Sarah Palin's New $1.75 Million House Purchase Exposes Another Facet Of The Neverending Housing Scam - Short Sale Fraud

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Is "read the post" too much to ask?

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Please copy and paste the sections from this post that are unfair to conservatives.

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The former governor of Alaska MAY have purchased a home in north Scottsdale, Ariz., according to multiple published reports.

I emphasize MAY. This is a rumor, nothing more. Really Tyler you can do better.

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In the same way "DSK" MAY have raped a chamber maid?

Fuskushima reactors 1,2 and 3 MAY have melted down?

Or QE3 MAY be enacted.

Or LEH MAY be bankrupt.

OR a million more May's

Newsflash everything is a "MAY", until it isn't.

Really, Tyler does pretty damn great, but i am sure he will appreciate the tip.


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Fuskushima reactors 1,2 and 3 MAY have melted down? No they have now. And LEH really is insolvent.

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I'd like to hear the rumors, thanks. ZH has a pretty good track record with them. If you don't want the info keep your blinders on and ignore it.

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This comment isn't targetted to you redpill, just finding some space near the top since I'm late to the game.

This article is below ZH's level.  The author must have no idea what words like "renovated" and "fraud" actually mean.

For example, the property was RENOVATED between purchases, which would usually result in an increase in value.

Also, for there to be fraud in the transaction, the purchaser would have had to do more than just get a good deal.  Fraud does not occur just because the bank hires a shitty appraiser.  Fraud requires an overt attempt to decieve a party.  Fraud is very specific, very easy to claim and very hard to prove.  It's why the courts usually have special rules for anyone claiming fraud: fraud is like yelling fire in a theatre.  You better be sure you're right.

Whole article is beneath this site.  Useless for  any purpose other than an obvious ploy to get pageviews.

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Golly. You sure sound maverick-y. Perhaps you have insight into how a renovation could double the value of a high end property. Maybe a whole lotta electronics hidden, err, installed?
Let's not forget that a fraud can be a person as well as an action. OK, sweetie? Y'know, like Barbie hunting for Caribou.

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WSJ: "Former Alaska governor and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has
a roughly 8,000-square-foot home in North Scottsdale, Ariz., for
$1.695 million, according to people familiar with the deal."

Why does any topic involving Sarah Palin always bring out the more, uh, sensitive, crowd?


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These pussies are not sensitive they simply want to engage the all powerful oz, TELL THEM TO SUCK YOUR DICK. This shit was confirmed hours ago and who the fuck wants to see or hear anything about al fucking gore mein herr? gore vidal would be cool.

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I don't give a fuck about Palin but Whitmore is being defamed in this out-of-character piece. He is a legitimate real estate trader and you should apologise and withdraw these baseless allegations. 

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To go from $850K to $1.7M in a year in Scottsdale means that something is screwed up, big time.

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That property could have easily soaked up half a million to make it Sarah Palin dancin with the stars fancey.  Elevators ain't cheap I assume.  But then again I never shopped for one. 

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Could, yes. But likely, given the current market? I doubt it. Only an idiot would sink that kind of money into a property expecting to flip it at a greater profit. To actually pull it off, well, that's just stretching the credibility of the idea a bit too far. Especially when the flipper is supposedly a professional who knows what he is doing. Looks more like a RE/money laundering scheme to me.

But that's just my opinion based on my limited view (and Occam's Razor).

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i thought house flipping in scottsdale was so.......over..........

i mean this is ground zero for the housing meltdown , isn't it?

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It's a fine line between infamed and defamed.

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Infamation systems got the y2k bug.

What does the peoples libelation army have to do with this?

And why are you diplaying an almost maudlin concern for a real estate agent?

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I know the guy, I know the facts...I would hate to think the Tylers get their other stories this wrong.

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real estate people are like used car salesmen , politicians and preachers.........

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Well, I've read the article twice now, and I don't see where Tyler makes any claim against Whitmore's actions being illegal. While one can speculate of a quid pro quo for a sweetheart deal, (other than a possibility of JPM loan to Whitmore) it isn't alleged.

As Transformer notes below, if JPM is making 4X the loss with CDes, then they don't have any reason not to move the properties at a "loss."

Funny, some people in this thread go off on the Palin tangent, while you go off on the Whitmore tangent, yet the article is about fraud within JPM's short-selling procedures. Go figure.

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What pawn would overpay in such a depressed market. Even thin research sites can help a buyer get a better deal than a $900k suckerpunch purchase. Maybe palin gets the 900k backdoor as a political contribution??

There are so many walkaways and shortsellers in AZ that even Palin shouldn't have overpaid

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i would think that scottsdale is a buyer's market.  she should have shopped around.

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  Because she's hot.  Don't you have any fantasy's you just might like to have a try with that woman?

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If you think Sarah Palin is hot - then you need to see your optician.

I would point out that the hottest woman in the world is no use to you if she ignites a feeling of wanting to smash her dimbo face in everytime she opens her mouth.


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she is hot, but she also is a traitor and a rope belongs around that pretty neck.

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Because they have to keep pushing the fucking left/right Twilight Zone divide and conker control grid paradigm. That's what they are programmed to do for Christ's sake. They know of no other way to live for crying out loud.

Pleas pay no attention to troll activity as it is only an effort in futility.

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Because, either they really enjoyed nalin palin. Or not "sensitive" crowd but more like "special" dont want to use retard may insult even more nalin fans. fuck all you political lap dogs. Tyler keep it up spare no one.

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Because of the extreme bias in the media. This allows us conservatives to be outraged and develop victim mentalities. Give mynhair a break. I think the premise of this article is stretching it a little for the purpose of a little sensationalism. You can't pretend like you didn't know someone was going to be sensitive about it. Anywho, don't sweat it. No one's perfect.

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it's just bristol surfing the web in between baby rearin' and DWTS

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You know how "touchy feely" the right is.

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You wrote:

The former governor of Alaska MAY have purchased a home in north Scottsdale, Ariz., according to multiple published reports.

I emphasize MAY. This is a rumor, nothing more. Really Tyler you can do better.

TD wrote:

...Ironically, Palin, who in this case is completely innocent of any wrongdoing,

I write:  RTFA (Read The Fucking Article)

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TD, dont even dip your toe into such quagmire. Anytime 'conservative' is in the same paragraph as 'liberal' best to liberally use your scroll function and get out of there asap. Next they'll be getting your opinions on 'the Isreali question'

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Easy there Tyler. Investors adding value to a bank owned run down distressed property is not  ' suspicious '.  Piss poor article.

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Who called Palin a conservative numb-nuts?  Personally, I'd call her a RHINO Israeli warmonger kiss ass bear f******r.

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Also, she's menopausal, which is the last thing we need in a world teetering on the edge.

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Yes because the non menopausal, merely mid life crisis males (see Schwarzenegger and John Edwards) who are unable to master the use of a condom, are doing a bang up job (pun intended).

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I didn't say they were.  But a menopausal woman in charge?  Just detonate the nukes and get it over with.

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And she ran on a ticket with a former POW who exhibits symptoms of PTSD. Double the nukes, double the Fun.

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Please slow your roll with that kind of talk.  It's asinine.

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fucking slow your roll??? WTF

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That's like saying, "Oh, don't vote for her because she's having her period.  She might blow up the world or sump'n.  Last thing we need is a woman on her period with the finger on the button, know what I mean, Vern?"

First of all, it's so 1957 and second, I would rather have a woman running the show than the last group of ass-clowns.  Like Herman Caine asked, "How's that workin' out for ya?"

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But she looks great in a swimsuit.  If we're gonna have a woman president, might as well be one that looks good in a swimsuit.

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It's what we call in 2013 a "PILF."


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obama looks good in a swim suit and look where that's gotten us.

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Obama and Palin should debate on a catwalk in mom jeans...

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only 6 junks so far grasshopper? 

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the terminator should have known that when you are married for 25 years and have a nice family , you keep dickie in pants at all times......