The Real Unemployment Scandal?

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I know you look at comments, and since I don't know how to PM you, I wanted to give you and all a heads up about an article in the NYtimes magazine section on sheila Bair. I must read for all, and I think it will resonate with you and what someone who disagrees with the "establishment" goes through.

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Leo, you're a bitch.

Tell you what, you come to Wisconsin and bring your work boots, and I'll get you a job that has the equivilent local purchasing power of $150k/year in New York, MS or no.

But, there is a hook.  No whining.  I'll expect you to be able to perform calculus II equations while on your feet, and be willing to be cut and/or burned by flying chips of metal on a regular basis.  You'll have two hours to do twenty hours worth of work, and you'll work fifty hours a week.

If you can do that, I'll make sure you never see a hungry day- if you want to be "disabled," then you get what you get. 

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Having read the argument above, I'm satisfied that the inevitable economic collapse will in the long run be for the best.  Things are so badly messed up that more time is spent assigning blame than trying to fix it.  Time to reset.

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Do not hate om my retarded bro Leo.  He may act ilike a lucid person but he has the mental capacity of an 8 year old....

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"This is why I decided to teach myself to be completely self-sufficient"

Your on the right track. Fortunately I don't have a disablity, but that didn't stop me from pursuing self-sufficient. I quit my last employer in 1999, started my own business and never looked back. I make more money, and I no longer have to be dependant on an employer to bring home a paycheck. FWIW: Before I left my last employer, I had tried to warn them about the comming recession. It was easy to see that many companies were finishing up their W2K projects and spending would fall in early 2000. I had tried to get them to lower their rates, and offer expanded services to make up for falling sales. Instead they choose the opposite by raising rates and cutting back on services. It was a disaster for them, and the company barily avoided bankrupcy, but had laid off nearly 3/4 for the workforce.

Working for Employer offer zero guarentess. Better off going alone than be dependant on an employer that can make terrible decsions that results in layoff.

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Really....  How can the average person do this, you know just up & quit and of course finding another way of getting all those benefits only a large corp can provide -- full medical, dental & vision insurance?? 401K match??  I think the majority of people prefer a steady paycheck as well as the benefits I mentioned plus tax policy in the USA does not favor self employed people neither does the whole hiring 'process'

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so the UE rate for blacks is twice that of whites but we have a black or 'AA' to be politically correct as president.  So this article is advocating what exactly?? more bootlick or as I call it 'bootstrapping' which is just pandering in a patronizing way to 'minorities' so one doesn't appear to be racist..

Unfortunately incidents such as wilding in major cities, violent crimes in part of Boston MA (the parts of the city not on any tourist map) and general media scares have scared off employers from hiring many minorities (even though they can never ever ever make a job ad as being in any way discriminatory).

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so the UE rate for blacks is twice that of whites but we have a black or 'AA' to be politically correct as president.  So this article is advocating what exactly?? more bootlick or as I call it 'bootstrapping' which is just pandering in a patronizing way to 'minorities' so one doesn't appear to be racist..

Unfortunately incidents such as wilding in major cities, violent crimes in part of Boston MA (the parts of the city not on any tourist map) and general media scares have scared off employers from hiring many minorities (even though they can never ever ever make a job ad as being in any way discriminatory).

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I'm just going to level with you... you come across as a fucking idiot on this site.

You lost your job because of your big mouth and attitude, not because you were some messiah.

You are the laughing stock of Zero Hedge. I just smile when I see your postings because I know that I'm going to have a great laugh as I watch your tormentors in action. Look at the pile of nonsense you wrote in this article and how you snuck in MS and black people. This is cheap desperation trying to garner attention. How can anyone take you seriously???

You're problem is that you don't write... you rant. It would do you good if you took a course on blogging and writing. You could then stop personalizing your material and stop coming across as a victim and a self-serving pompous ass and start to write in an authoritative and credible fashion. People don't care about what you had for breakfast, people are interested in being influenced by sensible reasoning. There are some nuggets in what you write, however they become quickly lost. You should do yourself a favour and step away for a while, take the course... and come back with a different, impersonal style. Look at sensible writers on this site like Bruce Krasting and others.

Sometimes, one should listen to harsh criticism Leo.

I can tell you that at some point in time, either you are going to look for a job or people may consider investing with you and from the written trail you are leaving behind... you're in for a rude awakening Leo.

I wish you no ill will.



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web bot, I got to level with you, you've got no idea why I was fired. None whatsoever. When the time is right, the truth will all come out. You have no idea about anything and you are a coward. I have the guts to publish what I feel and to be honest, I don't need anyone's money. So, worry about yourself bud, I am going to continue writing what I feel like writing even if it annoys insignificant cowards like you.

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All I remember is Leo's call for inevitable 300K+ NFP jobs prints 2 years ago, and I said "bullshit - there is no driver for that."  Regrettably, I'm still right, and I will continue to be right for as far as the eye can see. And I'm truly sorry about that.  But that's what happens when national policy is enacted solely to benefit the super-rich.  

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Then tell me why stores are more crowded now than 2 years ago?? Apple sells out everything it produces?? Everyone is dressed head to toe in designer fashions & $200 sneakers?? Didn't know one could do all that on unemployment assistance & Food Stamps... 

you have to look at unadjusted Year to year numbers not this seasonally adjusted & seasonal adjusting ex. this & that Bullshit. Either you are employed or you are not. And unadjusted over 2 million more are employed at the end of Jun 2011 than June 2010.

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Suffering is attachment to expectations. Breathe, hold space for acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm. That is all there is. All of "this" is a collage of plays. We are all the stars of our own plays and our roles within greater society. Our attachments to the story of "America" that we learned about in grade school compared to reality causes us to suffer. Accept it. Realize that nobody is interested in giving up their entitlements. Physics and mathematics will continue hollow out the Ponzi shell until it all comes tumbling down. The hopium addicted zombies will awaken and realize they need to get out of town and do what Candide did, cultivate your garden. Acceptance of the collapse to come and planning to thrive in the downturn is key. There are so many opportunities to excel when everyone else is attached to hoping things will get better. Load your lifeboat up with everything you need and casually lower it away from the Titanic while the masses are squabbling over entitlements and who should and should not be served dessert in the main dining-room. When you have planned to profit from the collapse and get out at the bottom, your future will be all about accumulation and making your wildest dreams come true. (I have Crohns disease and reinvented myself. I will never need to be employed by anyone ever).

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 Leo, I love you patriothi, but "things will be much better in 2012" Even Zorba with his optimistic

 view of the world, finds that very hard to believe. And as for malaka employers who don't hire

 people with so-called 'handicaps', they are the ones missing out. As an employer, I have found

 over the years that giving people, who other employers shun, a chance has been a positive for

 my business as they are eager to prove their worth. These employees have better attendance,

 better attitudes, are more productive with fewer complaints. They don't ask for charity, they 

 only want chance to prove their worth. The greatest handicap a person can have is prejudice.



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Thanks Leo.


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Hm,...Living a life spent, paying (working) to live.

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Actually I think to wake up from a walking sleep and understanding just how useless my life has been with the missed oppertunities along the way.

The school teach you rules and you have the exceptions used by everyone in real life, those that have learned but not yet shared with you.


No matter. I intend to go out when it's time and not allowing Obama care to dictate when.

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This white, black, asian thing is a waste of time.  It's like asking whether you want to be gassed or shot.  QE3 is not 50/50.  Not even close.  Bernanke has realized the "making shit more expensive" theory of economic recovery doesn't work.  For the 90% of the population who doesn't give a shit about the Russell 2000, all quantitive easing does is cut down their disposable income.  Higher prices do not cause people to go out and spend more money.  Money in their pockets makes people go out to spend money.  People LIKE buying new shit.  But the country is broke.  And and other attempts at QE is just going to make everybody poorer.  90% of the country would love some deflation.  It's the 10% with all the assets that are terrified. 

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I'm pretty sure 9.2% - 16.2% of the country disagree with your assessment of the positive benefits of deflation.

Broke because you have no job or broke because inflation has made everything too expensive is still broke.

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"This white, black, asian thing is a waste of time.  It's like asking whether you want to be gassed or shot.  QE3 is not 50/50.  Not even close".....

Gassed or shot results in death...from which one doesn't usually recover from. Being unemployed though can be cured (though maybe in this this point... it has a finality like which case you are correct).

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Life will result in Death.

I have been allowed to escape my own death several times and saved a few, but not everyone made it. Gotta move on ya know.


What do you think if Obama, Ben and Timmy decided to do with the Nation's default while sitting the lake in a boat. Obama would exhort Ben and Tim to get it done, Ben will drown while talking and Tim will swim to shore glad to have survived one more time.

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You would be fine if you brought up the disabled statistic, but hadn't mentioned you were disabled.

I have a very close friend who has Cystic-fibrosis...she should be dead at this point but lives life to the fullest ever single would have no idea she has it except the occasional cough. She works in some of the harshest environments and doesn't tell people she has it. Her job doesn't cover her medical expenses. She has never complained, nor looked for sympathy.

Though your attitude is correct...airing your laundry isn't. Write a book to be published posthumously, it will hold more water then.

I won't get into the biological/population/genetics aspects of disabilities since it will cause people to blow a gasket and scream I'm terrible....though maybe on on ZH it wouldn't happen. 


Here is the interesting ethnic statistics (look at Asian if I didn't make it obvious enough)...

All are not seasonally adjusted U-3 numbers for June (UE=Unemployment):

White UE...8.6% (largest % increase in UE tied with Black...but much larger number wise since whites comprise a larger part of the work force)

Black UE...16.5% (largest % increase tied with white) men decreased while black women increased in UE.

Asian UE....6.6% (the only demographic to decline in UE.)<----

Hispanic UE...11.5% (Smallest increase in UE)

Why has the Asian population unemployment numbers continued to improve and always much lower than all other ethnicities?

This is the question...



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Re:  Work ethic?


I'm suspecting it's because Asians are the superior race.


(Just poking the white racists.   It's obviously because the white's didn't have the same chance that the not-quite-whites did.  It couldn't have ANYTHING to do with the size of the white's brains or the FACT that white parents are obviously less motivated than Asian parents to see their kids get a good education and succeed; which is a "PROVEN" fact.)

papaswamp's picture's the work ethic instilled by the Tiger moms. They are on their kids asses constantly. The destruction of the family is the single greatest disaster to any society. When the parents don't care...collapse follows.

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Re:'s the work ethic instilled by the Tiger moms.


There's too damn many lazy white people in the country that don't know how to bring up their kids because they are too stupid to turn off the TV and make their kids take piano lesson.   How many white kids you know that take piano lessons,  NONE.   They all take drama or some lame sport that is a total waste of time and useless for their future success (but it's the only thing their tiny brains can comprehend).   Those people are ruining this country.   

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I tell secret. Drama is all the University can stand to have taught within the walls of knowledge. Many a Hall leads to a dead end.

But to actually teach useful things in life? They won't. I should know, I am a college drop out, partly due to the accumulating debt. I got what I wanted out of it and bailed. Enough.

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Good article.

We've had 50+ years of crony-capitalism in the US.  What percentage of jobs "created" of the last 50 years were a direct or indirect result of the centrally planned Big-Mic, Big-Road, Big-Water, Big-House, Big-FIRE, and (now) the Big-PoliceState crony-capitalist scams?   Probably allot.

There's no way all these useless jobs are going to be reabsorbed into a "new economy".   Unless the government creates more useless work for people - by expanding the existing BigS listed above, or creating some new ones - there's nothing left for people to do.   All human work can be performed cheaper overseas.


Time for everybody to look in the mirror and ask what their above average kid is going to do for work when trying to compete with a Chinese or Indian kid (who's parent thinks is above average too).  

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...and in the mean time (and I do mean "mean") the do-nothings in Washington run around with their hair on fire.  Opposed to many, I hope the gov't does absolutely nothing, as in nada, zilch, zippo.   Stirring an already boiling pot will just piss off the frogs.

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What do you want them to do?   Mericans have been voting (R)etard and (D)umbass for 50+ years now, with the ONLY requirement asked of the politicians is to get them (the voters) more free-stuff from the government.    When there's no limits for 50+ years because EVERYBODY - government, corporations, and people - have been borrowing unlimited amounts of money it's kinda unreasonable to expect people (or politicians) to adjust to a NEW reality that suddenly has limits on what can be spent. 

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I thought my thought that they do NOTHING was quite clear.

The less they do the faster this merry-go-round goes off its axis.

The sooner the better.

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No one gives a shit about the blacks? 


We have a black fucking president. We have affirmative action. WE HAVE A CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCAUS. We have Black Entertainment TV. We have blacks getting preferential at Mcdonalds jobs (don't marginalize those jobs, they are important stepping stones for many people) Have you seen basketball teams? Football teams ALL BLACK. I could go on and on and on and on. WHAT THE FUCK ELSE DO YOU WANT TO DO? Everything is given to them. 

It is a fact that IN GENERAL blacks are i.lazy, ii. not as intelligent, iii. not as ambitious, iv. overly agressive, v. lack impulse control. Look anywhere in the world, I don't give a shit where, you will find anywhere there are large populations of blacks there is rampant crime, disease, and poverty. The reason for this is because of i-v, not because whites are holding them down. That shit doesn't fly anymore with a black president, although he's leading the welfare nation. How ironic. Have you realize the more blacks this country gets the worse it becomes? Trend, what?

Open your fucking eyes.

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"Open your fucking eyes."

They are wide open and I see lots of  racist, redneck morons like you!!!!!!

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Isn't calling me a redneck a bit racist, you racist? 

You're just like a typical black guy. Get's really offended by the word nigger and will cry and sue you if you say it but has no problem running around calling people faggots. I bet Kobe Bryant would be real cool if a white ref called him a nigger right? Do you have any idea what kind of lawsuits would rain down? That mans life would be ruined.


Kobe Bryant Calls Ref A "Fucking Fag" On Camera (Video) 

He get's millions of dollars a year to behave like that? No white man could get away with that, because blacks get treated special.


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Isn't calling me a redneck a bit racist, you racist?

And I was told to get popcorn and watch the economic collapse. This is much more entertaining!

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Jeez Bob.. You have all the signs of someone with serious penis envy. Whats the matter, did a girl leave you for a big dicked black man? Your rants make you sound like someone who thinks the world is holding them down.. Try a penis pump

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This was the worst comment in ZH history before the last worst comment. I have an idea to help you out.  

1. Find a pool 

2. Swim to the bottom of it

3. Drown yourself.

Remove yourself from the gene pool so humanity can continue forward. Thanks.


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As much as it saddens me to say it you are pretty much right.

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Hat tip: multiple exclamation marks do not make sentences more credible.

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Attaching the name 'leo kolivakis" to sentences only makes them much less credible yet.

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How does one reconcile "No more sucking up to anyone for a job!" with "one day, I will expose these organizations and their discriminatory practices."  I too have taken the former to heart.  And it comes with a price I'm willing to pay.  So if you are going to pay that price then what would preclude you from exposing said organizations. ANd I really don't blame those organizations.  I blame government and a lack of tort reform.  THEY are the CULPRITS.






















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"Automobile production schedules are ramping up"??

I have been reading that new cars are backing up on the dealers lots (GM's for sure).

HungrySeagull's picture

And the endless trains rolling through several times a day, some of which are nothing but auto parts and vehicles.

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Who the fuck would want to start a business or expand one with all the un certainty, plus the fact that you are gonna get screwed and demonized if you are sucessful in spite of all the shit the government throws in your way?

Even Wall Street is laying off and do you see anyone using any of those millions in bonuses to save anyones job?

I believe one cannot defeat Darwin even in economics, just delay the inevitable.


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Re: I believe one cannot defeat Darwin even in economics, just delay the inevitable.


The purpose of a functional Representative Democracy IS to defeat Darwin.   Otherwise, the sociopaths (aka human predators) will control all the power of the society.   (Which is basically what you've got now).  


If you want to "defeat Darwin" you've got to keep the power away from the sociopaths.    Notice that none of the ISM's - socialism, capitalism, liberarianism - can deal with what happens when the end-game is reached and the few - but VERY VERY VERY smart and savy humans (the sociopaths) -  have control of everything.  



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Uncertainty is an excuse that has passed its expiration date. That excuse might have flown in 2008 and early 2009.  

You aren't going to get screwed for your success, unless you are acting like you're supposed to be untouchable.  But if you want to play right into the hands of the government by forcing failure instead of choosing success, don't be surprised if you're considered "part of the problem" and not "part of the solution".  

The best way to frustrate this government is to succeed and hire when they do everything to make sure you don't.



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Right...  and what successful business have you managed to start in this mess?  Really do tell, I'm looking for ideas.

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"those millions in bonuses"

Me thinks it's billions in bonuses.