Russell 2000 Is Down... No, This Is Not An April Fool's Joke

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Sorry but this is really worth a post. The last time the market actually dipped more than 0.001% was on November 26, as such this is a historic event (in a country whose attention span is +/- about 15 minutes). The Russell 2000, which his Chairness indicated is the only metric tracked by the Fed's third mandate, is down. And since the Fed controls (insert best Tepper voice) everything, this can only indicate that the Bernank is finally starting to get concerned about those food riots he has been reading all about in assorted fringe blogs.

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History quiz.  What happened on March 6, 2009 that caused this index to bounce from 351.05?

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Gov Blago named Burris to Senate (rather let him BUY the seat).

And Celtics beat Cavaliers.

And the big boys backed up the truck and bought indexes?

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Does the BOE QE announcement have anything to do with US markets?  I didn't have an answer, I was trying to find one from someone here.

The other inflection point I can see in the 5 year chart was a pretty obvious one - 753.69 and dropped like a stone on September 22, 2008 -

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controlled range drop, its a fugazi... legitimacy drop.

bear trap.


put a zero at the end of that red 20 and ill start being convinced this is 4 real..

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Houston, we have a problem. This is a bit O/T, but you would think an event in our near future like this one --

-- would be all over the news. Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) is for real, if it does manage to miss Earth, we will still pass directly through the tail of the Comet.;wap2

Why the MSM silence?


What will the markets do when the sky is lit up like a Roman Candle?

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I have a green ticket for Ark nr. 9.

Which one do you have?




you did order your ticket right?

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Placed my order this morning.

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They got 9 of those things? I thought there were only 3. At least, that's what they told me when they said they were sold out.

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"If it does manage to miss Earth"? It's going to miss by 350 diameters.


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Clearly, nothing to worry about there.


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A direct hit is bullish for stocks.

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Potential Perturber


"Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 is in the process of disintegrating. Since 1995 observers have witnessed the Jupiter family comet fragmenting from it's nucleus. Orbital periodicity is roughly 5.33333 or 5 and 1/3 years.

I forgot to mention the dates earth crossed through the ion tail debris of comet schwassmann-wachmann. The earth-debris dates usually are missing from the picture. :) If you're interested in playing with the comet arrival dates...Sept 2011";orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

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Thanks Rusty,  I'm into this kinda stuff.

jpl site is way cool.


Though I do want to say you're -- image shows an intersection date of Oct 31 to Nov 1st ish..

The jpl orbit diagram of the same body shows and intersection of Oct 18th..;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

Someone needs to recheck they're math..  probablly not jpl..

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Buy The Fucking Dip anyone??

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Still dipping.  Down 19.730 now....19.83...

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oh, i know why.. its because i just sold my TZA this morning, at a loss before the big run...

sorry folks, false alarm.

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780 would be where that would happen, below 780 and the 50 gets tested next. If rut is allowed to break 780 then something is up, 50 has not been tested since Sept.

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They will. Last half hour brings in the dip buyers. Always has, always will. That's just how our market works in these times. BTW: DJIA seems to be unaffected by the pull backs in SPX and NAZ.

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Since when has the DJIA EVER been the leading index? Nazz always leads the way Harry. Always.

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You do realize that the DJIA is not a weighted index?  That means IBM is the largest component by a large margin at it's up over 3% today.  8 risers and 22 fallers...

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Yes, I get it about DJIA - I was just making a point that it's odd that it's actually held up as an index in comparison to SPX and NAZ. Nothing other than an observation. 

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It is a scaled average.  In other words a weighted mean.


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Not this time Bankster's asswipe troll

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The chart looks like a slide.  Weeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a dip worth buying.  /sarc

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I bought the dip - where do I apply for a refund?

/more sarc

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Please provide triplicate copies of all complaints, hand written please, and shove them up your arse.  Insertion should be easy since the Ben Bernanke and the Turbo Timmy have already cleared a path through the sphincter. 

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It is my wish and perhaps other reader's, that IWM $80.00 is a "top-tick" figure and perhaps have the slightest chance to make money in two directions. That's all we're askin'.

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I saw AAPL go red.  I think I was dreaming.  That just cannot happen can it?

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It happened yesterday! In other news Agnew resigns.

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I know, but they didn't do it after "blowout" earnings.  In other news, it was sarcasm.

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One wouldn't think they could sangbag forecasts 16 quarters in a row and people would still fall for the earnings "Beat" either.

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Shares in the world's largest zombie maker are, as of yesterday, free and fair game for good Whack-a-mole fun...with one caveat.  Expect volatility ahead of expiration.

All one needs to understand are two immutable facts.  First, the volume yesterday and today represents upside exhaustion on the stock.  Second, it is highly likely that Steve Jobs will not be returning to duty...[never mind the new narrative from criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers that he is not important for the company's future...which is simply ridiculous.]


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It's merely a demonstration of his awesome power to .....   oops, my 15 minutes are up.  Thinking of naked chicks now....

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god damn it centerline.. you owe me a new keyboard.

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Selling stocks for food!  And the wealth effect goes "poof".  

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C'mon, no more high beta POS going

to the moon? This cannot be the America

I know.

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Back up the truck.

The bernank has studied

the Depression.

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If you fucking people would just listen to the motherfucking cartoons and buy this god damned fucking dip, everything would be just fine.



- Benny

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Tap tap tap, down goes BAC and GS.  PMs anyone?

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The question is, will there be a chain reaction in Japan & China or not. 

p.s. Whoever panics (or otherwise) the first, loses the least. 

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Key opportunity to be

patriotic and load up on