A Review And Look At Global Events In The Upcoming Week

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We're going to have "inflation."  They're going to call it "recovery."  The middle class will be "shredded."

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We're going to have "inflation." 

SSssssttt... don't let Ben know.

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You can't be fooled again;;;;;;;

NABE survey = same as the old boss.



Running out of shit to make up and getting Hawaii 5 Ohed

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The flash PMI numbers for the Euro zone have been released today and accoring to notayesmanseconomics.

On a scale where a number above 50 shows expansion German manufacturing registered 60.2 and German services registered 60. When you see that the overall reading for the Euro zone was 56.9 for manufacturing and 55.2 for services you can see that some must have been performing much more weakly particularly if you add in that France has been performing well too.

Whilst this is only a survey it has proved to be reasonably reliable. It adds to existing data which leaves officials and ministers in the Euro zone with the headache of trying to impose a single exchange-rate and a single interest-rate on what is a two-speed Euro zone.


Of course this reality will not bother those in charge in Europe at all as they continue with their fantatsies.


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I am kind of noting a very odd reluctance for this market to go any higher with the indices diverging daily. This is very "toppy" looking as I review my 30y trading memories.

Most of us on ZH have grown cynical because unlike any rally in our lives- this one is not based on any sound recovery. This is some sort of meth/pomo induced unstructural recovery that leaves us drooling only to be taunted by the likes of Harry Wanger.

I have this foreboding feeling. Like we are cheating. And some very nasty black swan event is going to occur. I have never been more skeptical or cynical ever- and that included the dark days of 16% interest rates and no jobs in the late 70's. I want to thank ZH for providing some sanctuary from a world of make believe recoveries and MSN cheerleaders who are co-opted into spreading the drug to the masses. Just say "no."


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Ritholtz has wised up and is now

theorizing half the S&P's 90% gain

came from QE ramp. Barrons

has picked up on it. Do you want

to even "rent" a jacked stock?


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One thing the author forgot to mention is that China may raise interest rate this weekend or early next week before the Spring Festival. China is fond of this sort of surprise.