Risk-ES Spread Closes

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Now you have it, now you don't. The gift that keeps on giving, courtesy of momo monkeys, just put a smile on the faces of all those who put the compression trade on last night.

Last night:



h/t Capital Context

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Closed, bitchez

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I guess, just like the Denarius/gold spread closed after the fall of Rome, we'll see the USD/Post-it spread close as well.  (Granted, post-its are blank, so probably worth a bit more....)

flyr1710's picture

within 48 hours - on cue

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Head N Shoulders, Bitchez

Hedge Jobs's picture

is this what they call "risk off"?

chump666's picture

hell yeah...now we watch Europe that has lost the plot, FX and yield trades start to react to the crap NFP number. 200 neg on the dow should knock the EUR down etc etc

firstdivision's picture

It closed with the risk basket flying up to meet just seconds before the BLS release, then both promply fell.

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Man...things are snappin' this a.m.

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The gift that keeps on giving, courtesy of momo monkeys.......

Momo Monkey - Old School Divison

chump666's picture

the ftse...hilarious, some idoit/s buying into that

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CO2 pollution certificates dropping by 7.14 % !


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 I miss robot traders herd of wildebeasts reversing direction as "risk off" is sounded! Also can someone please post the deer in the headlights photo again? I always get a kick out of it.

 I quit paying cable bills 2 years ago due to TV programming being utter crap, but I would almost pay to watch CNBC this morning as they squirm and desperately try to get the lipstick on this greased pig.

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Someday...the spread will be negative which will mean...Take the money and run

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Watch the FRN-denominated E/S go green by 2:00 p.m.! The CNBS bobbleheads are all babbling incoherently EXCEPT The Great Santelli! Hyperinflation = higher stock prices and has dick to do with the economy.

nobusiness's picture

ES Futures were down 17 to 20 points after the NFP number and now S&P is only down 13?  Where do all these buyers come from? 

HelluvaEngineer's picture

..and now we slowly close the gap.  I think I'm gonna puke.

qussl3's picture

Moral hazard market.

When gold spiked it just didnt smell right.

youALREADYknow's picture

So how long until leaks come out explaining what has replaced POMO in the past two weeks?

TexDenim's picture

Exactly!! Goldman Satan is the new Federal Reserve.

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and the slow creep back up begins. already up nearly 7 points from the lows. Would they dare close today green or near even?...Judging by the shanking the USD has taken today...I'd dare say...maybe.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Sure.  All that matters is the DOW quote on the nightly news for our country full of baby boomer shitheads. 

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guys, what instrument are you using to trade the risk basket against the ES?