Recent Hitachi CDS Levels

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Following the just released post on the Fukushima whistleblower, which completely inverts the liability matrix, with suddenly Hitachi far more on the hook if indeed the company built a plant in full knowledge of faulty structural and support elements, and TEPCO receiving a reprieve, we have been inundated with requests for recent Hitachi CDS pricing. Below we satisfy those requests. We see a lot of levitation in this name's future.


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Yes, watching the CDSes on a guilty party...

If Fukushima makes into the record books as the worst nuclear disaster ever, heads WILL roll (or guts opened up with short swords).

Got popcorn? 

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Nope, but I will buy the mutha fuckin dip, bitchez! Japan is utterly scroomed.

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but that's the second largest economy gone poof...

Sounds bullish...

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It will be interesting to see if 'true' justice is served in Japan.  Some of it may be done through Hari kari.  Some of it may be done through the courts.

They do have the Yakuza which may make it difficult.

Something tells me a nominal fine and 'no admission of wrongdoing' will not cut it this time.


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Something tells me that a reactor that worked fine for 37 years after it was repaired and still stood up to a scale 9 earthquake won't be a problem...

It's a bit late for this guy to now be raising the alam. He is complicit.

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I do not think so. No one in jail for:

  1. BP Oil disaster
  2. Fin Crisis
  3. Nuclear Crisis

No one to be plead guilty, Big Corpos own the law via the lobbyists, expect a new law diminishing or capping Hitachi's responsibility.


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I have an old Hitachi TV downstairs maybe I should set that out on the curb.

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Aso Daniel son...

But which funds have the highest exposure to Hitachi?

Might you want to short that area?

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Aren't these guys TBTF???

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OT - Osaka exchange for Nikkie 225 futures margin is going to be upped from 270,000 yen to 960,000 yen starting March 28!    Wow...

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Unfortunately, the problem with that is it's the LONGS that will get Crushed. This market was Ponzillily Elevated until the Quake, then everyone said Buy the Crash.


It'll hurt the Longs more than the shorts then they'll pile on. This one isn't getting up. It's over. The young will vacate the commodity'less Rock. They're a country of assemblers.

It's OVER. However it may help some Countries Housing issues.



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They're like 25 Billion $ market cap. Not even close to TBTF.

However I suggest the top Brass of HITACHI strap on a suit and some goggles and go fix that thing. Don't send any EMPLOYEES OTHER THAN YOURSELVES YOU F'N PUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIES!!!!!!!!!!  

Here's a Knife, please help yourself.



PS I double checked my comment and here's the link I was right around the number.

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inverted liability matrices may be the very rookeries of clusterflocks of black swans.

this means buffet gets paid, doesn't it, tyler?

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Hitachi had a good reputation. Now it is shot to Hell. Time to write off all that goodwill.

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HAD is correct. THEY WERE LIVING A LIE. Does that really surprise you?


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That's hilarious! LOL

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The perfect storm deserves the perfect response ... +9.0

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"Following the just released post on the Fukushima whistleblower"


Look at the discussion from those that have some experience with stress relieving of large weldments in previous links.

 I doubt that this is a big story compared to all else, hey, but that's just me. Just be careful to junk those that have ZeroKnowledge of what is really going on. Someday soon there will be a sober perspective on what is really the danger. I sure as hell will not minimize it, I am just fed up with ignorant comment on what should be the advice to those affected.

 No, I will not follow the royal wedding.

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Hard to believe anyone in his/her right mind would buy ANY Japanese stock right now or for foreseeable future.

1. radiation for years;

2. food;

3 young will be migrating overseas (similar to Iceland and irelend)

...and so on.

Buy USO and GLD and sleep well.

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I bought USO when oil was at $30.  Sold it when oil was $80.   I only lost a couple thousand bucks.  Great way to play the price of oil. Yes sir!  Sleep Tight!

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 May I propose a brighter side to this?

 How about if the washed out irradiated zone is rebuilt as a nice area for pensioners? They are not reproducing and having visits from their children would not expose their children to any long term gonadal danger.A slightly shortened lifespan from radioactivity in the enviornment would be a slight help for the Japanese Government Bond situation that worries so many.

 The lowlands area in the two worst hit prefectures could become a haven for retirees if they are so intent on rebuilding in that area. There are newly large areas for hobby farming that have become unappealing to most under fifty years of age. If it is done properly with very low cost decent housing and apartments it wouldn't be such a big loss if a second wave hits. The radiation has not been such a big consternation for the oldsters that returned to the affected zones around the Cherobyl power station mishap. That area is now safe enough for the kids to come visit the parents if visits are curtailed to the amount of time that one usually wants to spend with mom and dad.

 What do I have wrong here?

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Makes sense in, say, 50 years from now.

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Hey now you are talking. They always lay on the beach and burn themselves to a crisp and look like shoe leather so maybe sitting at their kitchen table eating aand burning several layers of skin off has merit.


Good thinking - you got potential son!

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Or better yet you could market it to all the sleazy scumbag kids of rich parents who want their inheritance now.


The Ballad Of Nuriyama comes to mind.


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what's 'gonadal danger' then?

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I've seen this game before... It plays out at work all the time. Spin the wheel... Step right up! Who has the least amount of cover your ass email? Who has the least influence? Congratulations boy! You just got thrown under the bus! It had to be someone.. Better you than me!

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Hitachi has formed a consortium with GE Nuclear Energy (inside GE Power Systems).  Toshiba-san has gobbled up Westinghouse Nuclear from BNFL which had gobbled up C-E Nuclear Power previously.  SHAW put like $1BB into the $5BB+ deal in return for piping sole source arrangement.  See e.g. wiki [ed. for different roles that they have played in building each unit.]

but being wiki, the "data" are getting shoved around a bit.  I'd heard previously that Daiichi-1 was the first of the technology-transfer plants to Toshiba-san.  Note that both Hitachi and Toshiba have skin in the reactor design as well as the plant systems design (Architect/Engineer role).

This pattern plays out in more modern plants.  KK-6 and KK-7, the first ABWRs, were also designed, fabricated, and built.

- Ned