venting system that US regulators said would prevent Japanese-style hydrogen explosions at old nuclear plants turns out to have already been in place at Fukushima Daiichi. Fail. The workers tried to use the system manually seven times just at one unit before it blew.

Today's article reports that US regulators were warned about this long ago but disregarded the info.

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EGBS: Spurious talk of ECB buying peripheral bonds going around earlier,
which coincided with the earlier selling in June Bunds. Traders familiar
with central bank activity haven't confirmed this rumour so far.This is freaking manipulation market


Why no one in spain wants to buy inside Spanish Bonds, Why the ECB is creating its own market marker policy, This is illegal.


Domestic / Non Domestic Ratio crashes below to 0.249 in the last auction ---.- Tremble¡


Sell spanish Banks, Sell spanish bonds, before the mega crash come inside.



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Look like YONG is going to take another big collapse today. Another Red Flag Review Report out this morning already.



Wonder how the longs over on Yazoo board who are still trying to pump this fraud are going to refute this report?  Some people never learn, especially gullible Americans.

YONG is just another China fraud. No one can even reach the two guys that are the entire company reportedly running a business from a government closed area.