RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 24/06/11

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Italian banks halted

UniCredit's actions SPA, Intense Sanpaolo, Banking Popolare I gave Milan and UBI Bancia, they have been suspended from price by the high volatility that they were presenting.

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In case of default:

French Banks will Crash

In case of soft reprofiling debt scheme; CDS will lost any legal value and GS and JPM will Crash,

Play both sides..

Who gonna win...Of course Federal Reserve Banks so Greece will Exit Euro and present a default. So French Bank will crash my humble opinion

So this will not be a credit Event

CDS market will dissapear o not...

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did you say 'crash'? LOL keep on dreaming

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UBI bank = DEFAULTs trading below TERP (Basel Rulez unaccomplished)


 Italian Bank will need IMF help

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So what ? haha you think they won't accept IMF money ?

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I will see what? It has been 3 years I look at this shit every day. Do you think they will let GS, JPM and the french banks crash like that ? come back to earth hombre, they will resort to anything before letting that happen, using free taxpayer money being the easiest path

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Some opposition to the austerity plan appearing within G-Pap's Socialist cum Neo Liberal Party.