Rosenberg On The Probability Of Another QE Round

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Got ammo?

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Does being long cotton and gold count?

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Only if it is your farm and in your safe...

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like anywhere else... how well are you plugged in? how much security can you carry, beyond the conventional? are you worth more alive to them or dead?

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JW in essence is pointing out that DIVERSIFICATION is very important.  Real diversification across all kinds of asset classes.

-- precious metals & commodities

-- guns & ammo

-- stocks, bonds, cash

-- real estate 

-- money / investment overseas

-- out of debt

Throw in some alertness and agility with the above, and you should be OK.

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You forgot about having a rock solid group of friends and family that will cover your back,  tend to your wounds or walk point if needed. 

Attn: Government trolls,  the above is all metaphors

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you forgot porn and motorcycle tires. FIFY

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Don't forget a stash of canned food. Corned Beef Hash, dinty moore stew,

and Spam keep forever. Incidentally, here's another cartoon about local bank

fraud involving a TARP recipient bank.

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Dapper, lunatic, bond,

Quite correct, not a complete list.  Add:

-- food

-- first aid kit & pharmaceuticals

-- other survival stuff

-- farm land

-- Etc.

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Thanks! you have been here long enough to know where my family is going of the shit gets iffy... (ish)... but having a way to get what is really important, REALLY IMPORTANT!! like family, lil ones.. the women... thats where its really at... if you dont have a sucession plan, get one.


Being a Boy Scout, seriously ALL! please be prepared for any and everything... SERIOUSLY!


That does not mean quit your job and dig a bunker... it means go work, be productive... try to carry the weight of all those out of work ignorant fucks... but if the police force(s) start to suffer to, too much so will over all quality of life. Thusly protection for those who are not really of a solid awarness. the list keeps going and going and fucking going... but PLEASE EVERYONE! have a plan "B".

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Harry Wanger says:

"We are all Citi, Bank of America, JP Morgues & Vampire Squids, now!

Whether lean or fat, flush or busted, we Unite for Truth, Justice & The New Amerikan Way! 

Strength through Unity! Unity through faith!

War is Peace! Ignorance is Strength!"

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And, and...Freedom from Harry is slavery. (Wait, did I just say that.)

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Just look what is going on around you, they're showing that they are ready for you with your ammo and guns. Maybe they're not really ready that's why all those displays of power.

Just look at at Toronto today, thousands of police marching, millions of dollars spent and for what? One policeman died on duty, killed by plough, and I know that police job is not the easiest one but at the same time half of them are so corrupt. So what is the purpose of that display?

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You hear that? That's the sound of inevitability.

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So we should buy the Apple dip?

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Already 10 pts. off its low today. It was an easy BTD. My guess is, they put out the Jobs news yesterday for several reasons but one was they knew the earnings would be a blowout so any drop in stock price would be recovered AH. So yes, BTD!

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Yes - They knew last qtr was going to be a blowout also. Guess what? Dropped 20 points after earnings announcement. You'd deserve it if it happens again.

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You missed the point. They manufactured the "sell off" before earnings. They would not have made the Jobs announcement yesterday if they weren't going to announce blow out earnings. That's why the stock rallied hard off of its low today.

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I refuse to buy if it ain't a Heluva Good dip.

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Yes, BTFD. It is rumored that unlike gold, which every shill knows is not collectible, you CAN actually eat IPads.

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No doubt in my mind there will be a QE3 and beyond until we are firmly generating self-sustaining growth. While we are seeing hints of that in the data now, it's going to take more stimulus to create an organic growth cycle. Whether that takes QE3, 4 or 5, it will happen. It's just a matter of time and patience.

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They are still waiting in Japan and Zimbabwe. Show me one time in history that a central bank created self sustaining growth by buying government debt.

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+ $1365 Spitzer

I ain't buying what the Fed and .gov are selling.  Neither should anyone else here.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Because .... 

World reserve currency status - ( They did not have this honor ).

International Finance - ( Derivatives ) How will they swap out our/global dollar positions/Forex - Dollars.

International pricing currency for products traded on a global market ( letters of credit ) and commodities ( oil, gold, ect, ect ... )

We borrow at a better rate because of this.

Network externalities.

2/3 of foreign exchange reserves in dollars over last 10 years.

Dollar denominated debt forces host countries to continue purchasing treasuries because if they do not, the currency will soar' crushing the manufactures and banks.

Global businesses continue borrowing in dollars 24/7/360.

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The British had the world reserve currency status so ^ all of that muttering doesn't wash.


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If you QE forever -- which is the plan -- there's your sustaining. No need for organic growth, ever. Free money for the monied class. As for the middle class and below, well, the ones we are forced to see around 33 Liberty seem to be doing just fine selling us pretzels and delivering our lunches.

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#. Whether that takes QE3, 4 or 5, it will happen. It's just a matter of time and patience.

are you mentally challenged? then you 'are at the wrong place..

in 2 years US national debt gonna be at least 18 trln $ and debt servicing is 50% of federal revenues..

only exit is WEIMAR HYPER IFLAITON WAY... there's no any cases in history of countries who prints 1$ for each 1$ in revenues to dig out and survive...

and i'd say 50/50 USA is going to be same country ,, or bunch of (3..5) different countries...

its clear North-West is going to be part of Canada..


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sure the population of california is going to walk into montana and tell those boys anything... thats fucking funny!!!!!

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While we are seeing hints of that in the data now, it's going to take more stimulus to create an organic growth cycle.

Considering all the shit that's being shoveled I suspect something organic will eventually grow.

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becuase you said it... rolling laughter... you should be able to hear me all the way to your house... Thanks!!!!!!!!

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Yes, like most self-serving retards that live in a fantasy world where people don't need any real commodities or real energy to create real value, Harry just wants to die rich, after that he could care less.


LawsofPhysics's picture

Using the current economic model, inexpensive energy and labor drive economies, NOT cheap fiat paper.  History has shown this over and over and over...

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"No doubt in my mind there will be a QE3 and beyond until we are firmly generating self-sustaining growth."


Perhaps the most amazing comment ever to grace ZH. The laws of Nature have been repealed.

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Sometimes, I think you make remarks like this just to see how we will react.  Why is our state of mind important to you?

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Every cycle of QE weakens the private economy further because the overall economy becomes more and more dependent on government deficit spending to continue. Government spending has never created "an organic growth cycle". A good example is in the 1930's. As soon as Roosevelt cut back on the stimulus in 1937, the economy slipped right back into recession.

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That sums it up quite nicely. Why people like Harry can't/won't see this is remarkable.

The increasingly US style (Soviet) system is going to implode. 100% certain.

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Over the years, the USA has refused to let recessions clear out the rot.

So instead of 7-8 corrections, we're going to have a huge bust.

None of the PTB want a recession on their watch, let alone one of the biggest (if not the biggest) busts in history.

It's a colossal game of kick the can down the road while playing chicken with oil and nukes.


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"So we have federal fiscal support, which at the margin is subsiding. And we have massive monetary support, and on this score the Fed is going to be facing much more intense congressional scrutiny going forward."







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Praise be to st vincent. It is all part of his grand plan. The demon midget GG cannot prevail against our dumb drunk irish fuck who will save us. Just watch.

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fat Rosie probably gonna have heart attack

#which coupled with another $3 trillion in deficit funding #needed over the next two years

really ,, no Q3..Qnnn???? I hope somebody is gonna ask Rosie -fatasshole how USA federal goverment is gonna balance HUGE GIANT BLACK HOLE .. it's at least 1.5 $ trln this year ..
and next year..

Rosie knows by summer 10yy gonna be 4 /4.5 % and his nice fat job of peddling buying 10yy USA bonds w/ yield 2-3% in world where real life inflation (aka cost of life) at least 7% is OVER...

say bye bye Rosie.. seems he out of words so more and more BS charts in daily stuff


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"vending machines selling bullion are starting to be installed in Japan"

Oh my!

Has to contain more real value than your average ATM by far.  Drop in $1,500 in change please...

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Rosy has shown again that he is not on the same level as the Fabers and the Schiffs of the world, not even close.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Ya schiff ....

He had another video out on friday. Hes been dead wrong for 24 months now but hey maybe his flock will buy LuLu or NVDA and try recouping some cash ...

The dollar iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis about almost, hold it, hold it .........hyperinfla........ 

Now he travels the globe living off " 2005 call " ...... ( Big deal EJ gave me the heads up in 2002 ) 

Schiff = Dustbin........... " When they stop buying dollars ...... " bla, bla, bla ....

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Now I get it ..... He's a fucking gold salesman............. A gold whore/pimp/shill !!!

Video ( 2008 ) Pimping his gold sales, more wrong calls !!!

The fraud is uncovered.



Peter Schiff - Gold At $5000.00 By 2012? - Dollar Never Recovers? - Game Over?

Spitzer's picture

Video ( 2008 ) Pimping his gold sales, more wrong calls !!!

did i read that right ? Pimping gold sales in 2008 is a wrong call ?

Checked the price of gold lately ?