Recycling Old Girlfriends

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Amazing how these fund managers love to chase these 1999 hookers like INTC, all hoping to catch the next 300% gain in the SOX as so many remember from the old days.  No different than calling that old girlfriend 10 years later, expecting her to look and act the same when she was younger.

Old habits die hard, as these Fumble Managers running Fidelity, Putnam, Janus, etc. are all reveling in the days when INTC had stick arms, ample firm breasts, a stomach flat enough to bounce a quarter off of, and was more than willing to partake in various fantasies.  This is what you remember about INTC, the original semiconductor "Supermodel"..

However, after the reunion 10 years later, you are disappointed to find out that she's turned into an old hag, looks good dressed up but you would not want to see her with her clothes off.  And never mind the 10 years worth of new baggage she's carrying around.


Intel sees Q4 revenue of $10.1 bln, Q3 revenue $9.9 bln vs $10.2 bln.

Translation:  Oops, looks like she gained some weight, she doesn't look near as hot as she used to.

Intel Q3 net income 33c vs. 35c

Translation:  Uhh, her breasts have expanded but now they are sagging, bummer....

Intel sees Q4 R&D spending of $2.9 bln

Translation:  More Botox, more facelifts, and more plastic surgery required.


After hours, is she going to look like this???



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karen tso is another cnbc asset :-)

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Fantastic metaphor for INTC!

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Out did yourself today Robo. Hit it right out of the park.

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Bravo, Roboto!  That was G.D. funny!

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Plastic surgery ain't cheap, and there's not much profit margin in Atoms for McNotebooks

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OMG    Arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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Damn, that ain't nothin' nice!

Where's that picture of the 60 year-old blonde in the bikini on the beach with the saggy fake tits gone? It would make a good example alongside this set!

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Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on your whole analogy.

Intel is a well run company that earlier this year was selling at a clearly good price. I don't think there are many people who expect to make 300% on INTC but it's not often such a clearly low risk trade comes along as buying INTC below $13 or so.

I know you like posting pics of the ladies, but maybe you should start posting on some porn websites, cause your market commentary is half-assed.

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I guess a 47 P/E looks good to you.

The analogy to 1999 is very apt.

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P/E ratio?  Does that have any meaning anymore? Just buy those Beanie Babies!

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Anyway, INTC left a gap back at 15,
so sooner or later it's going there and
probably below..hell, Alcoa's got a
gap back near its low. If you think these
old ladies have become young chicks,
buy em and hold em for the long term:)

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That's based on old data. If they can keep their earnings at the present level the p/e would be just over 16.

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yes yes yes

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if Intel,AMD ( to a lesser extent ) and the likes, don't PERFECT the nanotechnological aspect of developing processors; they are basically dead in 10 yrs time. Kurzweil, Gates etc may talk about exponential development all the like but it is simply not true. To even speed up 10% it requires 25% more resources for the RnD department. There was seemingly a breakthrough in the early 00's, but the guy was just a fraud. Intel is THE best long term short in this market and a company which needs to develop in order to survive. It is THE only way they can function. If the development goes ( and it is likely to be so, considering that the limit of silicon base processor is only 10% away ), so does Intel.

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I like INTC as a long-term short, but THE best LT short in this mug has gotta be DRN.

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Dow will smash through 10,000 this week...INTC up 5% in AH. Ze games  are just beginning, pop the valium, performance anxiety is reaching a fever pitch. As for semis, they are due for a major run-up.... buy the Ultra Semiconductor ProShares (USD) and ride her up. A little enhancement never hurt anyone!

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Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry's girlfriend looks so different under different lighting conditions.  Hilarious.


Now KLG always looked like shit, as far as I'm concerned.  The pissy attitude over-rides all (or any) looks on that beyotch.

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Whats up with the chip sales? I thought everyone had a computer by now! Maybe we live in a world where you don't even have to cook the books, someone tells you the projection for cooked books looks good and the stock goes up!

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Whats up with the chip sales? I thought everyone had a computer by now! Maybe we live in a world where you don't even have to cook the books, someone tells you the projection for cooked books looks good and the stock goes up!

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Barak Hussein Obama's half brother lives in a dirt floor hut in Kenya on a dollar a month. I bet he doesn't have a computer. You're probably gonna be taxed to buy him one too. His hut will then sport a sign proclaiming "Intel Inside"

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He may not have a computer but he has a chicken and that's much more useful.

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Last week it was Alcoa that stormed the futures higher but now AA is back where it started before the results, but the market is ramped higher on the back on INTC, now I wonder how long the INTC share price will hold after this initial push but the market will be kept higher to offload the next lot to the greater fools, oh and on a p/e of  47, what great value to buy at

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Good point on AA.  I thought it was an even bet that reality still existed somewhere in a parallel Universe, or in one of CB's "other worlds".  AA shot up on its projections and performance related to sales to the automotive industry, which was, of course, C4C based.  September SAAR brought it all home, and what little money is left had to go find a new fantasy in the form of INTC.

Remember "money on the sidelines"?  When every last fund manager is fully invested, and QE stops, who is going to buy?  The consumer MIGHT be able to afford a new computer to use for paper day trading, or instead he or she can place money in a fund and let someone else trade it, but not both.

The question is will the 30% down day that is surely in our future be from here or from 11000 Dow?

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KLG would be happy for FG to do her like she was the hooker that busted FG..........

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Hey, she "exceeds expectations"..If you're the horny, bald, pot-gutted  analysist looking at the pickings in the shadows at last call at the bar... 

The first thing I zeroed in when I read the stats was the decline in revenue, but MSM is cheerleading the "better than expected" results..

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the new word for the ladies who work in the pleasure providing industry is; whooker; whookers. This new language string was created on  saturday during Radio ZH. Whooker is a hybrid of whore and hooker; a whooker. 

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Slut + whore = sluor. 

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choice + bonus = chonus.  As in "that's chonus, dude"

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Why does it look like kathy and her cleavage had a stroke? 

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her face look 20 yrs younger than the rest of her; but IMHO; she is still a beautiful woman.

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Compared to the $trillion numbers being thrown around these days Intel's numbers such as $2.3 bln for research look positively puny.

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GG - McKinsey discussed the importance of this and our shared impression that Intel is either shooting itself or has some off balance sheet stream.

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the following is a link to a commenter over at Slope - this person is worth paying attention to IMO

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Robotrader sure does craft prose like Wyndysrf once did.
Things that make you go ... Hhhmmmmm.

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How is it a 47 P/E? It made 33 cents this quarter -- project that out, and you're talking about a minimum of $1.10. The stock's trading at 20, making its P/E around 18. Is math really that hard?

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Thank you for the article. It is unbelivable the volume of relatively positive business press the likes of Intel and Cisco get and they have done NOTHING for their shareholders for the past DECADE. CNBC loves these companies, yet they are terrible companies -- poor shareholder return performers.

Of course there are a host of other companies loved by the media which are awful (e.g., GE....and how can Jack Welch be viewed as a business genius as the hollowness of the company he built is now in full display......).

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love the site

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id still do her

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You forgot to mention those 10 to 20 year old girlfriends still expect to be treated like they were still sweet, sixteen, and voluptuous.

Not like the ugly, droopy and miserable old hags they've turned into that no male in his right mind would pay $5000 a night to watch while they take their clothes off.