RANsquawk European Morning Briefing - Stocks, Bonds, FX etc. – 29/11/10

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for the first time in a year and  a half I watched CNBS this AM

Carl K opens the show with this pronouncement "Retail Traffic for Black Friday 'Weekend'  up 8% over last year!"

Dana (retail analyst & queen of Black Friday) Telsey opined that "Black Friday 'weekend' had a positive bias" ...after hyping Black Friday for the past few weeks she goes on to clarify: "but (instead of Black Friday) the real focus should be on the period between Dec 15 and Xmas which accounts for 40% of retail sales"

That was followed at the bottom of the hour with a major story by Andrew Sorkin (appears to be the Ken doll equiv of Becky) on Starbucks vs.Kraft on a retail distrubution agreement.

CNBS is an abomination


Back to Bloomberg Radio (too much advertising but some solid inteviews)

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