Risk-ES Spread Closes

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While hypnotized lemmings are watching the green, red and blue squiggly lines, and Bernanke's lies enter one ear and exit from the other, those who put on the risk-ES spread convergence trade on earlier just paid for drinks. Spread has closed and we eagerly await the next free money opportunity from B to the Sack.

Courtesy of capital context

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SPY is right under the 21-day EMA.


Bears should slam the door shut right now on the bulls.

Can they do it??

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You realize that I'm the site asshole and you're the site 'irrelevant fuckwad'...right?

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At least Leo was consistent with his sentiments...  I await your bullish charts should the market go green.

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There haven't been any bulls in the market for days if not weeks. All support is due to the PPT courtesy of the remaining American middleclass tax payers.

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I realize that people are annoyed with this trading robot, however, the constant badgering is becoming much more annoying than the robot itself, so chill out already and use your energy to complain about something else

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WE've now failed 4 times to break back up thru the 150dma...

Big ole sore on top of its head..

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REITs still up BITCH!  That shit never...and I mean NEVER goes down.  FUCKING NEVER!

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Looks like the market is about to pull its spoiled brat routine.  Wailing will continue until it gets QE.

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B B to the Ball Sack!

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Think 1290 is going to be tested soon, hope we break through to the down side

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No QE3 until the SPY is down by more than 15%.

Bernanke is content to let the market crash and watch people panic into dollars and Treasuries so he can continue floating gargantuan deficits by rolling over and floating new zero cost T-Bills into Infinity.

Any wonder why commodities are being sold today?

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Final bear trap, don't short.

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Spead close now allows for the squeeze up to that key 1298 area on the ES.

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As long as they are willing to ass fuck middle class America and slaughter the dollar...they can jack the market to $100,000 on the DOW.

They'll do it.  Believe it.

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Me too.  So sick of this.

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as requested (for those with no BB terminal) here (as promised) is the intraday chart on the relative postion of risk assets to the SPx (SPX is a fairly close to the ES)



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This is fucking SURREAL.

How in the fuck can the market hold after this massive pamper packing news conference?

REITs immediately take off.....strip mall value going straight ass Saturn V lift off.  OH well, I guess it's the last fucking lie of lies.  Gotta defraud that or else they can't extend this shitfest for the next year.


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Its the compression or something like that. Im sure there is a logical reason. Or maybe not.

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I just bought a half position in DRV today fuk deez snitchazz

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Whatever.  Up Down Up Down...


Hand me a few of those quarter rollers please.   This pile of pre-64 quarters is getting unruly.

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Great chart TD...ZH has vision when the rest of the world wears bifocals

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I thought your only position was physical? You rail against anyone who participates in this ponzi. Shocking!

Tyler Durden's picture

Shocking? We have disclosed clear market arbitrage opportunities since day one. That said, nobody ever puts a gun to your or anyone's head when making a trade, buying a house, etc.

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Yes, and your doing a great job. Keep it up and thanks.

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Wow, REITs still floating at $2 under the recent 3-year highs.

I guess shopping centers and office buildings are a true store of value for institutional investors, no matter how dire the vacancy factor is.

There are always guys like Donald Trump who will buy these assets in 3 years time, and pay outlandish premiums.

So I guess it pays to sit tight and wait.

As for gold mining companies, well, that's another story.....


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GDXJ is up 2.5 percent today.  Up big yesterday too.

blunderdog's picture

That fascination with the mining stocks of yours interests me, Robo--is it personal animosity towards Eric King or something?  Did he beat you up in grade school?

If a week ever comes when something like UXG triples in price, it'd be good fun seeing your posts of the charts a few days later.  Or LOL'ing at a year's underperformance from AAPL...?  (I forget what he's been shilling for the past week...)

Obviously the mining stocks have sucked hard for quite awhile.  Perhaps there's a good explanation.  Doesn't seem you know it, though.

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aaaand it's gone.  Damn I wish I could day-trade at my job. 

BTW, how exactly do you buy that "risk-basket"?

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And here he comes on the BlowHorn....Jan Hatzius!  My favorite General of the GS diffusion squad.

Come on Jan...let's see you beg for more easy money.

**Damn good thing the economy is just "a little softer."  That almost feels nice.  Better than the actual fucking raging Greater American Depression.  Thanks, Jan, for easing my pain.**

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I use speed lines to plot, and no idea if related, but I noticed that for a buy opportunity the open didn't go as low as it should, (the middle speed line. was wondering about it all day, made one bad trade, which may have lead to a second, but such is life. At the end of the day we had touched the bottom speed line, which is my buy point and I bought some long right before the close. noticed this in multiple indexes. Now have seen this twice.(that I recall).

for bigger trades I use longer term speed lines, weekly, daily, dor day trading use hourly. clearly there can be multiple speed lines in the chart.


I can't find my post where I noticed this and made a comment that it didn't go down at the open as much as it should have.


also my bad, I think you can sometimes look at blloomberg to see where the futures go.

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how one one trade this

omi's picture

What's in the basket?

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Check other risk-es thread from today, discussed.

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It puts the lotion in the basket.

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Can anyone explain what contracts you would have used if you were in this trade.  I would like to understand the mechanics of it.  Thanks.