A Review And Look At Key Global Events In The Upcoming Week

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More useless data, bitchez!

Michigan will give us the upper hand....

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but but but the Super Bowl

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Oh yea, the Stupor Bowl.  What day is that on?  Need to check my schedule....

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AMERICA VS. CHINA - guys, this will be totally awesome. By 2013 I can probably watch this in digital HD-TV - rockets, millions of people dying and all that awesome crap. /sarc ( Where is my tin foil hat?)


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Don't do pay-per-view, sorry.  Just post the robots' colors, ok?

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In the week ahead: Barama suffers from twisted ankle falling over the nachos while on his way to the presidential teleprompter to announce to guests he has flip flopped on his choice for game winner.

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As you can see by the Black Eyed Peas Superbowl halftime show....

The sheep are not the least bit concerned as to what the latest "data points" are going to be.

The mood is ebullient.  People are spending like mad.

Don't believe me?

Record level of spending prior to the Superbowl.  Chicken wings, booze, flat screen TV's, etc. Read here:


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Bernanke bucks are getting smaller like Herr Bloomberg. 

Flat screens are getting bigger and chicken wings are forever

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I'll admit, chicken wings and beer can be a delicious combination.

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Robot, your 'Is this the top?' post right after the egypt fiasco is still rememebered. So dont say youve easily flipped back to currently the right (i.e. evil) side of being a bull.

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This situation is fluid....

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Data the masses don't care about bitchezz