Record 44.7 Million People Celebrate Geithner's Departure And The End Of QE2 Through Foodstamps

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The one and only clearest indication of just how effective the recovery and QE2 in general has been, comes courtesy of the USDA, whose just released update of April participation in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as "foodstamps", shows yet another record, this time 44.647 million people, an increase from May's 44.587 million. And after rising modestly in the last month, the average monthly benefit per household dropped again to a post April 2009 revision low of $282.38/month.

h/t John Lohman

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Why would anyone want food stamps?  You can't eat them -- just like gold.


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How rapidly you snarfed my comment. You can't eat them! Yeeeoooow!

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agree...its an upward moving graph..up is good...down is BAD...


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This is the true unemployment number.....they don´t drop fact they just keep on keeping on....

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Can you imagine the "soup lines", if this program was shut down?  Graphs don't do the magnitude of our current depression justice.  Think of the mobs around govt. trucks tossing ten pound bags of rice and beans to people on every urban street corner.

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You nailed it.  That's why I find it so laughable that the average American actually believes that we're not in a depression.  They actually BELIEVE that the economy is in a [slow] recovery.

Seriously, cancel the food stamps and EBT cards and overnight, people would wake up.

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The media has conspired to hide the true level of this economic collapse.  The pumping up of the stock market is supposed to inspire a "wealth effect" on the general population (but most don't have any liquid stock holdings). The depression is real and chronic.

In the meantime, real unemployment over 20% has created a permanent entitlement class supplementing their dole with "cash" jobs whenever they can.  Maybe we can adjust to this new reality of America, but someone will eventually have to pay for it.  Will we simply accept that 50% workers/taxpayers will have to support the 50% non-workers and retired?  What level of support/transfer of wealth will be given?  We cannot continue to borrow to pay for it, at some point that game will end.  Given our current political structure, economic collapse and crisis will be the most likely outcome.  What comes after is anyone's guess.

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People forget, or never learned, that the Great Depression wasn't- IF ONE HAD A JOB.  Look at the Duesenbergs & Bugattis that the rich were buying all through the "Great" Depression.  Dumbed down contemporary textbooks show pictures of the Roaring 20's juxtaposed with pictures of soup kitchens and breadlines and imply that the entire US followed a "before and after" model with the pivot point being the 1929 stock market crash. 

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Many cash rich businesses consolidated their TBTF status in the thirties buying or driving out their competition (just like the recent banking consolidation). 

There have always been the working poor and retired poor, we just have more govt. commitments to support them now.  Will the top 10% in wealth and wages be willing to support the bottom 50%, or will they let the armed and hungry take to the streets?  Think in terms of 50-100 million "flash mob" being told no more food stamps, medicaid/medicare, housing, etc...  Right now politicians talking about cuts to Medicare are facing flash mobs of angry senior voters (no guns yet). 

As we devolve into a Mexico like country, will TPTB keep a lid on it or will it boil over like the Rodney King riots everywhere at the same time?  The Cloward-Piven strategy (  ) said when the government welfare system is overwhelmed, the entire system will collapse.  I think we are much closer to that point than many are willing to admit.

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I always think of that. What are we at, fifteen percent of the population? It is the most sinister, deceptive propoganda going.

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Bags of rice and beans? Not a chance with the new and improved, stigma free, ChezObama surf, turf and fried chicken card. Nothing like overtly buying an additional 20,000,000 votes. You just know the ACORN decendents (card holders themselves) will be on every street corner in the hood next fall telling the "constituency" No Bama - No card! 

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I called the local foodbank a few days ago.  The relief in the worker's voice was palpable when she realized I was calling about making a donation and not about getting food.

When we went to drop off our stuff, I walked in to a tiny office crammed with people waiting to pick up food.  Even as I stood there, two more families came in behind me to sign up for services.  In the space of 15 minutes, I watched 6 families receive food bank items.  Two families had been there before; the other four were all there for the first time.

The worker who helped me unload our stuff said they are seeing a large number of new participants.  She said the new people come in and can barely get through the application process without breaking down.

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Gingrich:  "Obama is the greatest food stamp President of all time"

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I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but in response, the GOP's solution is to simply end the food stamp program altogether.  Soylent green bitches, bring it.

Regarding equities - oncoming rush to dividend paying stocks ahead of a broader exit, enjoy and hedge accordingly.

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Gingrich is a former American, now globalists.  He and Obama are peas in a pod!


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

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Wow.  You have to make less than 10k a year to qualify for the soon til Repukelicans raise it? 

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oh are new to this aren´t just put on the application you make less than $10,000......and then you file another one...and another one..all with different names of course...

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Hahahahaha ! As a fellow General, without a staff, creative guesser to provoke comments......I challenge you to produce your data ! Even Welfare generational families are not that poor ! Monedas 2011 We have the richest poor in the world.....and they have the luxury of not having to work !

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The problem with the system is that if they work they are "too rich" for the food stamp program.

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Where I worked as a firefighter,  The "projects" are full of folks who are home all day long.(My fire company was literally stationed on the edge of a project.)   42 inch+ HD tv in every unit.  Free housing, NO property taxes, free insurance, free electricity, free food stamps, free oil for heat and hot water. free diapers and baby food, Free snow removal. Free lawn care.

The sick thing is the massive abuse of the system. Some folks do try hard and do have tough times... And we should be helping them to get back on their feet !

But the multi-generational never-ending chronic abusers are lazy thieves, pure and simple.

And they do pretty damn good, for earning nothing and paying no income, property and auto taxes.

Did you have to pay taxes in 2010?

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Using a federal grant, Atlanta rebuilt with mixed-income housing and added cradle-to-college education and the same community services that Galveston wants its developer to provide.

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Wrong, I know of two families that currently have a net income of over 50K, but with two children and only one working spouse, both are receiving SNAP assistance.  Go ahead, try to feed, clothe, and shelter a family of four in the Bay Area on 50K per year.  Just another example of why california and the new world order mentality are in serious trouble.

Banker and politicians can not have it both ways (i.e. broader inflation without wage inflation).  The result of "mark to unicorn" accounting.

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If they don't make enough money to feed their children then why did they have them? Why aren't they BOTH working? Why don't they move to a place with a lower cost of living? Why should I have to support them?

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because two wolves and a sheep decide what's for dinner

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We all need to know the difference between a republic and a democracy.

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Why don't they just sell their home, get another mortgage, relocate and buy another, and ask for a raise.  1,2,3....Easy. Now you can go back to your pension. 

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You are halfway to the correct path.

Sell the expensive home off at whatever price and come out of the city into the Rural area where cost of living and housing are very low. My place is free except a few hundred in taxes each year and roughly 400 in all utilities each month if that.

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As to children - they could support them fine when they had them.  Manufacturing jobs went to China and Korea.

As to working - NO JOBS, and in one case the spouse has MS.

Yes, people should be responsible.  But then again, politicians should also be honest and represent constituents and not banks and the financial sector.  Any chance of either happening.  History shows where all this is going.  hedge accordingly.

As far as you supporting someone else's children, no you shouldn't have to.  But then again, these are skilled laborers who had good jobs.  If they decide to kill you and your children so that they and their children can eat (and you don't have to support them) then I guess that would be okay.  Fine, I agree completely.

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come on law, its the american way, if their manufacturing jobs 'went to china' then there is a reason they 'went to china'....

if they want to feed their family, maybe they should move to china to keep their manufacturing jobs....

i don't want to pay for anyone just like i don't want anyone to pay for me. i get up and go to work 5 days a week. i have off hours call. i work some weekends and holidays. i don't necessarily like it but i do it to support my family.

there are jobs in the US, they just aren't 'good jobs' as peolpe would call them....sitting on your ass working for the .gov, having your own business where you wake up at 10am, work 2-3 hours, play golf/etc, and make $150,000/year. yeah, those days are over (should've never been here).

get out and get a real job actually creating something called 'VALUE'.

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Go fuck yourself with a screwstick, race-to-the-bottom slavedriver, and oligarch in disguise.

Hey, here's my idea how to solve all this stuff: Kick everyone with your mentality (that includes most politicians and bankers) out of the country..... then shield the country from parasitary import/export corporations (i.e. via tariffs) which you support - and if they don't comply, throw them out of the country as well. And then, after all those parasites are out, start producing AND consuming what we need locally.... no import/export crap for basic needs, no braindead race-to-the-bottom wages in the face of lack of workhours.

And then, we may find out that working just 5 hours a day, at high wages, for local production and consumption.... may amazingly actually fix those imbalances..... we may figure out, that basic school maths actually mean something.

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start producing AND consuming what we need locally.... no import/export crap for basic needs 

What about oil?

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There are few countries which can be totally selfsustainable. However, that we can't get everything locally doesn't need to mean that we import everything, right?

Take those foodstamp receivers for example. They have a need - or at least claim so. They also have supply of workforce. Well doh, if there is demand AND supply, then how is there no market? This is ridiculous, as soon as one does not take the popular matra for granted. It makes no sense. There are people in need of something, who also are not working..... how can there be a theoretical lack of jobs in that case?

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not necessarily a lack of jobs but a lack of higher waged jobs. Many companies pay a non-livable wage to the to their hourly employees.  These employees are the working poor that qualify for Food stamps, while management stuff their pockets with 20% bonuses.


I've actually heard some hiring managers say paying the lower wage allows his employees to collect more government benefits.  In essence some of these benefit programs such as SNAP are subsidizing private companies by sustaining the workers who work for a less then livable wage.

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That's why i advocate both, less workhours and higher minimum wages.

Besides of the maths, the reason is the following:

In the absence of redesigning the economic model, those not getting a job, or being paid non-liveable wages, are employed by corporations which exploit the nation. Reason being that wages and buying power are the same - locally. When companies discount wages, the consequences are:

1. The population impoverishes, and buying power goes down the toilet. If the corporation sells locally, it also will go broke, or will have to raise wages. This is what would happen without "cheating"... the greed of such corporations, would ensure their own destruction. So, even if we would actually go all out darwinism, wages would have to raise, or the whole system goes down.

2. But we can cheat. First option: Export the produced goods. Impoverish the local population to produce cheap, then sell to some non-poor country.

3. There is no non-poor country left? Crap. Well, let's just ask the state to lend to other poor countries, so that they can buy our cheaply produced stuff, expensive.

4. Gov doesn't want to lend to others? No problem. Let the gov pay the wages, which we are too greedy to pay - thus, the gov sponsering your wages. Massive unemployment benefits, foodstamps, and so on, basically do the same.  This way, the gov keeps the population from going into lynch mode, pays for your nonsustainably low wages, and even gives you a power advantage: When people fear for their existence, they become more willing to work at our low wages.... perhaps we can even push them a bit lower.... don't worry, the gov will pay the difference, one way or another.

5. But now, the gov taxes us for all this shit. Solution: Avoid taxes someway.


THIS is what's going on. All those current low-wage jobs, with 10+ workhours, are fake.... the actual wage is much higher, one way or another, and the taxpayers (or currency-holders in the case of monetization), pay for the wage difference.


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People who start their own business usually work ridiculous hours when the business is first started. They make incredible sacrifices. I don't think there are too many small business owners who work 2-3 hours a week.

As a future independent (too lazy to mail the form in), I think small business owners should live an upper middle class to upper class life style, but should pay "a fair share of taxes" (this depends on your definition) as well.


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Regarding small business owner workhours.... how do they count workhours anyways? Oh forget it, how are workhours *in general* counted anyways? It seems, whenever i read supposed numbers of workhours, they are at odds with the actual amount of hours worked.

And what for? How the fuck does individual persons working MORE hours create MORE jobs?

The "race-to-the-bottom" morons have been preaching their mantra for tens of years.... and the economy has moved into the direction of their demands.... what has in this time happened to unemployment numbers? What has in this time happened to consumer buying power? What has in this time happened to state-spending to support no/low-income individuals?

But.... i'm sure that's just a coincidence. It is not related to precisely those policies having caused the current situation. Rather, on the contrary, it must be that we haven't been doing it enough. If we just discount the workforce and buying power even more, i'm sure it will result in the opposite.

Devalue more! Devalue more! If we just do it enough, we may magically become rich! Fucking for virginity!

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Your comments are spot on and precisely why I sold paper gold in November to buy 40 more acres of arable land that is currently being leased for agriculture and used to expand some of my operations.  As America slowly becomes just another third world economy more and more of the real economy will depend on local production.  Our farmers market is booming.  I see black market and "under the table" deals for real goods and services occurring already.  All out of the eye of the taxman and in many cases it is not FRNs that are changing hands.

Crash the fucking system already, the sooner we do, the sooner compensation will return to people who are actually worth a shit.  Almost 30% of America's GDP is now coming from the financial sector.  Please remind me exactly what real value pushing all that paper around brings to the real economy?  Fuck the banksters and their two-party puppet politicians.

Rynak's picture

In an ideal world, i'd consider farming in times like this a great idea. In the current world, with in the future potential panicking govs, i see the danger of the most necessary things, being price-fixed first - especially food. Of course, unless they outrightly seize property, that doesn't prevent oneself from feeding oneself, instead of selling. And well: If one has shelter and food in one's own control, then the complete existencial base is already safe.

Only issue i could think of, is equipment, fuel and stuff needed for farming. Then again, i'm not familiar with the rate of ressource consumption regarding farming. Maybe one could stockpile to cover - let's say 2 years?

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They probably count work hours as time they spend devoted to their small business. I have a small business owner in my family who wakes up around 4-5am to go to work sites to make sure things are getting done and if they aren't he will pick up the tools and start doing it himself.

It's funny that Law of Physics agrees with your post as a small business owner expanding his operations while you question how working more hours creates jobs.

I never said I agree with the race to bottom morons. I simply said most small business owners (successful ones) work their asses off and deserve to live a better lifestyle than a corporate drone like myself. I never advocated running up our deficit and national debt to destroy our currency. You seem to be rambling.


LawsofPhysics's picture

He is rambling a bit Bobby.  Well I know when I work more hours, I do create more jobs, just wish I didn't have to work 24/7.  Case in point, I will be working Saturday and Sunday (in addition to normal operations) because I am running another irrigation line and installing another cistern for collecting runoff.  I am paying a local plumber cash and the excavator rental is being exchanged for some of our product.  I ran an excavator as a younger man, so I am the driver in this endeavor, but still someone will need to prepare and deliver the beast. The plumber said he wanted more work for some recent hires, so I took him up on the offer for such a tax-free deal. Either way it takes energy and real know-how to get things accomplished in the real world.  Pushing paper doesn't do shit.  I was fortunate to build my operation mostly debt free, so the interest I do pay on some property is very minor.  The bottom line is that some of the usury and interest payments I see some of my competitors paying is indeed "excessive" and not sustainable.  Energy is really the only big problem I worry about.  Running a 30,000 liter reactor requires a lot of energy and the power the bill I get from the power company is not getting smaller.  Damn thermodynamics.

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They probably count work hours as time they spend devoted to their small business. I have a small business owner in my family who wakes up around 4-5am to go to work sites to make sure things are getting done and if they aren't he will pick up the tools and start doing it himself.

Well, it can vary a lot, even for the same person, depending on current events. I.e., for me as a freelancer there are phases where i work 10 hours a day, 6 days per week, just to keep up with the amount of contracts... and there are phases, where i'm done with 12-16 hours per week. Then again, it's sometimes hard to estimate, because some of the business related work, that i can do at home, i do parallel to personal interests.

It's funny that Law of Physics agrees with your post as a small business owner expanding his operations while you question how working more hours creates jobs.

Depends on aspirations. I know a lot of small business owners who are satisfied with what they have, and basically just use it to selfsustain a middle class income for themselves and possibly family... and who prefer to spend the remaining free time on actually spending what they earn. I however also know small business owners who seek to rapidly expand - sometimes successfully, yet often with ugly growing pains that threaten their entire business. One issue in particular is, that they are hesistant to decentralize the management.... continueing to command everything with just one or two persons, and then blaming the employees for when this results in disaster. When a business owner works more than 7 hours per day, 5 days per week, chances are that he is overloaded.

I never said I agree with the race to bottom morons.

I'm sorry, this is a misunderstanding. This part of my post was not meant to target you, but instead was aimed generally towards people, who think that one can "win" a global race-to-the-bottom without in the process ruining the population and state finances.

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"get out and get a real job actually creating something called 'VALUE'."

First of all, I built a business from nothing and we do produce something of real value.  While doing this, my employees and I have paid taxes and other numerous fees and I will be damned if I won't get some return on that investment (such as a safety net or retirement).  Perhaps we should simply stop paying those taxes and fees?

You clearly missed the point, I suggest you read the comments above.  Almost 30% of the GDP in this country now comes from the "financial sector".  Remind me fucknut, just exactly what REAL VALUE (using your own words) does pushing that paper around add to the real economy?  Those fuckers sure extract a lot of wealth buying jets and private islands only to turn around and tell my employees that there is no real value left in the 401ks that were mismanaged (by the same fuckers buying private jets).  Many folks across this country are forced to pay into a 401k or some other plan, bullshit.

I say crash the fucking system (giant ponzi) already.  The sooner we do, the sooner compensation will return to those that are actually worth a shit. 

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Face it my friend, you can't talk sense to some of these types. They've bought into the MSM propaganda machine. They have no critical thinking skills.

The country is full people who have absolutely no idea what's going on.


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Please post again after you've been laid off. Just what we need - more arrogant assholes.

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I work temp labor for minimum wage because I can't get a welding job. there are no jobs asshole. I wake up at 4am for most of them, you are a cunt.

I don't take government benefits, I would rather be homeless, but the way shit is going I'm probably eventually going to get over my silly and inedible pride.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Don't get caught in the false right vs. left paradigm.  They are all bought and paid for by the international banksters and corptocracy.  That's why nothing changes regardless of whoever is in office.


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

Greeny's picture

He just today said he never though about leaving and

will stay for as long as need it. Maybe it was just a rumor

that Geithner is leaving?

Silver continue tanking mean while, what's up with that?

Xibalba's picture

my silvers not going anywhere.....oh right...cuz it's in my safe.