Remember That Greek Bailout Rumor...

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Next time, our advice: get confirmation

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You should spam that link into a few more threads this morning. I am not sure everyone has seen it pasted in the first 10 posts of every thread.

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Dude, your blog sucks fucking donkey nuts so stop spamming the living shit out of these comment threads, you fucktard, loser bitch.

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Germany is a dorfmatratze if they pay a cent to this fucked up bailout. Make Greeks debt slaves and force the germans to foot the bill.

I'm sure Ireland is taking notes. They really want to fuck em all over.

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China will bail them out, again...

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Any truely sovergin entity can redenominate its debts in Punts Drachmas etc. - of course Hibernia has always been someone else's bitch.

It remains to be seen if Hellas has any class - maybe just maybe

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The scummy german politicians are the pimps, the German taxpayer is the forced whore; the people were never asked about the introduction of the Euro. The parliament voted wit some 99% yes voters, similar to the parliament (or whatever that is called) in North Korea.

The current minister of finance, Schaeuble, took once an envelope with 100'000 DM in cash to hand it over to the party cashier. That is his qualification for being minister of finance.

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Desperate FDP grandstanding (they are losing their power)--what do you expect them to say?  All the power still rests in Mama Merkel's sweet palms, and she is not really listening to the FDP pied piper.  Let's get the Greek land registry translated into German and turn the Greek islands into another Ballerman Mallorca!

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Tyler. You take all the market fun out of BTFD rumors.

I bet you're the center of attention at cocktail parties.

NOT :>)

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Tyler's the one serving the cocktails (with added antifreeze).

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I substitute Stoli for antifreeze. When I see the dog  staggering all over the yard, I know I have a radiator leak...

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A woman has been sentenced to 23 years for killing her boyfriend by lacing one of those plastic buckets of margarita cocktail with antifreeze.

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Market doesn't care.  DXY still firmly below 75, so rally on bitchez

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That is becuase the market is mostly focused on the debt vote today.

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Market  focused on debt ceiling vote which has already been announced will not pass? Oh ok, makes sense.

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And the BlowHorn [CNBC] is too focused on The Hangover 2 to attend to this pesky Greece reversal story.  Also...makes sense.

Of course, nothing the market is doing makes sense, save for the persistent sell programs that have been well engaged since 9:41 am Eastern Standard.

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Quick run a memorial story of mark haines that will distract everyone.

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Nah...surprisingly, the BlowHorn [CNBC] has been doing a public service, preparing the people with a segment and poll about whether or not folk would engage in slaughtering their own food.

Something rather foreboding about that.

Anyway, onward now with utterly irrelevant programing!  Never mind the outside reversal day that is now gaining momentum.

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The market already knows the outcome of the debt vote today. Already priced in.

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I get it..Leak it higher then sheer the sheep...

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That's just one MP.  Unless something along these lines has actually been decided, why is it even important what just one guy said?

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Is he the equivalent of a Congressman here making a statement.  One person doesn't make the policy.


Any signs of German protests?  Anybody?  Anybody?

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More like German street parties, upon leaving the EU!

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No, nothing. Just some freaks online.

Sheeple go on dreaming, spending, soccer watching. Now MSM says cucumbers are deadly.

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'Cucumbers are deadly'....well I suppose that depends on where people try to put them.

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Jorg Kackelmann--Germany's DSK--was racquitted from rape today.  The big distraction of the day, along with the FIFA, and the proposed ending of nuclear energy in 2022.

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GPap hastily arranging visit to Germany along with 50 restive Greek models

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and the sheep are dancing, wow! when will this illusion be recognized for the failure it is!

Am standing outside with toolbelt on and taping tools as well hoping to find work. A  man at mc Donalds said one cannot even BUY a job. Its  raining again, 6 out of 7 days it rains here in Oregon . Starbucks is still busy here in the more affluent white community of Happy Valley. Funny as none of them have a clue as to the USD status. But am hearing of many divorces, relationship breakups as women shed their jobless men. Oh, what a wonderfull world. depression for those on the bottom, normalcy for those treated more generously.  Discogged!

Am still in good humor and laughing, but it does truly suck to be homeless! Am able to laugh because i am well aware of the true nature of reality being illusion. i am merely a unit of awareness gaining experience in the material world most think is real. Nuts!

man on the street report     by merehuman

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A resilient mental outlook will help. You are a survivor. Good luck.

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Thank you. Am a stubborn german, slept in other peoples cars as a teen, never thought i would revisit that circumstance or meet others who are doing that now!! am feeling cheerful despite all this crap, go figure.

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after having called the prosecutor!

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Shaeffler not relevant so this comment not a big deal. He is pretty low octane fellow in Germany.  Its US equivalent is Roscoe Bartlett telling people to move out of cities before its too late

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Why were they ever in it in the first place - those dirty socialists?

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Rumour started by the WALL STREET journal... say no more....

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Does anyone really think Goebbels isn't going to bail out the German banks, I mean the Greeks?

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Not I said the little piggy.

Goebbels and Company just need to people to rise up in shared pain and suffering and scream in one unifying voice......."Print Oh mighty one, print away so that I may rest my weary head once more and dream of consumer heaven."

Or something along those lines. 

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Nor, I said the 3rd little piggy...

Schaeffler needs to learn that demagogy, nationalism and jingoism is no way to rise to political power and influence in Germany...

Now Schaeffler... STFU and let Merkel proceed with the bailout on schedule...

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No, but they will bail out their ass some day!

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it would be nice to know the price of gold in athens right now.

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Unfortunately Frank Schäffler is a no name in the German FDP. He is about the only one sitting in the German parlament who does understand what is going on. However nobody listens to him. Kind of the German version of Ron Paul...
...but the Germans need another century until they realise that he might be right.

As a matter of fact most Germans like government intervention. The omnipotent government is never big enough in their point of view. Instead they fear the free market and capitalism. They actually point to the US and say:"see, this is what happens if you have 'free' markets and we do not want this in our country."

Forget Frank Schäffler, most Germans do not even know him.

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Sad but true, communism was afterall invented in Germany

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Sad but true, (limited) communism would actually solve the "social" issue in a selfsustainable way (instead of throwing money at the problem).... something which a free market will never be able to do by definition (a free market on the other hand, however solves all the issues, which communism cannot fix).

EDIT: Actually, i would go as far as claiming, that as long as free market proponents do not make communism one aspect of their economic model, what they will get will always be a free market plus socialism.

So, before you equate socialism with communism the next time, maybe hold in a moment and think about if both are equal, or if its just you being a greedy envious egoist, ridiculing the equally greedy and envious altruists.

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They are the same thing genius. Next time read some Hegel before you attempt to interpret Marx.


Maybe then you understand that they are all the same. Fascism, Socialism, and Communism are all the same state endorsed slavery.

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I don't need to read anything, to understand that financing something with mandatory work of the consumers of said service/goods, is not the same as financing something with capital from non-consumers of said goods/services.

An economic sector selfsustaining itself, is not the same as an economic sector being fueled from external sources.

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Wow, 5 junks.... looks like i must have done something right!

Apparently, a lot of free market proponents here, who do not realize that their type of free market has a hole.... because it cannot efficiently deal with collective needs.... that defect is then compensated with socialism (aka "throwing money at the problem"). They could complement their model, by dealing with collective aspects in another way than a free market (communism is the most obvious choice here)..... but since they chauvinistically think that everything else than free market capitalism is the devil, they will continue to end up throwing money at the problem (socialism), while hypocritically complaining about it. Dichotomies FTL!

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You don't understand that Not every1 deserves to survive and not every problem of every man needs to be solved, as a wise Scottish proverb says 'Some people are only alive because it's illegal to shoot them'


And no the free market is not designed/intended to create an Utopia it's designed to filter out the chaff from the grain

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Oh, finally we clear and unambigiously get the true motivations behind some (not all) free market supporters: Darwinism.

What you however do not understand is:

That you are introducing darwinism in areas for no other reason than model defects. You are saying that people should die simply because the model is kaputt. To show this, lets look at one aspect where "darwinistic" free market models (or is it actually capitalism in general?) fail (and with failure, i here mean a model being unable to efficiently deal with a scenario - not on purpose, but simply because of the design).

First, i once again bring my old example: We have a hypothetical small island with 10 people. For simplicity's sake, lets say they only need bread to survive. At first, 10 people need to work fulltime, to create enough bread for everyone to survive. Then via technological advances, only 7 people (or 70% of time) are needed to produce enough bread for everyone. By common sense, there should be no problem at all - people should actually be happy about the increase in efficiency. But because current types of free markets (or is it capitalism?) only takes into account individual aspects, those who do not work at a given point in time die. Or if everyone works less time, everyone now earns only 70% of money (because no one - at least initially - will accept wages/hour to rise, because of more efficient production.... they will expect the opposite).

And why in such a scenario - basic needs for everyone - a scenario where it is clearly known ahead of time which and how many goods are required for the collective.... is there even a need for invidual trade, and this "profit" thing? That's right, there is none. It is the kind of goods/services that depend on needs of the entire collective.... not on individual aspects. Roads and water-supply are similiar cases. Free market capitalism in the current sense, simply cannot deal with such collective needs efficiently, because it can only do individual-based economics, and is at loss when it comes to collective-wide aspects.

Because it cannot deal with this, it has so far taken the lazy way out: Just throw money at it. Taxes as well as social programs. The problem in this case however is that it is unsustainable... because it still expects that the amount of wages/profits must be equal to the amount of produced goods/services... Which as we know since the industrial revolution is no longer equal.

Your "solution"? Just ignore the model defect, and let people starve and die if they are unlucky enough in this russian roulette situation.... heck, it isn't even darwinism, because it isn't even based on performance. What it is, is just fucking stupid assholery, and fatal denial.

And because you, and everyone who supports this idiocy, is such an asshole, the masses do not support it.... and thus, there will be socialism (throwing money at the problem), precisely BECAUSE you are unwilling to fix the defects of your own model.

After all, who would be stupid enough to accept death, just because some egocentric idiot isn't willing to address his own errors? Your mindset, is what makes socialism necessary. If you'd fix your model, it wouldn't be necessary.

EDIT: In this regard, that your variant of free market will never exist, precisely is an example of darwinism: The lifetime of your model is even shorter than that of capitalism+socialism: Zero.

Bottom line:

Where there are defective free markets, there will be socialism. Where there is socialism, there will be defective free markets.