Risk Snaps Higher With WTI Just Pennies Away From $100

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With just minutes away from the all important NFP number, which is now being whispered at coming 145K and higher (this number is changing, higher, by the minute), compared to consensus of 105K, risk just snapped up, with WTI leading the parade, and now trading under a dollar away from the $100 psychological barrier. If NFP comes at the ludicrous 200K+, look for WTI to close around $101 and the whole energy price inflation charade, and speculator scapegoating to start all over again.



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BRN/WTI spread is hovering back around 20. Isn't it time for the squid to come out and tell us another lulzy story about "what if"?

EDIT: Look out below. HAHA!

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LMAO +18k hhahahahahahahha what the fuck


Futures took a quick -125 drop, BTFD

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But, but, but...didn't Mr. Obama solve this problem by releasing 30 years of supply from the SPR?

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Someone got a sneak peak at the unemployment report.

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By somebody, you must mean a certain member of the FRS. Participating in the selling of futures to suckers er.. I mean punters.

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Watching NASA tv now - this is a very sad day for the idea of the west.

Although the Shuttle has been a dog since day one -  the fact that the dream has been killed by a Malthusian elite that now dominates both European and American circles is a disturbing prospect.

John Holdren must be proud of his dark dreams becoming a reality.

The Sun is setting rather then rising on this island planet.




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We will be the only generation that went into space.  For a long, long time.


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There's an alternative shadow space program already running folks.

The public is not invited to view it BUT they are invited to pay for it.

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Cognitive - most of that stuff has military applications , much like how the Shuttle was sold as a civilian programme when if fact it was driven by the DOD.

Only heavy lift is suitable for human interplanetary missions as driving 250 miles above sea level serves no real function if you want a Geologist on Mars.

Elon Musk the most capable entrepreneur on the planet in my opinion has shown tremendous ability in his quest to bypass the now politically correct bullshit that has dominated NASA since the Apollo applications project was killed

He wants to build a modern legacy F-1 engine - but he needs the money - he only needs 3 - 4 billion , chickenshit.

But he cannot get it.

Space X and indeed a seperate Governmental heavy lift project just needs a Goal , a schedule and a viable budget.

Give them both the money and may the best organisation win.

We need hope - otherwise we start to cannibalize each other.



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That's not the shadow I'm talking about. But I agree with your assessment of Elon Musk. Proves what you can do with some inspired people, some money (not a lot) and an absence of govt red tape.

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The sad thing is it does not have to be this way - if we paid industrial engineers to industrialise rather then vast numbers of financial engineers to smoothly transition to a post industrial feudal society we would have a global village on Mars already.

Nixon unlike Queen Isabella decided to burn the ships - entropy is inevitable when you believe it is inevitable.

Maybe the Pepsi max generation should have read some modern fairy tales rather then  see the sanitized Hollywood version as there is much to learn from such apparently childish tales




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Markets are going CRAZY

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as I stated yesterday, the futures being up as high as they were would be a natural short entry position. for real trading. hft silliness

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that ramp based on Obama speaking shows how willing everyone is to go long in this market...no matter what people try and say, this market is very long and has been ignoring bad data...

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sneak peak of a totally negative report apparently.  "irrational exuberance" is everywhere!

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Who whispered 145K jobs again? lol! Sounds like the goat leading the sheep to the slaughter.

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Why can't people WAKE THE FUCK UP?

Oil was in the 20s in 2000.  It hit 147 BEFORE THE PRINTING STARTED IN 2008!!

Russia has to drill 6 THOUSAND wells every year just to hold their oil extraction rate up because the old wells they already drilled go empty.

Civilization REQUIRES oil and there is not enough of it.  7 billion people is too many.  Most of them have to be removed and that's just the way it is.

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The world needs oil but not in the quanity you may think - its just that American society and to a lesser extent other western countries have a built environment structured for a certain consumption of oil.

The American Graffiti culture has been  the undoing of the USA.

If Nixon remained on the hybrid Gold standard of the time America would have had the time and therefore the planning to adjust to  a different energy structure.

But he chose the easy way which is not always the best in the long run.

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You are just simply, profoundly wrong, guy.

There are no Sunday drives with the family for entertainment anymore.  That ended decades ago.  There are 320 million people in the US.  NYC has 8 million people and it was 1 million just 100 years ago.

China bought 23 million cars last year.  They plan 27 million this year and 30+ million in 2012.  Not even 100 of them (that's 100, not 100 million or 100 thousand) will be electric.

The game is over.  There is no slack.  There is no enormous inefficiency in oil burn.  You burn, you get GDP growth.  You can't burn, you can't grow GDP.  But population doesn't care.  It keeps growing.

The party is over.  The cops are coming.  On horseback.  Four of them.

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Pure fatalism - this is why we are screwed , we give 20 trillion and counting to service exponential interest and little to nothing on less oil dependent infrastructure.

I repeat Fatalism is why we are fucked.

This present monetory system does not recognize the creation of wealth - it only sees profit on natural utilties which reduces the worlds capital over time.

If banks had 100% capital requirements they cannot extract baby.

Depletion economics is fractional economics.

Free yourself from its artificial boundaries.

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Fatalism or not, it's going to take the deaths of a lot of people to fix this shit. If we're lucky, the right people die and the nukes don't fly. If we're unlucky, I hope my family and I are together, in the hypocenter.

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Yea ,I'm scared shitless - I am merely explaing why we are F$£ked - you cannot fix a device if you do not know what the problem is.

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The roots of failure are deep.  One hundred years ago, yes 1911, there was a rural/urban/suburban electric light rail transportation network cris-crossing the eastern third of the North American continent, and many parts of the West as well, including the L.A. Basin.  It was dismantled at the behest of Standard Oil, General Motors, Firestone Tire, etc. etc. in less than 20 years.  Money rules.


The first interurbans were constructed in the 1880s, following the successful development of the electric traction motor and controller by Frank Sprague. States with numerous interurban lines were Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. States with less interurban density were Iowa, Utah, California, Texas, and Oklahoma. By 1900, just over 2,100 miles (3,400 km) of track had been laid. Mileage peaked in 1916 with over 15,500 miles (24,900 km).[3]

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Uploaded by on Jun 30, 2011

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