RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 23/09/10

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Off Topic: Hopefully, there is still time to get people to pay attention and effect change at the state level -- then federal. This is not about  right wing - left wing or conservative - liberal.

It is about how the people of the US are about to be fuc*ed again by the international banking cartel that curently controls the "quantity of money" in our debt based system. We need to go back to the original, government contolled sytem WITHOUT fractional reserve lending and do away with the current (privately controled) "Federal" Reserve system that is creating and forcing the US (and world) into another depression.

This video highlights the ORIGINAL symbolism seen in Baum's "the Wizard of Oz" which has been surpressed. It is a fascinating history of monetary - banking system beginning with pre- Ceasar Rome (in brief) leading to Henry I, son of William The Conqueror,  thru 17th century -- then focuses (majority of film) in the US from 16th century - present.   MUST SEE. 1 hr 51 mins. -- it will change your perception of everything. Released 1 month ago. www.secretofoz.com

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