Recommended Book List 2010 – Part 1

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Everyone always forgets Livermore's other famous quote: "No man alive can beat the stock market".

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After several months of despair, Livermore finally summoned up the courage to analyze his behavior and to isolate what he’d done wrong. He finally had to confront the human side of his personality, his emotions and his feelings. . . . Why had he thrown all his market principles, his trading theories, his hard-earned laws to the wind? His wild behavior had crashed him financially and spiritually. Why had he done it? He finally realized it was his vanity, his ego. . . . The outstanding success of making more than $1 million in one day had shaken him to his foundations. It was not that he could not deal with failure—he had been dealing with failure all his life—what he could not deal with was success.


And so.....


He aerated his head with a .38, in a coatroom.

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Get Robert Dubil's book on Arbitrage, published by Wiley.

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for great reading on agriculture, reinvesting in america and and getting back to the land, read Wendell Berry

for the best living american author (fiction and non-fiction), read Peter Mathiessen

don't waste you time reading books about Wall Street and Corporate globalist capitalism, because those are things of the past!


for leasons in truth and life, read the gospels

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Of course we all love books about Jesse Livermore.  Buffett?  Not so much.  ZH'ers are more partial to Hugh Hendry:

For me, the only book a trader needs to read again and again is Mark Douglas's "Trading in the Zone"

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This guy is makes Leo look sharp. He loves Buffet to the point that he lectures based on the old mans doctorine. Why you pinheads on ZH post his work is beyond me. Then again...maybe not

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+1,000 and agreed.

Anyone who would recommend Lewis' The Big Short is surely out to lunch...permanently.

Now my personal recommendations, based upon a perfect score on the Math Achievement Test on the old College Boards (CEEB, which was discontinued for being "too hard"), are:

Chris Hedges, Death of the Liberal Class and Empire of Illusion

James K. Galbraith, The Predator State

Josh Kosman, The Buyout of America

Nomi Prins, It Takes a Pillage

Yves Smith, ECONned

Michael Hudson, Trade, Development and Foreign Debt and

America's Protectionist Takeoff, 1815-1914

Michael Parenti, Capitalism's Self-inflicted Apocalypse

Joseph A. Tainter, Collapse of Complex Societies and

especially his brief paper, incredibly brilliant, Complexity, Problem Solving, and Sustainable Societies


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HFT Surfing, Riding the Tube; is my fav.

Also Swimming in Dark InkPools, fascinating journey of terror...

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All the financial whiz kids out there who log onto Zero Hedge should pick up a copy of the Bible/Tanach and read the first five books, aka "The Pentateuch". (BTW, In Greek, Penta means five and Teuch is tools. Five tools for humankind. The ancients got their concept handles right !) You just might be surprised at what resonates. Truth is pouring into the zeitgeist but you have to get out of the underground mental bunker.