As Repo Volumes Plunge And The GC-IOER Carry Trade Dries Up, One Third Of Treasury Repo Volume Is Now At Negative Rates

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I better stockpile some booze..sounds like another party like its 1999 again to me....if the end of the world is here...I want to be drunk to see it....

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Yes, that was me...junk.


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Forcing money market funds farther out on the risk curve.


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Or just skipping the drawn out process of excess risk turning to excess loses, not passing GO, not collecting $200, and becoming the next Reserve Primary Fund by (negative yield) default because running a MM sucks when Uncle Sam is short buyers for his paper.

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Ugh you deleted the doomer post, stop trying to hide the God particle.


Okay it`s out there now.

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To make a long story short, is this article saying T-bills are trading above par?


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I know what a repo is, even a reverse! but since you seem to know so much, how about explaining these articles in 100 words or less?

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Modern economics depends, to a large extent, on the velocity of many different types of paper and agreements to move said paper.  This paper, and this agreement seem to being getting stale, and may need to be discarded at a loss now or a bigger loss later.



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Yeah great, thanks for explaining nothing. What's the significance of negative repo rates?

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Sorry for the delay.  The basic answer is economic incentive.  Would you loan money to someone, and pay interest to them at the same time?

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The booze is always a good idea for comet watching; especially with Elenin. You'll have a much better chance of thinking you see it if you're hammered than actually seeing it with a pair of strong binoculars. 20+ million miles is calculated to be it's nearest passing point (10/16/11). A halibut in the Atlantic is liable to have greater influence over tides and tectonic shifts than anything this frozen dirtball will effect. I'd keep a closer watch on Comet Ben BurnYankee-- and definitely, keep the booze on hand for that outcome.

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Would a synthetic way to play this be eurodollar futures?