From Russia With Fire Extinguishers: Interactive Visualization Of A Country On Fire

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For all those curious to see just what an entire country on fire looks like, the University of Maryland Fire Information for Resource Management Services provides an interactive map of all currently raging fires in Russia. With Moscow temperatures projected to hit 40 Celsius today (and stay there for at least the next few days), and visibility in the Russian capital down to double digits, now that the surrounding smoke has been blown in via increasing winds, grain exports and surging food prices may soon be the least of the country's worries... at least for those unlucky enough to have been a part of the CIS privatization mafia better known nowadays as Russia's resource tycoon billionaires. All those with Google Earth can download the interactive KML map at the following link. (Google Earth can be downloaded here)

Selected static pics below.

Wildfires in Russia 3

Wildfires in Russia 4

Wildfires in Russia 5

Wildfires in Russia 6

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Mongo's picture

We didn't start the fire...

Missing_Link's picture

That's true, isn't it?  From what I've heard, it was always burnin', since the world's been turnin'.

Paper CRUSHer's picture

......Billy Joel if my memory serves me correctly.

It also may not be a bad of an idea to keep a close eye on the weather outside.No, i'm talk'n Space Weather.I hope ya'll don't just only track the daily monetary/financial/political newsflow.Last weekend there was a massive Solar Eruption.

101 years and counting's picture

You didn't, and I didn't.  What about Ben?  Instant inflation.

Internet Tough Guy's picture

Santa Anastasia winds?

flacon's picture

If we run out of wheat we can always eat Ben's paper. /sarcasm

StychoKiller's picture

Uncle Ben's Perverted Rice!

JJ McApe's picture

looks like there are

OVER 9000!!! fires!


Mad Mad Woman's picture

Wow.  I didn't realize that practically the whole country was on fire. Unbelievable.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

All those with Google Earth can download the interactive KML map at the following link. (Google Earth can be downloaded here)

If you download the link and open it up, you'll see that China and Japan have their own problems as well.

2010, the year of the fire...........extinguisher.

thisandthat's picture

But not over here, thankfully: so far, this year, ~20000 ha burnt; 1980-2009 graph (ha).

GerritB's picture

H.A.A.R.P anyone?

MeTarzanUjane's picture

The goal of HAARP is to boil water in underground aquifers creating large pockets of steam. This expansion creates earthquakes, not fires.

DosZap's picture

Must be they have had their secret weapon uh BACKFIRE?.

Nothing like using it on yourself for a trial....................LOL


Cathartes Aura's picture

thanks for the link ATTILA.

very interesting comments - with the usual amrkn nonsense mockery - particularly the post Aleida from Arecibo Observatory - lots of links, will be checking them out, but all that I've read & researched about the subject, seems more than plausible.

sociopaths with way too much money & power, it's sickening, literally.

thisandthat's picture

In an telephone interview with RFE/RL, Areshev appeared to back off from claims he made in the article, saying that he was merely positing a theory.

MeTarzanUjane's picture

Tarzan no like fire. Fire burn fire hot but fire good to cook monkey.

wyosteven's picture

As soon as some chode in the west drops a cigarette in the rockies the American continent will burn like russia.   Pine beetle plague has utterly destroyed much of the forrest from Chile to British Columbia.

Let's see if the Ruskies have the last laugh when the Americas burn.

The lack of awareness of those with respect to the risk of fire on their own continent is astounding.

Cpl Hicks's picture

Dude, light a fire in Uranus and rid yourself of that troublesome cootie infestation.

Gordon Freeman's picture

WTF??? The Black Hills, and eastern WY have never been more green, lush, and beautiful.  Maybe you can tell us about "the end of the GOM" next...

thisandthat's picture

If you're talking pine nematode, not just there.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Vlad Putin or Barry D'oh-bama. Who would you rather have as prez during a national emergency? This one isn't even close. Like him or hate him, Putin is one tough SOB.

Barry? Not so much. Just ask Reggie Love.

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I know lots of people in Tambov, and they don't appear to be fully aware of the extensiveness of the fires, indicated by these maps. I've been told there is a strong smell of smoke and very hazy sky. Temp is an uncomfortable 40'c.

Tambov has a huge forest running north-south which is about several hundred km long and several km wide. Looks like it has some fires already although perhaps not big ones.

Going to start making some calls... see what is happening on the ground.

MeTarzanUjane's picture

"Going to start making some calls... see what is happening on the ground."

Roger, I'll get the word out and start mobilizing the resources. Let's keep our communication channels open and work collaboratively on this one.

h4rdware's picture

...whatever keeps you occupied. I just used the phone.

It does seems that many of the fires are just alerts, or not real (or whatever). Some serious fires around Lipetsk & Voronezh in that region, not sure about the rest. That is from people 'on the ground'. Literally, standing on it. Sometimes not both feet at once, but you get the idea.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Sometimes not both feet at once, but you get the idea.


Very nice. Hot foot hopping is always funny except for those experiencing it.

Sniper's picture

Does this mean Siberian resource extraction will be easier?

thisandthat's picture

It will be a bitch for wood/paper industry, though; burnt wood is rock hard...

Call_me_Al's picture

Thanks! Fantastic info, by the way you can compare this map with the (un)official map for russian sheeple: It seems big fires better seen only at a distance.

Sudden Debt's picture

Did you know that Tjernobyl forest is also on fire?!

In Europe there where already some readings of the isotopes that are typical for the old disaster. It seems the radioactive particles are spreading back into the atmosphere!


anybody wants some cancer? anybody?

digalert's picture

With all the global warming, can we cap n tax the fires?

Sudden Debt's picture


This has a rally writting all over it


Also, I think that Russian real estate will soon do well.

thisandthat's picture

What global warming would that be: summertime, daytime...? Ever heard of floods in Pakistan, right now - oh, what about the hundreds of children dead from cold, in Peru; cold and snow in Brazil; record snow fall this winter; the growing of 43% of atoll islands since WW2 (+ 43% stable)...

I'd say "cap" n trade "environmentalists" - cattle will eat anything...

RossInvestor's picture

The fires are a huge natural disaster of unimaginable scale.

On a lighter side it gives new meaning to the Doors song "Light My Fire" (

Ludic Fallacy's picture

I think the best thing about this page is not the information itself, but the ads for "Russian Beauties" on the sides.  Way to tie in the story with the advertisements!  No doubt Google is at play, here...

MachoMan's picture

I can't see Novgorod without reminiscing about Civilization (the days of the tandy?)...  those Ruskies had the best starting position/technology.

americanspirit's picture

Why are all these Russian forests in long strips, hundreds of KM long and a few KM wide? Logging. The Russian timber industry has been logging these areas for years, leaving these strips of forest. Now they are all burning. Goodbye Russian logging industry.  Also these forest strips are oriented so that they break up the winds that sweep across the huge open spaces of the Russian west. By breaking up the winds the soil is kept from blowing away. Goodbye soil. Goodbye agriculture. It won't be just this year's wheat crop that is wiped out. It could take 10-20 years to rerstore the windbreak forests. Meanwhile ... massive starvation. Massive migration from the country to the cities. And all the fun that goes with these kinds of displacements of millions of desperate people. Mother Russia is in deep shit.

Cpl Hicks's picture

If the response of the Russian fire brigades is anything like their militaries' handling of the terrorist attack in Beslan some ten years ago then they are well and truly fucked.

alpha60's picture

every 'once' in a while you guys put up something that is just way out, fully sensationalist, something that makes us, those who hope that this site is not just another sell-side prop book marketing scheme, think otherwise.

this info graphic is one of those. there ain't no fires in kiev. its hot, but the only thing burning around here is the near-naked ladies getting ready for a friday night

tyler -1

Call_me_Al's picture

Why declare emergency if there're no fires?

Fascist Dictator's picture

Putin must be taking a page out of Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuals' handbook on crises. Can't let an emergency go to waste, now can we?