Ron Paul: "America's AAA Rating Not Worth Saving" Because "We Are Insolvent"

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How did someone make it into congress with such near truths as this?  lol

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Elected. Maybe I not understand your comment. I agree with RP. Country is broke, why rating agency's think good thing to add more debt. We watch news last night you see all the people living above their means screaming about default. It's how you know deficit needs cut.

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I think it is possible that Dreadker's comment is sarcastic, given that all the other congresspissants speak far from the truth.

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               Ron Paul = Main St




SIMPLE ENOUGH? Remember that in 2012.

now junk me, heathen bankers and globalist scum

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Ratings agencies are just as corrupt as the politicians, corporate execs and corporate run media---their only goal is money, and it is rarely good for business to do or say anything "negative".   It simply is not their interests and the only reason why Moody's is saying anything is to try and protect what little shred of integrity they have.  Of course, intelligent people know the ratings agencies are corrupt liars, but believe it or not there are still ignorant fools out there that think ratings mean something other than corrupt political theatre.

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they are all the same people they have all the same interests. Same thing as any regulatory agency these days and the industry they "regulate."

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whstlblwr, how is the kung pao chicken today?


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A 1% minority within a democratic system isn't exactly a threat.

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i bet RonPaul doesn't have a key to the Capitol-Hill private toilets anymore

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Deliver over 4000 of your constituents.

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Don't let a little thing like insolvency ruin a perfectly good credit rating.

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How do you make money on 3-4% 30 year bonds? Drop the AAA rating forcing pensions and insurance companies to sell the debt at fire sale prices. Take the face down to 20 cents on the dollar and you buy them up 4% becomes 20% for 30 years.

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At 20 cents on the dollar, the Treasury could just as easily reissue the bonds as zero coupon bonds and there you go, imputed interest generating real tax revenue and it only costs the Treasury ink and paper for the reissue.

The problem isn't the bond price,(unless you own it) its the combined interest that Uncle Sam can't pay off. The zero coupon bonds make everything dandy for the Treasury because they act like a Federal Reserve Note which also pays no interest. The zero coups are an untapped source of refunding currency.

GetZeeGold's picture 50 years we can squeeze it out of your granddaughter.

She'll be good for it......right?


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Well said RP.

Fuck Off Moody's

SEC Refuses To Sue Moody's Over Computer "Glitch" Which Inflated Ratings By 1.5-3.5 Notches On Thousands Of CDOs

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live for the moment, bitchezz!

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Repost from Cali Debt Thread...

[Doorbell rings, girl opens door]

Moody Steel: Hello, miss, did you order a ratings downgrade?

Pet Chulent: Why yes I did. Come on in.

Moody Steel: Do you want a long downgrade?

Pet Chulent: Ooooh! Really, I just want a little one until my sugar daddy comes back with another big stimulus package.

Moody Steel: Well, all I have is this AA.

Pet Chulent:'s so big and threatening. It's perfect!

Moody Steel: I thought you might like it.

Pet Chulent: Can you just wave it around without know...finishing the job?

Moody Steel: Well, we run the risk of making a mess of things, but I can give it a shot.

Pet Chulent: Let me open the curtains...I want everyone to see it.

Moody Steel: Well, aren't you a naughty little bitch?

[Cue music ]

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That's exactly the music I heard in my head when I read the post.

Down boy, down.

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Yeah, and how is that someone insolvent must raise his debt limit??

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Logic and clarity of thought are not welcome in this discussion.

Be gone heretic.

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2nd place comment reply (in context division) of the week. :)

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Moody's says 'accumulate more debt or we'll lower your credit rating'. That's some Alice in Wonderland shit right there!

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Silly rabbit, that's high finance and the 'real' world.

Only Alice had a problem with Wonderland. Maybe the problem is Alice and not them.


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Unfortunately, the Laws of Physics apply to all things in the real world, even Economics. Especially, the Laws concerning Gravity.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Not when Wonderland has created a time space distortion thingy that makes gravity transitory.

Bankster: "Live for today. That's all you got until I come to take your home and your first born. Actually, we already have you first born by the balls. So all that's left is your home and your sovereignty."

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First born indeed. Some things never change.

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If one can study 'religious texts" without confirmation bias or the actual need to 'see' in them what you want to see, then there are other possible explanations for many 'stories' we read in them.

There was a lot of turmoil in the Middle East around the time of Christ including Roman control and........wait for it.........taxes and who would and should be taxed. The Jews were promised they would not be taxed by the Romans, that any tax they paid would be used locally. Then that changed. There was currency debasement happening in the known world at that time. Rome was extended and needed money so they debased the currency and taxed like hell.

I have often wondered about the story of the taking of the first born during that night. The first born always inherited the father's property. With the first born taken, what happened to the property? I won't go into the details. But we all need to expand our ancient worldview beyond what we have been taught.  

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I have often wondered about the story of the taking of the first born during that night. The first born always inherited the father's property. With the first born taken, what happened to the property? I won't go into the details. But we all need to expand our ancient worldview beyond what we have been taught.

Well, depends, did the first born of the Egyptians have the same traditions?,because their first born were the only one's taken.

Also, if the loss of the first born did happen, it automatically went to the next born,the majority but not all.(for the Izzy's at least)

All children received a portion, lions share to first born.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Depends upon the law. Egyptian law. Roman law. Jewish law. Jewish religious law. And so on. Which law was enforced? How consistently was it enforced? Lot's of questions that are answered in the "official public myth history books" that I don't always expect to be telling me the truth.

Don't forget that what we read today is not what always actually happened. Our history books for the last 100 years state many things that are bullshit and not true. The same thing hold strue, only worse, if you go back 2,000 years. So when we read that the 'law' was this or that, it might be true and it might not be true.

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I love to read that ancient stuff. Surely there is nothing new under the sun. Except for Ron Paul! <Putting on my kevlar anti-junk armor>  

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Sorry got to do it..  It is refreshing to have people listen to Ron with  words like truthfull.  I am really tired of hearing quirky, odd, unusual, eccentric, idiosyncratic, curious, peculiar, unpredictable,  singular, fanciful, whimsical, capricious, offbeat, out there or tin foil hat descriptions.     The usury sector and "on the one hand economist"  jerk off's selling their book is disgusting.   GO GET EM RON...   MSM is holding back serious issues.   Corker shouldbe in jail and after killing s 604 last year he say "clip the wings of Fed".. How we elect guys with bond funding scandals is beyond me...  Boy Corker's up in 2012 trying to save his A$$..      You know this is the first time in year that I really think RP has a chance.. 



"The Rothschilds, and that class of money-lenders of whom they are the representatives and agents -- men who never think of lending a shilling to their next-door neighbors, for purposes of honest industry, unless upon the most ample security, and at the highest rate of interest -- stand ready, at all times, to lend money in unlimited amounts to those robbers and murderers, who call themselves governments, to be expended in shooting down those who do not submit quietly to being robbed and enslaved."


by: Lysander Spooner
(1808-1887) Political theorist, activist, abolitionist
Source: "No Treason #6" (1870)


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So all that's left is your home and your sovereignty.

You get the irony award for today.

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But what are the laws concerning black holes?

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We just need to 'Run Faster' to stay where we are.

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it takes a special type of mushroom and a phd to understand the logic

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Don't bogart those mushrooms, but keep the PhD.

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Dude, the debt limit is not the cause of the problem.  The idiotic congresspeople agree to spend on everything, agree to extend tax cuts (that's their revenue).  That is what causes debt and makes the debt reach the idiotic limit.  Household example.  You own $30k on credit cards and every month you spend $2k more than you earn.  You are commited not to own more than $32 k.  Next month you spend another 2K above what you earn, soy you reach what you are commited to.. Instead of not spending so much th next month or making a budget to correct decide to default on your credit card!!! simply brilliant how the US gov't works now!!!!

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I wish people would stop using the term revenue when talking about taxes. The correct term for stolen money (at the point of a gun) is loot. Revenue is obtained through the free exchange of commodities.

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OK, correction, the deficit is the difference between what they spend on their lavish parties and what they loot from us.

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crazy -  and best buy of all places just cancelled my card (from CHASE) and had no late payments or anything just a $1000 balance that had those 2 year 0% interest rates..  so i guess they felt they weren't ever going to make money off me so turn it off..



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Ron Paul Exclusive: Who’s Regulating Washington?

money quote....

“We have drifted because we had so much prosperity, but we can’t drift forever. We can’t live on borrowed money and printed money forever "

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Enough Already, can everyone wake up now?

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As I see it, the US debt situation is in a lose lose situation.  If Congress fails to lift the debt ceiling, debt is downgraded on the implied default.  If Congress capitulates and raises the ceiling with paultry cuts [in planned spending increases], the debt is downgraded on the unsustainable nature of spending and more accrued debt.

I don't see the exit door on any of this short of massive slashing [on the order of 50% of the entire Federal budget] in spending, and we all know Congress is too weak to take such an action.

As the brotherhood is fond of saying, and in its truthy fashion, we're screwed.  The downgrades are coming.

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Agreed ... in fact the ratings agencies said as much.

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On the surface you would think so, but considering the nature of shoddy, and/or outright fraudulent book-keeping by every single member of the bankster cartel who knows what kind of smoke and mirrors shit they will trot out next to ensure that stocks climb ever higher and the "experts" on the Blowhorn and the rest of the MSM tell us how awesome the economy is doing.


Bring on the zombie apocalypse.  I'm tired of treading water.

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You old coot, you still hanging around here? I thought the trolls had carried you off and had a feast.

Cdad's picture

I will not be giving up my front row seat on the collapsing Ponzi American system...not until my prostate gland entirely swallows my liver.  At that point, I'll have to hang it up.

Besides, I am not edible.  The toxins in my body will poison any troll trying to feast on me.

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Damn the trolls torpedoes, full speed ahead.

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To figure out the most likely outcome, just take a guess at what allows them to maintain the status quo for the longest.

My bet is it will get raised, with pathetic but 'symbolic' cuts, along with some tax increases. Next time it comes time to raise it again they'll make sure there's something a bit more interesting for the media to talk about so it just gets passed like it has the last X times.