Ron Paul Discusses Contagion, Gold, Goldman And The Fed

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The man who will soon be proven to have been right all along, Ron Paul, was interviewed on CNBC earlier discussing topics such as the Greek contagion, Goldman Sachs, surging gold and, of course, the Fed. Asked if this is just the beginning, the response is "Yes, this shouldn't surprise anybody, how long should we have been anticipating this? I have anticipated it since 1971, because the system that replaced Bretton Woods was an unviable system and this is proving the point, so this is the unwinding of the system and until we replace it with something you are going to continue to see this... You can't correct the problem of debt with creating more debt, expecting the Fed to endlessly create more money and credit. We are in for a lot more trouble as far as I can see." Can we grow our way out of this debt? "You'd have to cut taxes drastically and cut spending drastically. Politically you can't do that. People will resort to more spending, more deficits and more inflation of the money supply. If you see a GDP number go up, it is about equivalent to the money we have created - you don't have any more growth than the artificial stimulus of the money that we put in. We have not allowed the liquidation of debt, we have not allowed the elimination of the malinvestment still in the system."

Ron also says anger at Goldman should be focused at the Fed: "When the history of this time is written people will say - how in the world did they believe that a few people in a secret room can decide what interest rates should be, how much the money supply should be, who should fail, what worthless assets taxpayers have to buy. It is absolutely bizarre."

Lastly, Ron has a word of caution against those politicians who time after time vote to retain the Fed's secrecy: "The Fed is a big issue and those individuals in the Senate who votes against auditing the Fed, there will be a political price to pay for that just as much as those who voted for the bail out. Right now those who vote to enhance the Fed will get punished politically because the people are waking up and they realize that the Fed is the culprit."

Not surprisingly, Ron Paul is not too happy with the handling of the Vitter amendment. Yet Paul's conclusion is most insightful: "The markets are more powerful than governments, the markets are even more powerful than the Fed. We fixed the price of gold at $35 for years, but we knew the market couldn't sustain it. We knew the Bretton Woods agreement would break down. This is why we knew in 2000 that the dollar would crash in measurement toward gold."

Paul shuts up Becky Quick who makes fun of his bearishness on the market by saying he bought gold at $35, using the system against itself. "I am on a reserve gold standard, and I don't feel that badly about that, because my reserves are in pretty good shape, because I knew in 1971 that paper would lose its value. Now the gold surge recently as people are discovering that they are really printing money. You can expect a lot more price inflation."

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Ron Paul's unfortunate tombstone:

Right, but still lost.

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Sorry Ron, the contagion started in the US in 2007 when US consumers were unable to request the commerial banks new credit at the rate needed.  As the reserve currency of the world that contagion has spread throughout the world.  The amount of new credit(which is actually negative) is unable to service the prior credit expansion. 


Update: sorry hh I was not responding to you, accidently responded to your post.


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Is it just me, or do these CNBC videos just simply SUCK?!

WHY do they not just download and run like a YouTube video?  Instead, I have to let it download for several minutes just to watch 20-30 seconds of it at a time ---- and if I let it download a bit too long, it resets to the beginning every time!  What the fuck is up with this?  Am I the only one who experiences this?

Hey CNBC ---- your videos are SHIT!

CB's picture

"Hey CNBC ---- your videos are SHIT!"

ha ha ha. 

ditto, CNBC, ditto.

JohnKing's picture

Ron Paul's unfortunate tombstone:

Right, but still lost.


You haven't been paying attention:

Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

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Where I am, the basis for Paul's ligitimacy is just now beginning to be picked up  by the general public.  IMO, Paul correctly identifys the start of the problems resulting eventually with the rapid inflation of the late 70's with the steps taken during the Kennedy-Johnson era.


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That sounds great, but a telephone poll is not a primary or a general election. The respondents, not yet conditioned by mass-media psychological assault techniques, were speaking their own minds. That will be corrected before any real ballots are punched. First step: reduce all meaningfull issues to simple slogans that connect with people's deepest, most vulnerable emotions: hope, fear, and hate. Next step: use political war chests (now free of any constraints) to flash these slogans day and night across the retinas of the electorate via saturated television buys. (Remember: you can fool all the people most of the time, which is enough to get the job done.)

Lastlly, Mr Paul would have no chance in primaries where he would be crushed between old-guard Republicans and Palin-captured tea party doppelgangers. And no independent has come even close in any recent presidential election. I know many ZH folk believe the American people have finally had enough and are ready to take back their country. Unfortunately they are a self-selected minority and do not represent the impressionable mass of the voting public.

I take no joy in expressing these gloomy thoughts. I really hope I am wrong - but I don't think so.

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This is all solved with the creation of a 3rd party led by Ron Paul.


downrodeo's picture

That is, if they decide to even hold elections in 2012. I mean, what if elections threaten national security?

Dirtt's picture

Palin is only capturing a "Palin following."  There may be crossover but don't be too quick to slap that title.

A November Revolution is not something anyone can put their finger on because there are multiple elements at work which only need to share one common goal.  Throw all of Congress out.

We'll figure out the next step after that. Putting the shackles on Rahm Emanuel is a common goal for 80% of the USA.

Ripped Chunk's picture

Wait until after the November 2010 incumbent bloodbath. Re-set, start taking these polls again in summer 2011.

You can see that the only thing selling in DC this fall will be Depends.

Carl Spackler's picture

I concur.  Wait until after the reset button has been pushed in November 2010.

Then, let the 2012 presidential prognostications begin.

Ripped Chunk's picture

It will be fun to watch the about face followed by the whining and pleading right before they are sent packing.

November incumbent bloodbath.  I can't say it enough.


Fraud-Esq's picture

He got some audit action and his stock is certainly on the rise. 

F the presidency. Real reform takes challenging the system's institutions.

He made doing that more mainstream.

That's a big win isn't it? 

Martel's picture

Ron Paul's unfortunate tombstone: Right, but still lost.

If he lives 10-15 years more, he will see his opinions vindicated 100%. Actually he's already vindicated, but by then the mainstream will acknowledge that, too. However this does not mean the U.S. would smarten up. Most probably it will be the same circus with a different name.

JohnKing's picture

We need open source currency. Fuck the Fed and its toilet paper.

jbowman's picture

Toy-lay paper?  Toy-lay paper!!??

tip e. canoe's picture

it's all monopoly money anyway, so why not?

MyFriendMises's picture

I might start to believe that things can change if he could ever get elected.  Otherwise the game is over.  Sadly though, the game is most likely over.

Mako's picture

Instant collapse if Ron Paul was put in office, it's going to happen anyway but it would be instant if he were in office.   The game has been over before you were born.

The solution is coming.

- Collapse

- Liquidation

- Humans then have a choice, most likely choice will be rinse and repeat

MyFriendMises's picture

I agree completely.  Change can only happen through complete failure.  I just would rather it happen sooner than later.  That way maybe my children have a chance.

Mako's picture

Humans have choice.  The problem is humans keep making the same choice and expecting different results. 

The change can only happen when humans pick a different choice, until that time:

- system expands

- system stops expanding at the rate needed

- system peaks

- system collapses

- system liquidates

- humans have choice, most likely rinse and repeat

There will probably be a lost generation or two this time, unfortunately.   I love his stance on limited government, but he were put in office the mob will come looking for him when the system completely collapses.

JohnKing's picture

The collapse already happened, they are only busy now with shifting the cost of it to the people.

Mako's picture

If you think the collapse has already happend, you are in for one rude ass awakening. 

What has "collapsed" is the US consumers request for new credit, the system has not collapsed yet, it will in due time. 

The people are always the one to feel the pain, there is no such thing as "corporation", it's a fiction.   A corporation or government enterprise doesn't feel anything.

Humans continue to live in a world of "fictions" then complain when the "fictions" disappear. 

Common_Cents22's picture

Our disaster is searching for a patsy.  Who will it be?   Each guy runs on grandiose plans and when they get into office they are shocked by the reality, and end up kicking the can down the road hoping it doesn't fall apart on their watch.  I wouldn't want to run in 2012 unless the TSHTF before then.

Mako's picture

Couldn't agree more, that is what is going on right now.

It's not the system, it's the banker, it's the stupid overleveraged homeowners, it's the regulators, it's this or that.

No it's not, it's the system.

hbjork1's picture


IMO, depends on when he was born.  A different approach during the Kennedy-Johnson era would have resulted in different outcomes.  But, then, Kennedy would not have had the legacy that he has today.

One problem was the high expectations that the people growing up in the relative real prosperity post WWII.  The concept of personal gratification NOW as a right was driving attitudes about what was acceptable.


thrashaholic's picture

I disagree, but let's say that you're right. I'd still rather have someone like Ron Paul - who is prepared for the collapse, and, IMO as "something like an ancap that votes mostly Libertarian", has the correct solutions on the table.

Dirtt's picture

Bring it on.

A return to Survival of the Fittest rather than Survival of the Leanest would be welcome.  Somewhere along the way being lean and being fit got confused.

You can have zero body fat but if you thought some wet-behind-the-ears lawyer from Chicago with zero executive experience would be a great entry level experiment at 1600 PA Ave THEN YOU ARE NOT FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anony's picture

He talks way too much. We shouldn't be angry at Lord Blankfein??  What the fuck is he talking about?

This guy loses me more and more.

MyFriendMises's picture

What he is talking about is that by criticizing Goldman and the other banks the powers that be have once again succeded in diverting our attention.  The most important change needs to be at the Fed.  Critizing Goldman is treating the symptoms and not the cause.  

black_furry_dog's picture

I agree Darth Blankfein is just the largest and best example of what the fed as enabled, ultimately GS would not exist if it was not for the Fed.

Ripped Chunk's picture

Thanks My Friend & Blackie.

Our enemy is a large group of criminals. Mostly unknown names. Not the few the press puts out there for the public to hate.

November incumbent bloodbath. Send them packing. 

Crime of the Century's picture

We shouldn't be angry at Lord Blankfein??

Without the Fed, Goldman would already be choking on their own cooking...

Carl Spackler's picture


Goldman would have gotten that AIG bone stuck in their throat...the equivalent of balance sheet asphyxiation.

Pegasus Muse's picture

He is saying the problem systemic.  It's much larger than the Squid and Wall Street.

See today's piece at The Daily Bell (my bold): 

"... we will continue to fight the good fight to focus the alternative press and its viewers on the single most powerful problem facing the world today. That problem is not government itself, not even the power elite and their fear-based promotions. The problem at the root of it all is mercantilism – the ability of private enterprise to seize the levers of government power and through the passage of laws and regulations guarantee formidable profits for themselves and their associates."

ZackAttack's picture

Ron Paul commits the cardinal sin of our era... he doesn't look good on TV. He's unelectable.

Too bad the party handlers seem to be want to focus on packaging an intellectual prostitot like Palin as Bible Spice and whoring her out.

Double down's picture

Our era is ending, he is the new beginning.

nevadan's picture

Sadly that is all too true.  Charisma over substance is the order of the day.

Assetman's picture

Palin... what make it all so silly is that she is simply unelectable.

You can "package" he three weeks till Thurday... and she'll fall way short of the votes needed.  She has a core group of followers, but everytime she opens her mouth, she persuades another core group NOT to vote for her.

I think the above observation on Ron Paul is correct, though.  Do you want collapse now?  Or collapse later?

When it all comes right down to it, Americans may just avoid major pain by (again) voting for empty promises.

JohnKing's picture

The system has already collapsed, they are just painting it over, the whitewash is the equities (401k) market but that can't last.

Ragnarok's picture

Wow, you couldn't have it more wrong.  Palin is not the GOP establishment candidate, they hate her too.  The establishment candidate was and still is Romney.  A big gov't republican who looks good on TV.]


Palin is to the GOP as Flavor Flav was to Public Enemy.

black_furry_dog's picture

Palin is the GOP's bling bling... i love it!!! 

Ragnarok's picture

Don't believe the hype, yeah boy!

Ripped Chunk's picture

Then I guess it is only a matter of time until she is publicly disgraced in a way so complete and so disgusting that decorum prohibits listing it here.

In the meanwhile she will continue her assignment as litmus tester to help in the research which will be vital in the construction of the summer media assault on the Dems.

November incumbant bloodbath. I can't say it enough.


Ragnarok's picture

She's great at motivating voters, why don't they fire Steele's ass and make her RNC chair. I believe that to be her true caling.

seventree's picture

Ron Paul commits the cardinal sin of our era... he doesn't look good on TV.

That's one sin. Another is saying what he believes, even if nobody wants to hear it.