Ratigan And Fleckenstein Explain The Fed's Role In Recent Food Price Ignited Revolutions

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For over a year now, Zero Hedge has been predicting that in its foolhardy attempt of "inflation or bust", the Fed's actions would sooner or later lead to mass rioting and possible revolutions as a result of surging and out of control food prices (which are just the peak of the alternative investment pyramid - yes, stunningly free money can go into other things besides stocks). There have been those who have claimed that deflation is still a far greater force, despite that the all important shadow banking system made a positive inflection point in ending deleveraging in Q3 (and on March 10 we will know whether the Q3 strength persisted into Q4) as was discussed previously, and today's first time in over two years increase in revolving credit merely confirms this view. Alas, to all who believe that deflation or deleveraging is a greater threat: you have our sympathies, as fundamentally your are correct, and were the business cycle have the benefit of playing out in normal course, all the world's banks would become insolvent and yes, deflation would be rampaging. The problem is that these same people do not realize that to Bernanke (whom we have referred Genocide Ben for precisely this reason) there is no other alternative, and inflation must be achieved no matter how terrible the social cost, or the damage to the monetary system. Regardless, the actions in North Africa are just the start. Commodities will run up far higher, and discontent will sooner or later reach to Asia, and possibly to countries which have nuclear arsenals at their disposal. What happens then is anyone guess. Yet for anyone who is still confused about the ultimate Fed agenda, Dylan Ratigan and Bill Fleckenstein sat down late last week to make it so clear that virtually anyone and everyone can understand what the Bernanke endgame is.

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 The dollar menus are all now the 2 dollar menus

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Not at my local restaurants. They just serve half as much.

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Strippers only show one tit for a dollar now.

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Make sure she's a DDD to get the biggest bang for the buck.

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If you've seen one...

you've seen...


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Mr. Fleckinstein seemed some what more reserved than when on KWN and elsewhere.

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Speaking on camera and by telephone are two very different beasts, especially when you know that you are gonna get only a couple of minutes at most. Bill does not thrive with the sound bites (nor does Tice). Save those for Pento and Schiff.

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schiff and pento ARE NOT ALLOWED to say what is coming....the government is all over their aZZes and Fleckenstein too on everyday TV is told what he can't say so he had to think about it.


If you want to know what can't be said on TV go over to the FOFOA blog.

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I believe you are correct.  For one I haven't seen Schiff on CNBC for awhile now and it may be that they have been warned to keep their mouths shut.  Fleckenstein comes close but as you said he may have been told how far he could go.

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Dylan Ratigan..., still fighting the good fight!

Here's to you, Dylan.

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If you place a frog into a pot of hot water it will jump out

If you place a frog into a pot of cold water and slowly heat it up you can boil the frog alive

Time to quickly heat the water to BOIL to help our revolutionary friends out!


Project ZerO

A call to all ZH'ers, Investment bankers, Hedge funds and others to join together to do God's Work and free the people of the world from Obama and Hillary's Dictato... errr... Autocrats!

Buy rice, buy wheat, buy corn and lever the shit out of your trades to spike the crap out of global food prices. The Algo's and the unwashed masses will assuredly do the rest.

(An extract from... How to Free the World for Fun and Profit... by Bill D Kat :)

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They just told the story of Khaled Said on CNN, and followed up with another story with the video of this Egyptian man being shot.

I re-uploaded it 2 days ago.

We are all Khaled Said Murder at 2:22


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It made me ill just watching it.

People killing people is never the answer.

Unless they just won't leave..... :)


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Another notch for Banana Ben

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Junked for partisanship... To act like there was no such thing as debt or speculation when Bush was around is a joke. $150 barrels of oil anyone?

Yes, the current administration should take some of the blame for the inflation (spending and reappointing the douche), but speculation was not curtailed under Bush until oil hit $150 a barrel. Also the national debt was doubled uder Bush's wash and at that point we were left with the fools in Washington deciding monetizing the debt was the only way out (the debt was unpayable then and now there is absolutely no shot at paying it).

We need better leadership from a third party.

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The sheeple won't vote for a third party candidate, they're too stupid. Besides Ron Paul isn't pretty enough for the masses. Probably doesn't even use a teleprompter.

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one good dylan deserves another.  waybaaak, mr. peabody?  here's dylan showing up @ the newport folk festival w/ a bunch of Fenders!  the folk singer fans went ape-shit.  even pete seeger got upset.  arlo probably had to dose him!

my best guess is that bob liked the ventures and just said: screw it!  that looks like FUN!  i'm in!  the "folks" were protecting their children from his music, b/c he wasn't unplugged!  this is where we live... the folks who left are now in charge of everything!  they own us!

YouTube - Bob Dylan - Live at the Newport Folk Festival

ok. this video is propaganda. 

good thing if they just keep monetizzzing we can never have deflation. wanna see what deflation is?  like the last time they they wiped out 30% of the the paper?  just stay invested.  don't miss it. again.  oh, i forgot.  can't happen here, b/c batmanke went to college and learned about the depression and how to fix it if it ever happened again!

people make fortunes fading my calls!  batmanke has my sympathy (comes after shit) b/c the congress doesn't have the focus and resolve to get the budget under control...b/c the FED gave away the Treasury, and the congo will never catch up...b/c the FEF hasta keep printing because the hanky panky and the doe-eyed pelosi gave the Treasury to the banksterz, because the government didn't do it's job, b/c the banksters and ins. co's didn't like glass-steagall, so the administration repealed it so the sec, always one of the fastest agencies on the planet, spent 8 years trying to figure out how to deal with a change, and NOBODY saw this coming, how could they?  why can't people figure out what to DO?  what's so complicated, here?  greenspan was the one who had never studied the depression!  understand?  the Justice Dept. is so fast to respond that they'll come online for the finale as soon as they realize they are no longer working for Bush, b/c Holder's in ok, the congress vetted him, so justice will be served.  to us.  while we're sleeping.  up the ass.

now didya see the bagmen?  PACS, BiCHeS. QE. rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. and so on...

thx, mr peabody!  pacs?  pax.

here's something more cogent:

YouTube - Commander Cody with Jerry Garcia - There's a Riot

fade that!

attica (NY) went up in flames in 71.  this is the McAlester in oklahoma, the "Big Mac", prison nation.  can you imagine what a burger from mickey d's would be worth in prison? 

Justice 4 Leftoverz!

almost forgot.  short Q to think about:  when do you think "they" will start to audit the FED?  REAlly.  if i were a gambling man, i'd say right near the end of randy's 2nd term................................................................................................................



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TO: slewie the pi-rat
on Mon, 02/07/2011 - 21:05

waybaaak machine , mr. peabody? 

before you can ride the way back machine, and get inside the tube on that shore break, dogg, you got to pack another bowl.

don't think the joad's would mind.....that's where the grape's of wrath are stored....

and.....oh yeah...DAC got the monkey hammer boom boom, too.....

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lol.  hi HH.  how was i to know there was a party goin on?  i'm a luddite.  annette and i usta party to this mouseketeer music.  glad you got converted!  along w/ 'spin' &...oh, if ya play it backwards, it sounds like the beatles!

YouTube - Bobby Darin-Splish Splash

hope you had a fun weekend, HH.  i can take a hint.  i'm about ready to go classical!  to you know that bach was able to encode genetic information and state secrets in music?  here's the link: 

Gödel , Escher , Bach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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"annette and i usta party to this mouseketeer music.  glad you got converted!  along w/ 'spin' &.."

dude, that is so far back moose and squirrrel might need a dose of sister ray and mr peabody an atoms for peace button..................

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"do you know that bach was able to encode genetic information and state secrets in music?  here's the link: "

yo, slewie, lotta time and space out there...most folks will take this way too literally and won't understand the rarified ether that made this party music "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away",

thank god things change. 

coming to you straight from the parrots beak........


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LMAO slewie, don't stop.

WTF, is that Sammy Hagar backing up the Grateful Dead??




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maybe.  i can't tell who's backing up into what, here...

i think cherry garcia is the only previously live person on the stage.  first, it takes him 5 sec to realize the commander is starting the song;  then he tees off in the wrong key!  sammy almost doesn't survive.  elvis really holds the whole thing together w/the acoustic, doncha think?  obviously this is a night at the improv.  garcia figured they's be playing it in C#, probably!  phil l. never let him rest!

here's elvis costello addressing our theme of the month:

YouTube - Elvis Costello - Waiting For The End Of The World

somebody revive mr peabody, pls.


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It all goes back into the box, yet still, we live.


 -- yet still, no one cares.

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RS, is that picture from Burning Man?    maybe that's what dylan was singin abt...  chippin away.  you guys take care.  ty HH  epic, indeed.  hmmm....peabody, can you reverse that puppy?  i wanna go see cartman in outer space!


ferroshorty:  i junked you by mistake!  never junked anybody b4.  not as much fun as laser tag! 

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I junked you 27 times, by mistake. I meant to junk you 57 times.

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that's why i need peabody!

ifya don't like the link, HH,  pls forward to the crypt for burial.

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later, g8r.

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"didya find those balls yet?  i prefer da blonde myself... how's business?  those pallets are everywhere, by now,i'll bet! "

slewie, that is an absolute scream, my congragulations to you, sir, for having a cosmic sense of humor that transcends both time and space...ooohhhh.....the horror of it all....

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now, about that mouseketeer, HH. if it's a guy, that's ok. 

here's ma main boy, right about the time he was helping mayor bloomberg keep the streets of manhattan nice and sanitary:

YouTube - Boy George - Karma Chameleon (Live 12/06)

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Just pay cash and tip less. Not my problem they work on tips keep raising prices.

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The dollar stores are now the Cinco stores

Mucho Gusto!

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But Ben said that the Egyptians pay for their food in Gineih - so the Fed's easy money and flood of dollars has nothing to do with the price of food in Egypt. Was he not being honest with us?

Trifecta Man's picture

Where do you think wheat and corn come from?  Siberia?

redpill's picture

"and possible to some countries which have nuclear arsenal at their disposal"

Widespread unrest (there already has been plenty of localized protesting) in Pakistan could ignite at any moment.

herman55's picture

I copied and pasted the following post at least 200 times in the last 3 weeks. Pay attention to the language on Egypt. Nothing will trigger social upheaval like food price increases in the 3rd world.


There is no, repeat no, food shortage on the planet today. Sort of… Using the United Nations suggested daily calorie intake there is more than sufficient foodstuffs produced annually, globally. Period. Now then, the question is how you use them....for example, if you wanted to bring the daily calorie level in both China and India up to the U.N. level it would take an additional, not total but additional, 31 million tons of foodstuffs. To put that in perspective the U. S. ethanol fraud consumed 165 million tons of corn during 2010. China has 2.3 trillion dollars in Treasuries but chooses not to expend it on foodstuffs for its own population. India was a net exporter of wheat in 2010.....I had the opportunity to have dinner with the Chairman of one of the largest commodity/food processors in the world over the holidays....there is no food shortage...and the American ethanol scam has absolutely destroyed relationships with food importers from the U.S. , like Egypt for example, that took decades to develop....and now for some Physics: if ethanol were in fact a "sum positive" they would use ethanol as the energy source to produce (boil/distill) more ethanol/corn mash.....and they, the ethanol producers, don't......because it consumes more energy to make a gallon than you get out of it (referred to as the “thermal load factor”)....It’s nothing like an oil refinery that uses part of the barrel of crude oil to power the refinery. Every ethanol “factory” pipes in natural gas to boil their corn mash. The vast majority of farmers spike in anhydrous ammonia fertizler (to gain the nitrogen nutrient) which of course is made from…..natural gas. The environmentalists who pushed for the ethanol program to begin with have absolutely washed their hands of it.

Just think- 40% of the American corn crop now goes for the 10% gasoline EPA mandated blend rate yet the EPA is pushing to raise the blend rate to 15%--or 60% of Americas corn crop. As an aside 80% of the canola crop, a premium cooking oil, is used for bio-fuels in  Germany. Double the price of corn and bull doze another million acres of Amazon jungle to plant; triple the price of tortillas and watch the Mexicans pour north across the border. Noted: Chuck Grasley, the erstwhile Republican Senator, is the mouthpiece for the ethanol scam. He farms 4,120 acres of Iowa corn ground. My source tells me that without the ethanol scam (and it was renewed for only 1 year…) the price of wheat goes to 4$ and corn to $3.35.


The Deere’s, the Monsanto’s, the Cargill/Mosaic’s, the Potash’s, et.al., had the ethanol fraud pegged from day one. They collectively sent every hooker lobbyist to that whorehouse on the hill, formerly known as the U.S. Capitol, to fellate every senator they could rent a room for, with Grassely being the punk of punks. Corn and wheat prices are legislated prices via a per bushel subsidy. Never in 50 years of farm belt handouts has a subsidy so enriched so few.

gmrpeabody's picture

Roger that on ethanol.


Caviar Emptor's picture

Don't think you totally get what happens when subsidies get pulled: farmers simply won't plant those acres which go to ethanol. They can't afford to because fertilizer alone costs too much. 

Since the Nixon administration the Dept of Interior has plied farmers with subsidies for everything, not just ethanol. Corn subsidies began in the 1970s. The idea behind pushing supply was to combat inflation. The Interior Dept at that time told farmers "Get Big or Get Out!". 

And finally, there's no US ethanol program for soybeans, sugar, orange juice or wheat. Yet prices have risen consistently for over a decade. 

What we don't consumer China and others come in and buy. All of it. China negotiates directly with farmers even for Ginseng (from Wisconsin, believe it or not). 

Natural resource depletion is contributing to crop prices: non-nitrogen fertilizer comes from minerals that are peaked out. Water scarcity is now affecting agricultural production: farmers in California's central valley have had to reduce their acreage. There are many sources of food inflation that are beneath the radar but they're all fundamental. 

Stimulus Billy's picture

You can be sure that Obama, of Illinois, supports the ethanol crime against humanity.

To Obama's credit he is aggressive on alternate energy, but IMO wrong on ethanol.

Ben Fleeced's picture

"Since the Nixon Roosevelt administration the Dept of Interior Farm Bureau has plied farmers (for votes) with subsidies for everything, not just ethanol. Corn subsidies began in the 1970  1930s".


gwar5's picture

ZH was right. There were no doubts. There were food shortges and riots in 2008.

Food riots this time was a sure thing. It was lurking beneath the surface.

Krugman? He says it's all global warming!  He can't bring himself to admit it's his recommended policy fix that is causing genocide and geoplitical instability. Anything to advance the ideology. We let these anti-humanists run things?  If he still teaches I hope his students slam him.

gmrpeabody's picture

I doubt his students get it. I am sure he still doesn't. Why, he is way too forward thinking and progressive to ever look back.

If I drew him as an instructor, I would have the administrators change my class.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

I'll guarantee you his students get their noses brown at every opportunity.

Pants McPants's picture

My graduate program included two semesters of economics.  Fortunately neither was taught by Krugman.....but (predictably) the class reeked of Keynesianism. 

After class one day I challenged the instructor on his contention that WWII ended the Great Depression.  He didn't waver, even when I asked him if he truly believed an economy dedicated towards building tanks, bombs, and planes was healthy.  Without hesistating he said yes.  Great guy, that instructor.