Guest Post: The Rats Are Cornered

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I gotta problem. After reading this, half my brain says, "Holy shit--this guy's really out there on the lunatic fringe!" Unfortunately, the other half of my brain says, "Holy shit--he's right; it makes perfect sense!"

What to do, what to do....

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If today were not a crooked highway, if tommorrow wasn't such a long time....

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What to do, you ask? Here's Buckminster Fuller's recommendation:

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

My advice is to just (actually or figuratively) walk-away. If you can't do it physically, then do it mentally. Start channeling Maslow: food/water, shelter & security. How will you acquire/achieve these needs absent a governing central authority?

Think high school - you're either with the program, or you're not. Figure out how to be part of the "in-crowd". It's funny how that old adage of "lead, follow or get out the way" is so apropos. If you're not leading, or you're not helping as a cooperative follower, you're gonna get "disappeared". That's how societies have operated for millennia - no one makes a stink, no one says anything. Just one day, the trouble maker(s) is no longer around.

As to the author's belief that the central authorities will initiate progessively more dracionian laws & regulations, forget about it; (the soon to be defunct) Obamacare was the high-water mark.

These slimy snakes are just like the former Soviet leadership. They are cowards - they will slink away in the middle of the night as the entire system goes "poof". One day it was there, the next day, well, it wasn't.

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These slimy snakes are cowards.


+1000  That was exactly my experience in DC.  Yell boo and they will piss their pants.  Couldn't agree more with the substance or stance.  I would only add that this is no time to buy real estate, unless it is farm/ranch land in an area you know really well.

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Not only are "they" cowards, "they're" not as smart as everyone seems to give "them" credit for.  Now I don't really know who we're talking about when we use "they" but I'll just substitute elected members of government (local, state, federal).  Some of the unelected bureaucrats are smart, but they lack power, so they are welcome to join "us."

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" I would only add that this is no time to buy real estate, unless it is farm/ranch land in an area you know really well."

Ageed, BUT, until we see if ALL THESE AGENDA's are basically neutered, I suggest buying NO Property.

The more liquid, less encumbered, the best chance you will have to maintain.

Property owners, IF the new idiology is allowed to go full speed ahead, unencumbered,will likely LOSE that way or the other.

We are being driven by these new progs into a Caste system.........Uber Wealthy(Control), and working class poor.

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"Property owners, IF the new idiology is allowed to go full speed ahead, unencumbered,will likely LOSE that way or the other."

No, that's crazy talk.

By now everyone knows an Army travels on it's stomach.

Besides you need land owners to be taxed. Hobo's will wind up in camps, work crews or dodging bullets from or brothers of another color.


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I see your point.  We really are in uncharted waters, and real estate taxes alone leave you vulnerable to the kleptocrats.  Still, if you have the bucks, owning some land in the less oppressive states works well with a general theme of self-reliance. 

I think barter, and the general ability to brew beer, grow tobacco, or do something of unquestioned value to your neighbors will help weaher whatever storms are coming, but liquidity and mobility are also important until we see how the big picture breaks.  We are living in interesting times.  Guns and ammo are basic needs.

I look at farm land this way.

1 Can you handle the cash flow in the short run?

2 What will fiat currency be worth in the long run? 

Have your tried venison chili? 


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"real estate taxes alone leave you vulnerable to the kleptocrats."

I think Detroit taught government a deep lesson. If you want acres of empty space no one will buy you screw yourself.

I just read that WA state was polled and the majority want income tax on those making 250k instead of raising property taxes.

BIGOV is starting to catch on.

Empty houses and vacant land is virtually useless when they need to pay salaries.


I would say if you wish to choose a skill learn to use a forge. Few people know how to use one, like welding. At some point if there is a massive collapse people will need metal work done. One knife is worth more than hundreds of bullets.


I would avoid Venison, that whole disease thing scares the shit out of me. I do consider Tilapia and Aquaponics, or stocking a pond.

Funny the first thing people think of is hunting and never fishing.

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I love the comment about the forge.My grandfather was a tool making blacksmith in a steel mill.I have his solid nickle toolmaking anvil.Yes, I can make parts and tools.And I am hoarding metal.I have few worries about being useful in a post apocalyptic setting...but I would much prefer we not let it go that far.As the days pass it seems less and less avoidable.

  And I can weld and braze too.And fix anything around the house/farm/industrial environment.

  I really don't want to fall back on it.But I can.

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I built an ornamental sign, gate and lighting company with less than $3000, own a plasma cutter and welder, both 120v systems, almost zero overhead. Been stockpiling consumables like a mother, extra everything, going to start putting together 55 gallon drums of gasoline for the generator, already have years supply of wheat, etc. Rolling blackouts could be a problem..Just today started researching ancient metal working techniques, think my next project is a forge and some propane tanks. A lot of propane tanks.

Oh and the fishing comment above you was spot on...i wondered that when reading Grapes of Wrath...why were people starving instead of fishing? Kayaks with fishfinders mounted, plenty of batteries, tons of lures, rods, etc.

People think I'm nuts so I don't really mention anything. Tell you something I've noticed though...people are really starting to ask questions instead of just blowing me off like they did back in '08; people are starting to wake up.

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Gully--learn a skill, use a forge.  Yes, directly usable tools like chisels, knives, nails.  I'm near a New England foundry (now defunct) that mined bog-iron and forged nails, hinges, implements.  But us old farts (perhaps you excluded) can't hack it over 2000+ DegF iron day after day.  Besided, I can't run faster than a lamed blacksmith (yes, the skill was that prized) anyway.

But yes, learn a skill, any skill: weaving, sewing, patternmaking, woodworking, shooting various aimed devices.

There is more.  We'd need to pass on a lot of history and practice.  The old FoxFire series.  The Carolina guys who can make a chair with a drawknife (I'm in awe).  Dynamite Payson makes a Dory.

Keep the faith, we need to pass it on.

- Ned

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I can sew, patternmake, drape on the form, do alterations -- I even have a degree -- and got out of school just in time for all that stuff to be transferred overseas.  We can't even get decent fabric here -- the "bored housewife" stuff they sell in the "sewing" stores is total crap.  If I drive for an hour I can get to a place run by a lady who is, essentially, stockpiling fabric -- she buys what's leftover in factories when they close down for pennies on the dollar.

My skills, such as they are, are pretty much worthless without a source of decent fabric & thread.  That's why I'm focusing on four-season gardening and my husband and son are learning to fish.

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This breaks my heart about my fellow WA residents not recognizing the Trojan Horse of a new tax on the "rich".

I also hope I never have to fall back on my less technologically intensive skills, but I agree that being able to use a forge as well as weld, braze, and otherwise fix or fabricate stuff could come in handy in a pinch.

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Have your tried venison chili? 


I was thinking about all those wild hogs everybody is complaining about, aren't they edible?

Also, maybe buying both my kids a meat rabbit in opposite sexes and keeping them apart. They could always be breed later..... just couldn't eat the originals (unless we get really hungry)

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During this time or any time, it is a good idea to get input from local sources before purchasing land to be used in growing crops.  Even within a given general local, land is not all created equal.  If I really don't know the territory, I would check with the nearest state university with an agricultural faculty.  They should at least make a consultant recomendation. 

And sometimes, the neighbors will express opinions frankly. 

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"My advice is to just (actually or figuratively) walk-away. If you can't do it physically, then do it mentally."

Ladies and gentlemen, and posers ( you know who the fuck you are) we have a WINNER!

You can't win playing a rigged game. You can win by not playing.



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Gully, you are so right.  You have to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.  And, it's time to fold 'em and walk away.  Just walk away from the table. 

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Trailer Trash

Every mystic and religion in the entire fucking world, except maybe Scientology, says the same thing. You can not find peace being Marleys Ghost.


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Damn! You beat me to it!

How about this one instead?

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the winner stands proudly with sash and medal chest all puffed up.  Shame there's empty sound in the empty stadium.

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Bucky - one of my favorite people of all time. 

Great quote. Thanks.

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I interviewed him as a college journalist in the late seventies. I was tripping balls to.

Good times, good times.

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"As to the author's belief that the central authorities will initiate progessively more dracionian laws & regulations, forget about it; (the soon to be defunct) Obamacare was the high-water mark."


Maybe not yet the high-water mark:

$600 coin purchase or sale will require tax form in U.S. in 2012

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Not a problem unless you have to pay sales tax when you buy.

Not a problem, if you sell.

Not a problem if the gold is in a friendlier country.

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 Is that not the stimulus paperwork explosion law for all transactions everyone has to file a 1099?

 This will establish a cost basis and taxable event record for converting all PM profits into ordinary income taxed+Medicare tax.   In fiat explosion or inflation will make all assets partly owned by the government the next time you transfer them.



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"they will slink away in the middle of the night as the entire system goes "poof". One day it was there, the next day, well, it wasn't.


Then, they will have suceeded............if you mean , the SYSTEM prior to these rabid leftist's.

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"As to the author's belief that the central authorities will initiate progessively more dracionian laws & regulations, forget about it; (the soon to be defunct) Obamacare was the high-water mark."

If you think that the most draconian action that can be taken by central authorities is Obamacare you don't have much of an imagination.  Just look at how Chavez keeps making things in Venzuela worse and worse every day in the name of helping the common man.  Why couldn't this happen in the US?  A Populist message is very appealing to the uninformed masses in the midst of lean times. 

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Have you ever spent any time in Mexico, central or south America (besides Argentina/Chile)? Those countries are 3-5% European and 95% Mestizo/African.

Chavez is (temporarily) getting away with what he's doing because he's simply utilizing the same control techniques initiated by the original conquistadors & colonialists on a conditioned & long defeated people.

Haven't you ever been to an air show, NASCAR race or sporting event? Didn't you look around @ your fellow citizens this 4th? Yeah, the drunken, fat slobs with 90-95 IQs chanting "USA!" might be overweight & out of shape, but they're typically descended from a long line of Scots-Irish who prefer to fight when it comes down to it.

This is our heritage; it may have been diluted, but you can't (yet) change the core DNA structure.


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"Let's do this," Let's do what? Buy gold and silver, that's it? Already done that, so what's next Mike? Nice words, short on vision. Do WHAT?

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Obviously you are one of those that will starve to death. If you make it that far.

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If you have to ask you are dead.

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Buy many guns and the equipment and supplies to make you own loads.

Or be killed

Any more questions?

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Ripped Chunk

Hey, that's how cannon fodder thinks.

I prefer thinking like a thief, or Daffy Duck.

Choose life bitch, choose life.

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The survivors will be fast and will know exactly where the exits are.

At the end of the world you must move out of the way of history, or else be crushed by it.

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+ 1000


Be one of the extras in the background. The one hiding in dense shrubs or a camouflaged cave

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Live near a state park? Dig down and build yourself an underground bunker. Hmmm, is there a such thing as clothing to hide from heat-seaking vision/camaras?

Ripped Chunk's picture

Cover yourself in mud like Arnold did in "Predator"  In fact he will probably do that again to ride out the remainder of his term in CA............

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Walk around in the open acting like Daffy and you will get plugged by Elmer.

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Elmer never bagged a damned thing.  I'd take my chances if that were only the real situation.  Sometimes the crazies are overlooked first. 



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1.  Help as many people in the world learn about the eyeball triangle cult that has infiltrated the world's power structure.  Clues are all around you, the symbols on the dollar bill, the painting of the Apotheosis of George Washington in the capital, the federal reserve.    Be patient when explaining some people take more time.   Just to get the truth into the public conscienceness would be huge progress.


2.  Help people in the eyeball triangle cult who feel bad about what they are doing and want to change, get out of it.   Faith Hope and Love, is a much better philosphy that the ruthless abuse society they currently belong to.


These are two places to start...

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Down with the (ahem) eyeball triangle cult!! Down with the buggers!

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"Lets do this"

Right Mr, you show me your cock and i will show you mine. How much did you smoke on that road trip again? Seriously, what do people read this shit for? Personally, when i started visiting this site, i thought it would be good to have a healthy and casual bearish slant to my trading ideas. Note the words "healthy and casual" because you wont find the meaning of them anywhere on ZH. Its one pile of shite after another... Its not that the elite are pulling the wool over your eyes, the real BS is happening here right infront of your eyes my stressed-out little trader friends.

Seriously, how are you meant to have a neutral mind to go into the market after reading this crap? People always tell others to look into their history on this site, has anybody ever looked into the long history of the feckless bullshiting quack and his extended and constant participation in American society? America is full of bullshitters, it always has been. And you can all kick and scream about how we are all going to hell in a handbasket, and how you can prove it and see it clearly now, more so than ever...join the fucking que, its quite a long one.

When i was 17 i took mescaline one night and had a very bad experience too. I sat in my room and watched the door handle expecting it to open any second, and for a squad of hairy men to come in and kick me and beat me to death with baseball bats and hammers. I sat there for like 8 hours hearing people running up my stairs with the intent to murder me, sat there for 8 hrs waiting on that handle going down, any second now...any second now...


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Seriously, how are you meant to have a neutral mind to go into the market after reading this crap?

Neutral! Hahahackhackhaha! Is that how you invest? Is that your strategy? Have you made any money in the markets? At all?

scratch_and_sniff's picture

Are the algos bearish? Is that their strategy?

WaterWings's picture

Why are you in the market at all with the algos? Swimming with piranhas is more prudent.