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Latest RSS feed- Meredith Whitney cuts Goldman to neutral.



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"...  but we are convinced you will quickly our many new features essential daily reading."


I don't suppose one of those "new features" includes a proof reader, does it?

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Snarky, snarky.

ZH, please place the word "make" between quickly and our. 

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No, but you need a new pair of eyes. If you add the word make in the sentence which you didn't but Tyler did, then it makes sense.  ( you will quickly make our many new features)

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Crude closing in on $75. A breakout would put $90 in the frame. Should be good for consumers!

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CNBC changed their commods page (worse)  Who's got a nice quick view page for energy,metals,currency

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Try Bloomberg...,

I've yet to find a really good one without paying for it.

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When Debt Cannot Be Paid (mp3) – Michael Hudson

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I am not sure why the following article by j crudele from the NY Post does not get more attention by main stream media. If a report came out that major Hedge Fund had continuous and ongoing discussions with Treasury in the middle of an economic crises and utilized inside information to trade off all HELL would break loose! why is is that no one cares if GS,JPM, BAC and the rest of the Hedge Fund Kings get the inside on Govt policy!

Somebody in Congress needs to look into this

Last Updated: 1:50 AM, October 13, 2009

Posted: 1:50 AM, October 13, 2009

TIM Geithner has kept up the tradition started by Hank Paulson as Treasury Secretary -- talk to Wall Street as much as possible, even if it raises suspicions that you are providing financial bigwigs with information that isn't available to the public.

But how far back does Geithner's chattiness go?

I recently asked the New York Federal Reserve to provide me with Geithner's phone records covering the time when he headed that organization.

The New York Fed said it wasn't required to give me anything under the federal Freedom of Information Act, but -- as a gesture of cooperation -- it would turn over Geithner's schedule of meetings and phone calls.

You have to be careful about semantics here.

"Scheduled" phone calls and meetings are apparently very different from actual ones. What I got was three pages with barely a dozen entries for Sept. 17 and Sept. 18, 2008.

The stock market was going to hell that first day and came roaring back the second.

From a look at Geithner's schedule for those days, he wasn't very busy.

Ahh! But there were more calls. And the New York Fed said it wasn't going to show them to me. Nor would it give me anything at all for Aug. 15, 16 and 17 of 2007.

Aug. 16, 2007 is the day someone seems to have leaked to Wall Street the fact that the Federal Reserve would soon make the first of what would become a long series of interest rate cuts.

A first drop in interest rates came the next day, Aug. 17.

Geithner probably would have known about the move, the same with Paulson who had lunch with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke just before the rumors of Fed action spread like fire on Wall Street.

Those 2007 calls, the New York Fed said, just weren't available because a secretary back then was lousy at keeping records.

But the Sept. 17 and 18, 2008 calls were available -- just not to me or anyone else who lacks subpoena power.

The phone records of Hank Paulson, who was Treasury Secretary at the time, show the Paulson spent much of the day gabbing with Wall Street players -- or "market participants" as he liked to call them.

Paulson and Geithner, as would be expected, always spoke often.

But what I found unexpectedly -- and reported in earlier columns -- was that Paulson also spoke often to Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs, the investment company that defied the odds by recording great profits at a time when nobody else could.

Goldman didn't call me back for comment.

Paulson and Blankfein, for instance, spoke five times on Sept. 17 when the stock market was cratering because of rumors that the financial industry was in trouble.

The two men spoke six times on the 18th, when Wall Street staged a remarkable recovery on rumors that Washington had figured out how to solve the problem.

All I can tell from Geithner's abbreviated official schedule is that he was supposed to speak with Bernanke at 9:45 a.m. and Paulson at 3 p.m.

Missing is whether Geithner shared any information with people on Wall Street -- the same folks he now, as Treasury Secretary, apparently talks with regularly.

I think it's time for Congress to look into this cozy arrangement between the people who run the financial markets and the people who run the country.

Until that happens, nobody who plays the stock market -- and "play" is a good word for it -- can be sure that the game isn't rigged.


You gotta love a world in which not even the FBI gets respect.

Internet scammers sent me a letter recently, purportedly signed by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, claiming that I have $10.5 million waiting for me at the African Development Bank and Central Bank of Nigeria.

Something about this being anti- terrorist money that I have coming to me.

"We advice (sic) you con tact us immediately," said the note that came from "Mueller's" alleged g- mail account.

"We will allow the funds to be release (sic) into your account immedi ately you (sic) make provisions the required document," it added.

I've never actually spoken with Mueller but I assume the guy can write a proper English sentence.

So here's my answer to the Nigerian scammers: "I think first you should English learn before ask release of me personnel information."

The FBI never called me back on this one but who can blame it.


I sat down with the president of Mongolia recently.

How ridiculous does that sound?

But I did, because President Tsakhia Elbegdorj asked me to and because -- no, it wasn't for a Mongolian barbecue -- I had an awkward question I wanted to ask.

First, some history.

Mongolia is a landlocked country that sits between Russia and China.

It's one of the former Soviet republics, now a democracy that's seems to be good of late at playing those two giants against one another.

And, right now, China -- with tons of money -- is a big investor in Mongolia.

So, President Elbegdorj, what can Americans learn from you about Chinese?

There was a pause. Then, President Elbegdorj said that I had asked him a very difficult question. He didn't want to offend the Chinese.

"You should be very cautious," he finally answered. "We all would like to see China as a responsible power."

The Chinese, he explained, can make decisions "very quickly."

Here we might call it impetuously.

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Careful with changes.  Finding more and more of my favorite blogs are being blocked at work.  Just lost ticker-forum this morning.  I CAN NOT FUNCTION AT WORK WITHOUT DENNINGER AND ZEROHEDGE.  This is a bad bad day here.

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Wow, if you can't get by without a daily dose of Douchenger then you just need to develop a nice healthy methamphetamine habit.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I'm starting to smell PPT phase two

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Hardware upgrades to UltraSPARC from x86 in order to better participate in the automated market gunning...

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the 'temporary' feed is aweful on my ipod touch arrrgh! The whole point of RSS is to deliver succinct summaries. Then you can dig deeper from there if you want. I was loving the old RSS. ZH is now virtually unreadable via RSS on my touch. The full site stil works but the format isn't suitable for iphone/ipod touch. I hope whatever the new system is is an improvement. Thanks for the long smooth ride up til now.

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Thanks, ZH peoplez!

I am a grateful Chumbawamba.

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you should send one more rss feed to the old address with this.  Its already buried on the site and people won't understand why they aren't getting anymore feeds.

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