Robert Gibbs Stepping Down, To Become Outside Advisor To President On Re-Election Campaign

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The biggest spin master in the Obama administration, Press secretary Robert Gibbs, who obstinately had refused to answer Zero Hedge questions about the economic "recovery" in his daily tweeter sessions, has joined pretty much everybody else in dumping the titanic that is the Obama administration. There is one thing we can be sure of, however, Tim Geithner, the only man who is officially on economic retainer (yet gets about 1% the use of Goldman's Jan Hatzius when it comes to monetary and fiscal policy) will be forever by Obama's side.

From Marketwatch:

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs will leave the Obama
administration and become an outside political adviser to President
Barack Obama and his re-election campaign, the New York Times reported
Wednesday. Gibbs said he intends to leave in early February, the
newspaper reported. The White House confirmed the story.