Rosenberg On The Illusion Of Prosperity, The 7 Biggest Downside Risks, And The Fed's Third Mandate: "Higher Equity Valuations"

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get the Dow to 36,000

Get the Russell 2000 to 36,000

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Prosperity is illusory, rise of the Brown Shirts 2.0 wont be.

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You heard it here first. Now go buy some Apple stock and then go home and have a glass of wine. Get Laid. Watch some football...Bens got ya covered

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insanity that Bennie believes the market is the economy. the 43 million on food stamps BEG to disagree.

do you think we have tax riots or food riots here first?

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In reality, keeping the economy afloat does require the market to go to 36k. What would happen if the market tanked, like it should have? Do you think we'd still be talking about pensions and states and city budgets being tight and defaulting? We'd have had that already happen. This is really the only play that idiot has. If the market isn't supported, the coluntry goes down immediately.


Now, to this I'd say, I don't agree with a freakin thing he's doing. The risk has not been removed. It's been prolonged. The people get shafted and the banks get rich. For the life of me, I don't understand why the US is not storming the palace demanding it stop.

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Wanger's US Business Report News Flash in 3, 2, 1....

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About 25% overall facing foreclosure:

The equity markets are at a complete disconnect with reality.

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Across the board debt cancellation, followed by restoration of the gold standard.  Both to be done by constitutional amendment.  I've drafted one.  It probably needs work, but I think the basics are there.

This would basically be pushing the economic "reset" button.  Everyone and everything would be instantly solvent - nobody would owe anybody anything.  Everybody keeps anything they currently have that isn't owed to them by someone else. 

Then we start over with a clean slate.  Gold/asset money.  No central bank.

The last "bottom-up" constitutional amendment push was probably prohibition, which of course didn't work out too well.  All the amendments since were pretty much elite pet issues concerning this or that. 

In the US we're supposed to be self governing.  In theory, if enough people want to amend the constitution it could get done.

In any case I could post the draft amendment on the blog if enough people are interested.



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ben isnt stupid. he knows our financial institutions are insolvent. he knows millions (primarily the poor) are suffering from his reckless policies.  despite this knowledge he has chosen his course to enrich and small group of banks.

at some point he will give an account

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That is his whole game plan indeed. Ben knows he is not popular in his economic policies. The Fed prefers to remain unpopular in its shenanigans as Kennedy called it in his June 1963 speech. However, to the Fed, civil unrest towards its operations are becoming or reaching an extreme. With that, what actions would you take to perceive the public the best. Think about it, the Fed is flat destoying everything about our economy in a fast track to doom since all they do is blow bubbles that burst. They are suppose to regulate as well but we know what gets regulated. It opens up their options to make one ponder the events leading up to thier demise, or to make people think they that were indeed needed.

The Fed has created their own insurance policy with the perception of the people thinking that if the economy does collapse; it was because of the Fed's reckless policies. So we should let Ben continue until they are proven failures through their own actions. Because if the people get together and oust the Fed, then the Fed would just say, we were not allowed to continue our policies to restore the economy back to health. Failure. If they are allowed to continue to the end and it fails, then the Fed policies since 1971 have been ruiness to our economy for over 40 years. Either way, the Fed has made themselves viewed as needed either way. Especially, since we already know that the Fed is a worthless self serving organization and the correct policy is to end the Fed no matter what transpires. Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act now.

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JPM wins again.

Never fight City Hall.

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If you want to be a part of the criminal syndicate, go ahead. Don't expect those with a working conscience to join you, tho.

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no CSTR or ARMH charts today?

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It's over Johnny  It's over !

Nothing is over ! Nothing !

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That report sure gave my FAS a boner!  It's been on Viagra since August.  Just wish I had more. 

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jpm won after they lost. only in robot's world is a 10% win after a 70% loss a victory.

oh i get it! he uses bank accounting for determining success.

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Can I pay my taxes with my dog's AMEX ? 

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Yes, of course. Do you think that pooch would mind if I also borrowed it to buy some silver?

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Just another equity/crb bubble, it's all they can do. Perpetual boom n bust.

Did you see the video of Dimon scurrying into his Bldg like a  Something is up he's been a busy rodent lately.  

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Said he didn't like munis. Didn't want to be wrong when the shitstorm comes.

consumer sent. weak. can you buy 40s w/food stamps?

green shoots everywhere.

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actually at 28 silver, i expect to open up and put the rest of my kid's money in silver......and take delivery.

fuck 'em, and thanks for the bargain. that's another 5K of silver they won't see back in the market place for a good ten years.

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"Stature" is the word you were looking for.

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We'll get there after QEXXX.

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Kyle Reese: Then why am I talking to you? Who is an authority here?

Dr. Silberman: Please, I...

Kyle Reese: [interrupts again] Shut up! [looks into the camera]

Kyle Reese: You still don't get it, do you? He'll find you! That's what he does! It's ALL he does! You can't stop him! He'll wade through you! He'll reach down your throat and tear your fuckin' heart out!

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and all the illegal HFT activities get ignored as long as the market is going up, so the scam can continue, because if it falls then it is a wobbly deck of cards just like the housing bubble

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How he (Benny B.) had the balls to stand in front of small biz and tout his crap is beyond me. Guy has some balls when all of his efforts are to move Big banks and Big business higher but says to the crowd just the opposite.

At what point does all of the money printing fall in and destroy the game completely? How long can value be maintained upon endless cycles of dilution?

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when the majority of humans, not the majority of the money gets off the life support and starts realizing that the government of the people is a sham and the coporation rules all because if businesses do good - "we" benefit from it. Easier just to call the non-confomists a bunch of tinfoil hat weirdos.

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Indeed. I really find it hysterical that as this market is beginning to exhibit signs of the run in the late 90's, fools (read: Wall Street strategists) are happy to play along all while the underlying economy reflects NONE of the faux strength that we had at that time. Pure and simple, as has been uttered here time and again: BTFD.    

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And look at that . Futures/equities shake off another Chinese RRR hike , disappointing retail sales and a drop in the University of Michigan confidence number . The intraday/intra-hour "buy the dip" crowd win again . Really , isn't this getting just a bit out of hand ?

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It's actually easier for them now that the

only buyers are the PDs, the hedgies,

Robo, and Wanker. Maybe 200

participants or so.

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I was actually just thinking that the other day . Given that volume has been in a steady downtrend since the 2009 market bottom , and given that retail investors continue to leave equities , you have to wonder if there really is going to be a big sell off .  I don't think PD's would be as prone to panic selling as your average ma/pa investor .

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And the banksters are now rolling around on the floor laughing at the few still trading on fundamentals.. shouting HA HA HA, we got them again the suckas

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Awesome. CSTR down %24 in one day and Yahoo Finance lists Coinstar as 'Bullish'.

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Rosie is so polite. He never calls it

for what it is......a ponzi fraud.


pat53's picture

Sounds like 'ole "wrong-way Rosie" is getting desperate... LOL probably heard he might be getting a big pink slip soon... dope !

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Stay tuned. When one is running

a ponzi fraud, it depends on new money.

Now that Ben has openly let the cat

out of bag, participation will decline

as word gets around.

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Kyle Reese: ....It was the machines, Sarah.

Sarah Connor: I don't understand.

Reese: Network computers. New... powerful... hooked into everything, trusted to run it all. They say it got smart, a new order of intelligence. Then it saw all people as a threat, not just the ones on the other side. Decided our fate in a microsecond: extermination.

Sarah Connor: Did you see this?

Kyle Reese: No. I grew up after. In the ruins... starving... hiding from HFTs.

Sarah Connor: HFTs?

Kyle Reese: High Frequency Terminators. Aerial and ground patrol machines built in automated factories. Most of us were rounded up, put in camps for orderly disposal.

Kyle Reese: [Pulls up his right sleeve, exposing a mark] This is burned in by laser scan. Some of us were kept alive... to work... loading bodies into dumpsters and incinerators. The disposal units ran night and day. We were that close to going out forever. But there was one man who taught us to fight, to storm the wire of the camps, to smash those metal motherfuckers into junk. He turned it around. He brought us back from the brink.

His name is Durden. Tyler Durden. Your son, Sarah, your unborn son.

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I love that movie.  Could watch it over and over.  Maybe we end up similarly, albeit after a different kind of Apocalyse.

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funniest thing I've read on ZH for awhile

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"I found there to be a vast majority of folks who believe that Bernanke will “do as many QE’s as he wants”. Well, maybe. Or maybe not. He faces different congressional oversight (the Fed is now being audited for crying out loud)..."

Since when is the Fed being audited??

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Openly acknowledging stock market

manipulation will turn out to be a

mistake only an academic could make.

Any y'all know who I'm talkin about.

Pullmyfinger's picture

That would have been true in the past, but we're not in Kansas anymore. A 'banker' could shoot a consumer advocate in the face in broad daylight today and it would just get swept under the rug with a new legislative proposal to make it legal.