Is Reaganomics The Culprit For The Approaching Meltdown Phase 2?

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Farrell has been ranting about Reaganomics since MW gave him his bully-pulpit. It goes back further than Reagan. It goes all the way back to the establishment of the Fed and the delinking of the dollar to gold during the Nixon regime. Reagan was just another fool along the way, frankly not much different than any of the fools after him nor those before him.

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Sorry, I have to disagree. Farrell has hit upon a key point, and I have to say that I'm impressed with him once more. But he doesn't quite nail the central concept. And that is, we're in the Financialization phase of the current economic cycle. I.e. once we moved from making money out of producing things, we moved on to making money out of money. This is the central theme of the 1980's, and it's in this phase that we've seen the ridiculous rise of all the various financialization schemes and products. As well as the move of production offshore. And the various Ponzi credit schemes required to keep this game going.

There was an excellent book written about this a couple years ago. Alas, I've forgotten the title at the moment, but I've found it useful and most descriptive to see things from this angle, if you want to understand what's going on in terms of the big picture. You can see that what we're going through is basically the same old long term economic cycle that we've always gone through. The last Financialization phase ended in the Great Depression, and this one will not end differently.

Now, this isn't to dismiss your points about the Federal Reserve and the Gold Standard. Rather, I'd view the impacts of these on top of the Financial nonsense that has arisen since the 1980's.


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The financial nonsense of the 80's was due to Greenspan (and his backers), not some puppet named Reagan.

Anyone who claims that puppets do things of their own free will is merely adding distortion in order to make the facade appear realistic.

The only thing that presidents "do," is to appear to have gravitas in the eyes of the sheeple. (At least if they are good at it.)

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strongly agree.  unfortunately, farrells focus on the "reaganomics" descriptive takes away from the point of his article and those fond of reagan will be sidetracked even though farrell describes obama as acting via the "reaganomics brain."

i also agree that the financialization (this time inflationary) is the product of 1971, while the 1920s financialization was more the result of then fed easy money policies (busted by deflationary effect of sounder money gold standard).

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"I.e. once we moved from making money out of producing things, we moved on to making money out of money."

That's about the crux of it.  You have those in banking who can actually just create the giant pool of money/debt, plus other rent seekers who know how to hang around between the spigot and the rest of us.  They get rich just grabbing easy scraps as the invented money/debt flows out to the people. 

Then they figure out that the larger and larger this pool of debt gets, the more scraps they can grab from their position by the spigot.  So as far as they care, the pool of debt ought to be as big as an ocean.  Heck, two oceans!  And the spigot should be replaced with a fire hose.  And hey, they aren't greedy.  All they ask is a mere 1% of everything that flows by.

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Whether he was personally repsonsible for the finacialization and gutting of the US, he certainly was not smart enough to realize it and stop it. Clinton is also guilty re: Glass-Steagall...

The cocksucker that I want to see swing is Phil Gram...his fingerprints are over all the legislation.

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Right??  I'm always amazed at how little flack Clinton gets for his contributions to 'The Great Recession'. 

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I think Clinton just got a little Flak, if you know what I mean... Clinton also signed the 1996 Telecommunications Act, another fave of mine..

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And the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 that elevated derivatives from  illegal bucket shop bets to full retard legalized fraud.

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"Right??  I'm always amazed at how little flack Clinton gets for..."

u can leave it there, lad.

- Ned

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All the Whores of the Beltway have been owned by Bankers who then used them and abused them for thier whole 4 - 8 year shelf life...


Clinton / Obama / Bush 1 / Bush 2.. all the same.. the last one to buck the status quo was shot forwards, backwards and sideways... all from behind in Texas. Now I realize the 6.5 Creedmor is a nasty round, but it aint magic.

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Trying to pin something this systemic on one president or another is a waste of time.  There has been complicity across the board.  In all three branches of goverment.

We use to produce things and sell them abroad, thus bringing new wealth into the country. Now we all do "services" for each other, passing the same buck back and forth.  One big circle jerk with little genuine wealth creation.  So we started borrowing it instead.

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Correct to a point, Reagan defined the era in where we lost our financial bearings. In my book he gets the blame...

Should have added, Gram and that fucker Rubin, let's make it a bipartisanship lynching....I don't play left-right favorites

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The last several books by Kevin Phillips showed the map to the last 10 years or so clear as day.


He was so much on target that it makes your eyes hurt to read his stuff.

No surprises. People that paid attention to him along with just a little investing sense have made a killing and no his books didn't give investing advice but laid out the future.


All the way back to The Politics of Rich and Poor.

He nailed the whole sordid mess upfront.


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Phillips knows his shit.... the first 1/3 of American Theocracy should be required reading.

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Kevin Phillips' "American Theocracy"

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Wow. I really had to say that I'm impressed by the thoughtfulness and the discussion in the replies. It's incredibly refreshing to see, instead of the ad hominems, "* b*tches" and other comments which really don't advance a discussion, nor offer insight to it.

I enjoy getting intelligent feedback on my own thoughts and views, and am not disappointed here.

Congrats and thanks to all.

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First, who is responsible for the spending bills.  Not the president.  Remember that drunk - Tip O'Neal - another Massoftwoshits product (Barney Frank is the cocksucking version of the same and fat old eddie renting out the whore house for the night - sounds like fun until you get the phone call from the doctor saying you need to come back to the office as soon as you get back from driving Mary Jo home) - he started and led the spending spree (Laffer curve is right) that every congress has followed since (oh yeah, there was a piece of shit president from Texas - no not W - LBJ - why are the presidents from texas known by letters instead of names - that's right - all taxassholes have nicknames that could have been used in Deliverance - that started the not-so great society - what a misnamed boondoogle that fucks the budget up forever - risk shifted retirement from individual and families and put it on the goberment).  Pre-dating Regan was Volker.  He saved the day - a Carter appointee (worst president ever) - that raised interest rates as needed (soon to be done again by the market).  Regan had the right ideas but the wrong supporting cast - tip was charlie sheen and regan was john crier.  Tip won by spending everthing regan's policies created. 

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First, who is responsible for the spending bills.

Yeah, funny how nobody seems to remember who is actually responsible for spending money under our (nominally) republican system of government.

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Congress only produces the base of the money pyramid - the pyramid is unstable as it is inverted with the banks fractionally multiplying their toxins on top.

By the way lets take a look at Dr Friedman's monster - the Global free floating FX market - it dwarfs even the bond market.

It has the brain of a retarded criminal in the body of a giant ogre.

The most absurd creation in the history of man.

Maybe such blind fate in this monster will help to destroy its ability to organise rational human serfs and accelerate is downfall.


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How dare anyone attack the REAGAN GOD !!!

Even though papa BUSH called Reaganomics "Voodoo economics",

anyone who would attack Reaganomics is clearly a commie, pinko, faggot.


These three legs have placed us on the plane we now inhabit.


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I'm not sure what Reagan or his -omics had to do with the most recent blow-up, and unfortunately this article fails to shed the light...

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author forgot to say-"all Bush's fault."

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have you noticed that whenever these gurus rail about everything that is wrong or broken with the system, obamas name almost never shows up.  most of this country is still under the trance of some bizarre race guilt thing that is inexplicable.  that is what enables anyone in the current admin to respond to any question or criticism with knee jerk charges of racism.  many will be blaming bush and reagan to the gates of hell

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+1   ........   Obama just gives speeches; is the invisible man.

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lynnybee- au contraire, madame:

Our Dear President just reads from the "Teleprompter of the United States".

TOTUS is the invisible teleprompter.

- Ned

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that's because obama is nothing more than the bastard caretaker.

there is nothing he could or can do to help anything even if that was his desire.


once you leap off the cliff it's no hope to scream for wings.


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aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHH.   <crowd claps with the approval of a fabulous golf swing>

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by Sarah Conner
on Tue, 03/08/2011 - 16:53


I'm not sure what Reagan or his -omics had to do with the most recent blow-up, and unfortunately this article fails to shed the light...


Reagan was the one who took debt structuring to a whole new level.. the art of engineering long term debt disguised as a Bond.. for national interests, roadways and such.. think strucutred debt increased by 3,000% in 8 years and from there, kept going.. and before Reagan, no structured debt to that scope and scale in history.

You have the hue of an ex or soon to be ex-republican.. the only thing you need to know is.. follow the money... an spoiler alert! no matter who you love, they are an owned whore who belongs to the Lobby..

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And read recent history. The Thatcher/Reagan era still needs to be dissected.

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 The success of Thatcherism in one easy chart....

Select oil and United Kingdom

At least it gave the bankers something to loot in the name of prosperity....

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But at the time, most people went along with it. If the Ponzi doesn't collapse in you life time, you got away with it.

Those people who complain most about "the beast" are those who have been feeding from it's hands. Things are only returning to the old status quo, so who really lost out?

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No. It's central banking and the fractional reserve system

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+1 Thank you.  Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Partly Yes. Regan planted the seeds for the out of control deficit spending. That's why I prayed the big bubbles, aided by the federal reserve, would blow up on a republican president and they did. The NASDAQ and the housing bubbles blew up on George Bush. Thank you God.


I'm registered Republican.

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P.S.  I'm registered Republican.     

No you're not !  I don't believe that for one moment !   You're tooo damn smart to be a REPUBLICAN !   You're an Independent ........ admit it !   

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mikey can't admit it: that would require him to be honest in public.  Never happenz. - Ned

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I'm a closet Libertarian infiltrating the Republican party to destroy it from within to reshape it in my image and likeness.

Been doing it for 30 years. It's starting to work.

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It's just too convenient to blame the dead guy.  What do you say we find some living people to blame and hold them accountable?  (Crazy thought, I know.)

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I think most of his s*** is just mumbo jumbo but I would like the FED as we know it to be toast!!!  They have been nothing but a wealth transfer agent since the beginning.

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Yup, functioning exactly as designed for almost 100 years! He let's celebrate that Centennial by dismantling it once and for all!

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Yes, and to have a hearty laugh and slapping each other on the back they had the 100 yr. reunion on Nov. 1 2010 at Jekyll Island.

or just google  'jekyll island fed meeting'

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Cover up of inflation:

Housing                     weight  40%   -10% 

Wages                       weight  20%     -5%

Commods                   weight  20%   +40%

Other domestic           weight  20%     -5%

Total = 2% inflation 

Buying power/net worth =   -13%

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Actually since my new job pays 50% of what my prior job paid, I am down net 63%. Yeah I'm much better off since Obama took over the WH!

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Obama is.. lil Bush part deux in technicolor... all of Bush's programs.. have been extended beyond Bush's wildest dreams.. but understand.. there is no difference between any of the beltway gang, they are all owned.. and the NSA / FBI / CIA who should be keeping "We the People" safe from this large scale shit.. are in on the take.. sweet private sector jobs await all those in the know.

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Quoting JW n FL / J.E.W.

the NSA / FBI / CIA who should be keeping "We the People" safe from this large scale shit.. are in on the take..


The alphabet agencies have never been the friend of the people. The same goes for all government agency's and armed services. They are all self serving entities that do the government's bidding for a regular pay check. Increasing the bureaucracy increases the pay check. Everyone wants in on the top quartile.

It is / was the press and news media outlets who were the watch-dog, but they were hijacked years ago, by their now owners the military \ industrial \ congressional complex.

None of this is new! It's just now the wheels are falling off, poor people are awakening from the self induced hypnosis of "I'm alright Jack"  


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"I'm alright Jack"  soon to be dirty words only used in exclusive company

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Altruistic Socialism mixed with a huge demand for profit, is the idealistic hammer that has brought the world to the brink, not a single player, party line or religious fundamentalism. In short globalism sucks.

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What a stupid article.  As Alex Jones constantly says (who is sometimes annoying, I know), "Don't fall into the left/right paradigm."  It's Fed-o-nomics and spend-o-nomics that has bankrupted this country.  If it's not the left spending on wars and half-baked social programs, it's the right who make up excuses to invade foreign countries and feed the companies of death.  The only constant, aid to Israel and the constant clicking of the printing presses creating more and more money.