Risk Could Seriously Blow Up Here

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Brazil of Mexico

"Brazil or Mexico"

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I'd do it for free if I got to be the 1st one to see the articles haha

It's Nic's editing slip anyways, prime financial analysis tho

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Tyler short-hand for Venezuela or Argentina?

Brazil is to USA as ? is to Mexico.

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It's not a real market anymore.

I like Amrekt, sounds better, convoluted and distorted.

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Am wrecked !!!  Perfucto!

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Amrekt is actually perfect. I vote we change market to amrekt...

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A lot of people are getting out and are counting on a drop to make nice money when it goes back up.

Everybody is counting on a drop on the DOW to 8000.


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"no bid" equity market, long Trasheries hand over fist here

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Trasheries..... now that's a keeper!!

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dollar yen unwinding, jap housewives at it...

 we might can sneak through fin reg bill today if we play our cards right...

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Anecdotally, I've heard a lot of stuff like that too, but the numbers don't seem to back it up. I mean LOIS has widened out to 25 bp, but that's not so much and nothing compared to 2007-8. Meanwhile, I don't see demand for the Fed's swaps.

(at least for now)

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once again - just like last time - we see the metal prices unwinding...in addition to downward manipulation for the expiries next week. thank goodness for ZSL. 

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if this kind of  VOLATILITY continues ...i will be many times richer even before the 'CRASH' is completed .....forget about the bounce back...

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Short the pig!  Take profits and buy gold.

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I wanna buy more gold, but the AUD$ has dropped further than gold, it is more expensive.


(hmm at 5.01 Western Standard Time Aust that is)

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Boy do I feel your pain.  Yen carry unwind is eating us alive.  I've got enough salted away for a few hundred ounces of silver and wish I'd pulled the trigger ten days ago when the "it might be time" thought first crossed my mind....grrrrrr

Edit:  AUD/JPY struggling to hold onto 75 now...

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However, the gold and silver I have I bought when the AUD was strong. So the fall in gold and silver has left me basically untouched. Now for a rally in PM to ice the cake some.

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Thanks NIC.  We always value your input around here. Good work...

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Now that we have sucked in every EUR short the globe has ever seen, I expect a rebound to 1,2623. Why ? Because my model tells me so. S&P 1132 here we come.

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Where can I get a chart of JPY vs. gold?

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For several days I have been warning of EURUSD buying support as detected by my indicators, and this has been confirmed by the recent break out.

The proprietary indicators I use can identify trend changes before they occur.