The Rogers Retort: When Everyone Is On One Side Of The Boat, Invariably Run To The Other Side... And Buy Gold

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Any day that has Roubini making waves, means Rogers (of R'n'R dynamic duo fame) can't be far behind. Which is precisely the case today: as per the interview below, Jim is still bullish not only on dollars (a contrarian play) but on gold, which he seems to value just a tad more than spam, expecting the precious/worthless metal to hit "several thousand dollars an ounce some time in the next decade." Roubini: ball is in your court. Or maybe it is just time to let this one die.

And another interview with Rogers, this time with Bloomberg's Betty Liu. He proposes a binary outcome dependant on the world economy, and in both cases says to buy commodities.


h/t Dvolatility

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I disagree. Arming oneself is the prudent thing to do. Nobody knows how this will play out.

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Plus guns and ammo are NOT RARE.

They are fucking everywhere.  Go to Pakistan, buy an AK47 for $250.  People are stupid if they think guns will be worth what we in this idiotic "brady bill" nation have to pay for them.

Ammo is everywhere, freakin Argentines are in a collapsed society and they got LOTS of it.  Maybe not freakin high tech JHPs but sufficiently lethal ammunition is everywhere.  The messican gangs have fking anti-tank rockets for fuck's sake.

Guns for WHAT?  Personal defense, sure...but ppl who say "10% in lead and brass," whatever.  If you had $100k, you are SERIOUSLY going to spend $10k on firearms?

There has NEVER in ANY society been a shortage of guns or ammunition - EVER.

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It is time to let this one die. By Waterdog

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Mot, everythin comes back to. GLD is a short term sell and a long term buy, nuff said. Roubini/ Rogers same as the rest, only as good as their last trade, save the lot at GS, JPM, BAC, doesn't really matter if they're ever right, cuz they can't go broke anymore, and this is the fate we've all gotta live with. One big Mfing FFJ if u ask this clown.

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RubinE is just shitting on it because he doesn't have a safe large enough to store HIS wealth in gold and if all hell breaks loose there will be ZERO NEED whatsoever for fucking idiot economists like him!

He's a fiat bull, he has to be.  His entire living is predicated upon the fiction that what he teaches and spouts is real, when it's unmitigated bullshit.  If this system of keynesianism and big govs and stimulus and fiat inflation ever dies, so goes his fucking career.

Let's see him load up on ammo and Spam; what a moron.

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Maybe that wall of vagina's is his secret safe. He could like slip the coins in through the....

Never mind.

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The USD rally I forecast has started.

The daily chart is bullish.

This may be a multi year dollar rally and will affect everything else of course.


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Dollar is going to rally into $3.5T worth of debt issuance?

And if you look at the duration curve, this will be $3.5T and rolling about every freaking year.

There's no way in hell they can lock this down for 30 years