Rosenberg Joins Chorus Of Those Accusing Bernanke Of Asset (Read Stock) Price Targeting

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'Accusations of price targeting'? I thought theyve admitted freely thats what theyre doing.

Forget all this stuff people, watch out for the false flag attack soon. All Im sayin, just watch out and dont have anything parked in markets youll never see it again.

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What are you talking about.  I'm tired of sound bite ZH chicken littles.

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'Chicken Little' therefore youre saying 'all is well'...ok good luck with that!

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I hate disturbing the hens but the wolf isn't at the door - he's already inside. In every town across this nation. Heavily funded, and heavily armed - there is no question our border is wide open. Wonder what it will be like when the cartels are still funded and our local police force isn't. Americans will buy drugs until they are unavailable at any price.

11/4/2010 5:41:32 AM ET


ACAPULCO, Mexico — In another grisly turn in Mexico's drug war, police have recovered 18 bodies from a mass grave announced in a YouTube posting — a video saying the victims were from a tourist group kidnapped in Acapulco a month ago.


Mass killings have become more frequent amid raging, drug-fueled violence in Mexico. In the most horrifying attack, 72 migrants were massacred in northern Mexico near the border city of Matamoros in August, apparently because they refused to work for the Zetas drug gang.

It's just surreal, ain't it!

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McDonald's "Dollar Menu" to be repriced to $1.50 per item.  Homeless bums enraged!

Future headlines "Un-happy Meals now $10."  Soccer moms surround suburban McDonalds with mini vans and SUV's in protest of the new pricing!


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Yep and $3 gas here today will soon be replaced by $7 gas before year end. Hey Im just recalling what Obama himself said a few months ago.

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What was it The Won said about gas prices?

All I remember him talking about the past few months was who got to drive the car and who had to sit in the back seat with their Slurpees.

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the only stocks not already pricing in Bennie's lunacy are the gold and silver stocks. Most are where they were when gold was 700

why is this happening?

uh, dunno....maybe we should ask JPM, and ask how they've also sat on the HUI for the past couple of years

anyone want some EXK? its about where it was when silver hit 9.

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Dollar is not tanking today, just more tinkering I guess. I do like energy, but thats about it.

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'Dollar not tanking from 76.4 to 75.6'...ok...everyone keep chasing stocks higher you might even get lucky and match parity.

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"Not tanking?" OK, it is in decline, rolling over, etc, on the way to the choir invisible. Gold at 1380, silver at 25.60. Perhaps paper and ink prices will increase even faster than PMs.

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I guess thats the key play, buy ink and paper futures! Sure glad the US LOLar isnt tanking over or anything. Rolling over, falling, swooning etc are the correct terminology I guess.

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Expiring is spot on. The dollar is expiring so slowly that the public can't figure it out and the media can't report on such a slow process, even though its fatal to its viewers

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Bernanke admits freely and openly that he is targeting asset prices, so I don't really see the big deal of someone "accusing him" of doing what he openly admits to himself.

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No shit they're steepening the curve.

They've only been able to perpetuate the myth of TBTF solvency by handing said banks free $ through the discount window to reinvest in treasuries. The flattening curve has wrought havoc on this trade and lessened its effectiveness.

HellyBenny buys 5-7 year and less maturities is a double win for the TBTFs. Clearly, its exactly what he's trying to do.

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DDDUUUHHH !!  LOL  Rosenberg is just figuring it out now that the FED has been targeting stock prices  !!! ?  What an idiot ! Needless to say, the rally in equities has NOT fully priced in QE2, if it had, we wouldn't be up 200 today. Wrong again Rosy !! Why does ANYONE listen to this moron, he has done nothing but make incorrect forecast for the markets for months now. Do the opposite of this fool and you'll make money !  LOL

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And these are considered the 'SMART' people pat!  <:P

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Nothing is "price in"! The fed is going to pump in 100 bil. a month, hell it's going to take a major act of congress to cut that much from discretionary spending for the year! 

SheepDog-One's picture

Pumping 100 billion of what though, rapidly declining $US LOLars? OK we'll see how that ends.

All_Is_Well's picture

Totally agree. Goes to show what a joke and total disconnect from reality this is.

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The purpose of the $100B a month is so Congress *doesn't* have to cut discretionary spending. The amount of QE2 over the next 8 months matches pretty closely the expected amount of deficit spending by the US.

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Agreed. Rosie keeps predicting the collapse is imminent, and when the Fed blindsides him again, he then decides "the Fed is all in now" or "the Fed is out of bullets." Then when he's blindsided again, he snarkily critiques the move, because, you see, he'd be right if only the Fed didn't intervene. Rosie should stick to what he knows -- predicting the collapse of the Canadian housing market in 2009-2010 and the Candian economy with it. Oh, wait, that didn't happen either.

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Hmmm, I could do this but maybe one of you (us) has it...

What does the DJX chart look like using Gold-as-money? i.e. inflation adjusted stocks vs their 'worth' in gold at spot.  Or am I wasting my time?  My weak thesis is stocks are experiencing inflation, not growth.  Therefore there must be better ways to hedge inflation other than equities (obviously).

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Of course.  Commodities (DBA) and value retailers for do-it-yourselfers (AZO, AAP) are beating the index.  But for how long............?

I hate trading on blatent manipulation because it's obvious the punch bowl is spiked, yet the clock has no hands.  The door out is a very thin market that will shut down entirely if the herd panics.  The macro picture is painting a bleak picture, even though the micro picture is being used to justify dividend yields of around 2%.  It's clearly speculation that will eventually end when greater fools can not be found. 

Insiders are (still) going to cash:

Clearly the driving force behind the markets is not insiders or the public.  I wonder who is on the buy......... would you trust a bankster to take the other side of your trade when they already unloaded their 2% bag on you? 


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Any one for dead parrots? because that's what this is..

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This coxxucker makes the arrogant assumption that there are many citizens left speculating in the stock market after the recent fed-inspired crash.  And should they want to, with who's freaking money?  What a miscreant.

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This idea that this insanity continues unabated for years is pure horseshit. Thats what theyd like everyone to believe, but someone (China) will step in and stop it. Thats what we'll see, an external force black swan, not internal.

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I keep asking why China hasn't taken the hit and done it already. Is there an explanation for this from someone who comprehends that delicate situation better than I do?

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China has seen a huge gain in the price of its US Treasury holdings, purchased when rates were higher. They sold a lot of them off in the past quarter, so they are probably still above water re: Treasuries. The cash flow from American consumers keeps China's investment and FX accounts going forward, until they don't. At that point, the PLA hopes to be able to run on the domestic demand in the Chinese slave labor economy.

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so basically we're right in the middle of a cluster fuck as our demand drops and their labor starts to demand higher pay?

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ZH Please stop sending Rosenberg articles. This assclown has been dead wrong for a long time. He belongs in the scrap heap along with Roubini, Whitney etal.

No Mas's picture

If your suggestion were followed, this site would increase its credibility.

Right now, the majority of consensus of this board, with the exception of gold and silver, has just been wrong.

Rosie is just one who seems to write what ZH'ers want to hear.  For that reason, I would guess he will remain a staple without regard to his predictive accuracy.  You know, preaching to the choir is a very easy and lucrative business. 

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Assuming monetary inflation can press assets higher and inspire virtual spiral is locked in "ice age" thinking that the US still owns the monopoly on consumption (oil). As the credit destruction decimates demand at the margin and presses down overvalued discretionary to include housing the inflating base money wil chase up at an accelerating rate nondiscretionary. Mako may be correct about the math which is likely why economists jettisoned the numbers in favor of behavior factors long ago  

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of course it's asset price targeting.  if it's inflation that they wanted, all they'd have to do is go back to calculating it as they did before!  see

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Go ahead.  Please please tell me that the GM IPO will be a failure.

Robotrader?  Anyone?

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Yes I guess the FED will buy all of GM IPO, wow thats going to be great. Soon the FED will own everything in the country, pleases reference France/England war and what Rothschild did there. Spread the rumor France had won, England markets crashed 95%, Rothschild bought everything...rumor reversed to England won and Rothschild owns England. 

Same deal here, just with HFT computers and a way stupider population.

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FED and their PD minions are going to buy everything.  That's how it works.  The object of the bankster game is for them to own everything at the end, with your very life at their mercy....

It's a game spread across generations.  Never trust a serpent when he speaks soothing words.  He's a liar and a thief, and will prey on your innate human desire to trust, and think everything is going to be OK.

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The insanity will end next week, it's no coincidence that Obama's going to India with all the government and 34 warships while the G-20 meets in Seoul.
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I think youre right, something big comin and it all changes in a few days, not month after month monetizing. Somethin big is on deck.

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"The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan." -- Ronald Reagan

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How to stimulate the economy the easy way: take that $750 billion and divide it equally between everyone with a social security number. Instant stimulus. The Nobel prize committee can send my check now.

gerd's picture

what's that, $2,500 each?!

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FED banksters want inflation, but inflation is not about prices, it is about control.  This is how the game works:  they get the money first.  Then you have to buy the commodities they acquired as they ring the cash register.  Kachingo.  You lose.

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Job 1 for the Fed is not jobs. Job 1 is getting stock prices higher for their Wall Street patrons. There is no Job 2. How has this ever been different in the history of this elitist organization?

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Rosenberg doesn't want to talk the dirty secret. the thing that has to be asked is who will this help the big financials, their future potential suits, etc.

remember the gaol of the fed is to cover for the baks so they can earn their way out of this. does this mena they now borrow from the fed, buy the long bond and earn record spreads to increase profits.

I don't know, but what I do know is that despite of all the fed says it is always about bailing out the banks and nothing more. so figure out this and you have the reason.

they ask the pomo how big the QE needs to be. this is because they know they actually size of the hole in their balance sheets based on real market values. So the fed then gives them what they need. simple as that.



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And now you're all going to witness a nation in the vice grip of biflation. 

It's the Fed's nightmare, the black swan that they never expected because it doesn't even exist in their textbooks. And the politicians don't get it for sh*t sure. 

In fact QE2 couldn't have set up the situation more perfectly: not only will they get their wet dream of paper-asset inflation (stocks, bonds and commodities), but they've just locked in the ultimate deflation too! Watch in shock and awe as capital goes flying off to foreign nations in search of anything not nailed down: currencies, sovereign bonds, corporate debt, stocks, villas, condos, farm land, arable land, food stores, supermarkets, undeveloped real estate, oil wells, gold mines, rare earth pits, sweat shops, high tech start ups, and any kind of hard asset.

They'll be chartering C-130s to carry all the cash overseas. 

And along with the capital, jobs. Offshoring of the US economy will continue and amplify. Undeterred. 

And so that sets up the ultimate biflationary grip here in the US: surging cost inputs with deflating demand. 

For businesses this means eroding margins (happening already). Only way for corporations to weather the storm is to shift focus overseas. 

For individuals that means more declining incomes, net worth, job and advancement opportunities and real estate values in the context of rising cost of living. No wealth effect. Just constrained consumers unable to support a rise in net demand. 

Add in a Congress hellbent on "austerity" and we're going Bi, big time! 

Only PMs can shelter your net worth, savings, and wealth. I advise everyone to take their tax cut checks and run...don't stick it in Gold and Silver before it evaporates.

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Until death do us part.

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People buy stuff because 1) they have a job and are confident in that source of income moving forward and 2) they have access to credit.

The wealth effect is a joke, and doesn't apply to 95% or more of the population.

Meanwhile input costs will rise and further shrink profits everywhere.

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All this talk and speculation is nice. We pretty much have a good idea what he's doing and why. The big question the hell do they unwind all this? There is no freakin way. When that day comes, I'm hiding.