Sarkozy Goes Postal On Jamie Dimon, Says Bankers Made World Into Madhouse

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It has just not been Jamie Dimon's day... or week. After a lawsuit earlier in the week implicated his firm in a mortgage scandal for selling "sack of shit" loans, which is very reminiscent of what Goldman did to AIG, the JPM boss had hoped that he could spin his lies and get everyone to forget that he and his klepocratic colleagues virtually destroyed the financial system, and net a reduction in supervision and regulation. After all the banks have been in purgatory where they have had to subsist on bonuses that average just over $300k for JPM (and $400k for Goldman): how on earth are they supposed to do that. During a Davos session Dimon lashed out
at persistent bank bashing nearly three years after the global
credit crisis began, saying it was "unproductive and unfair..
Not all banks are the same and I just think that this
constant refrain 'bankers, bankers, bankers' is just
unproductive and unfair. People should just stop doing that."
Enter Nicolas Sarkozy, who more so than anyone is concerned by the events in Tunisia and Egypt, considering an increasing percentage of the French population is of North African descent, and quite soon they may decide to do just what their Tunisian (and after tomorrow, Egyptian) brethren have done, and just get rid of their useless president.

Quote Sarkozy talking to Dimon, per Reuters:

"The world has paid with tens of millions of unemployed, who
were in no way to blame and who paid for everything. It caused a lot of anger.
Too much is too much. The world was stupefied to see one of five biggest U.S. banks collapse like a house of cards. We saw that for the last 10 years, major institutions in which we thought we could trust had done things which had nothing to do with simple common sense. That's what happened... There is an ocean between flexibility and the scandal we saw.  So if people present me as obsessed with regulation,
it's because there is a need for regulation. I don't contest the principle of securitisation, but when
one offshore country guaranteed 700 times its GDP, are we in the
market economy or in a madhouse?
Bonuses don't bother me, provided there are also ...
draw-downs when there are losses. When things don't work, you
can never find anyone responsible. Those who got bumper bonuses
for seven years should have made losses in 2008 when things

Wow. This could rival the best rant any angry blogger could come up with.

And Jamie's second attempt to make it seem like his feces don't stink suffered massive failure:

Not all banks needed that TARP. Not all banks would have
failed," Dimon said at the earlier session. "A lot of banks were
stabilising the problem -- JP Morgan bought Bear Stearns because
the U.S. asked us to."

Too bad that earlier today, as part of the FCIC disclosure we got the following revelation from none other then Chairprinter Shalom-Packard himself:

"If you look at the firms that came under pressure in that
period ... only one ... was not at serious risk of failure. Even Goldman Sachs, we thought there was a real chance that they would go under."

Sorry Jamie. Mission to get you to run the world all over again has experienced massive failure... for now.

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A wise old kike told me one time he feels sorry.for anti semites because they will never know the joy of hating a jew as an individual. I much prefer to hate people as individuals when warranted. It much more personal!

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wow. dude. seriously?


apparently the complicated patterns of emigrations due to wars and choices still confuse you. it was called ww2.


his hungarian descent side is of untitled nobility, or lower nobility in western europe. basically, rich landowners that are catholic. they fled the fucking commies (because who likes them?) and then emigrated to france to avoid being drafted into other people's shitty wars. got there, fell in love with a jewish girl with nice, big, soft tits and the rest is history.


and you're still an idiot.

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can we all become agnostic please - think of it!

Mad Max's picture

Picture no religion.

<insert World Trade Center photo>

Mad Max's picture

You do realize that that scene turns out badly for the bikers pictured, right?  :)

pan-the-ist's picture

Is Wellington contending that without religion we'd have "Mad Max"?

As an Atheist, I concede that most are not equipped to handle the freedom and responsibility one encounters when religion is revealed to be a sham.

I think we need a new social group (a lodge possibly) where initiates are given the truth and then given the tools to handle it.  We need to find new leadership for the "Inner circle".  The current leadership (see below) has failed.

Jean Valjean's picture

Maybe you can do it here.  What is the Truth?

pan-the-ist's picture

Atheism/Agnosticism to start.

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I am replying to this comment as this is as far as i get down the comments section.Any serious reader spends time on the article itself and then moves on ( there' splenty more in the blogosphere to fill the dayand educate) , the rest below here isn't worth the energy.

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Thanks for letting us know how superior you are to everybody else here.  Seriously.

pan-the-ist's picture

I'll summarize in one brief sentence:  Many seem to hold the belief that nepotism, a corner stone of Jewish culture, is responsible for their over-representation in positions of power and equate this to a conspiracy.

My personal experience supports this notion.

margaris's picture

nepotism (Vetternwirtschaft) is a very good explanation.

if's picture

It's hard to be anti-semitic when you've got an erection ;-)

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IMHO, people whom flag comments are douche bags, plain and simple. Get a life.

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a naked jew with a boner walks into a wall.. what happens??


..he breaks his nose



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why do you share your personal defects on ZH?

this isnt a bathroom

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LOL. Another hilarious idiot who thinks the English language can be understood by breaking all words down into syllables.

Let me guess asshole: You think that "antisemites" are those who are "anti" (which means against) "semites" (which means those of Middle Eastern origin).

Just wow.  Welcome to the English language, you retard.

I suppose, by the same asinine logic you think that "inflammable" means something that can't be burned. I seriously hope you have built your house out of highly "inflammable" materials. Darwin would approve.

Popo's picture

Wow. Way to miss the point. 

Which I suppose is a micro example of your macro reality.

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Break time's over TK, time to go back to work.  Only 200 more burgers and you might make employee of the month.






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so this entire thread got trashed over the Jews and one idiot?

off topic, bullshit verse the truth... fucking wonderful...

If we did any new readers who wanted to know the truth, suffering this idiots shit would be to, too much to suffer.

Tyler, NUKE HIM!


Thanks, JW

JW n FL's picture

you are distracting people from larger issues, you are a threat to the facts reaching a broader audience.


this means shut the fuck up with you 3 year old tyrate bullshit.


the Jews are not coming to get us... the Jews dont run fucking JP Morgan, we do... the devil in the room is not the Jews.

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DHS has trained and paid these shills to ditract and discredit.

JW n FL's picture

bro, I am all for a lil sex and violence to put people in the seats...

I am even for the 1st amendment...

but not at the cost of new readers and getting the truth out.

the higher law over rides!

If he is paid to fuck up the truth he should be hunted down for treason... if someone just poisoned his mind as a child then they should be found and delt with for filling a child with hate, for NO fucking reason.. ignorant hate.

satansanus's picture

wow somebody lighting some fire here!!!!

JW n FL's picture

so this entire thread got trashed over the Jews and one idiot?

off topic, bullshit verse the truth... fucking wonderful...

If we did any new readers who wanted to know the truth, suffering this idiots shit would be to, too much to suffer.

Tyler, NUKE HIM!


Thanks, JW

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Fuck off and die, Nazi filth.

AnAnonymous's picture

 suppose, by the same asinine logic you think that "inflammable" means something that can't be burned.


The formation of inflammable is regular. In might mean in, within, inside. In does not forcefully express a negative or an im-possibility.

In-flamm-able therefore means [fire can lie in].

The example fails in that regard. Better luck next time.

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I'm not an anti-semite.  I hate "jews", The Talmud Kid told Jesus!

Kayman's picture

sabra 1

Now don't be telling Hitler's Disciples that Jesus was a Jew. Why, that would be down right anti-Christian of you.

Alienated Serf's picture

the cointelpro kid!!!  


Separation: Related to isolation and control, behaviorial psychologists sometimes refer to the principle of "divide and conquer". Divide and conquer is an extremely useful tool to maintain control over disparate groups and propaganda provides the information upon which separation is based.

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You're just stupid and I'm not even Jewish.

satansanus's picture

I dont hate jews. Its 100% fact they the head of the Federal Reserve FDIC SEC are all one tribe that represents less than 3% of the population.

If you tell the truth, there is NOT 1 NON-jews at the head of any major economic regulator, YOU ARE LABELED ANTISEMITE.



alfred b.'s picture

....right...but you forgot the CFTC !!

Andy Lewis's picture

Fuck off and die, Nazi filth.

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

Benjamin Bernanke(Jewish) - Chairman, Federal Reserve System

Timothy Geithner(Jewish) - Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department

Lawrence Summers(Jewish) - Chairman, National Economic Council

Paul Volcker(Jewish) - Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board

Jared Bernstein(Jewish) - Chief Economist and Economic Adviser, Vice President

Peter Orszag(Jewish) - Director, Office of Management and Budget(OMB)

Gary Gensler(Jewish) - Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission(CFTC)

Mary Schapiro(Jewish) - Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)

Sheila Bair(Jewish) - Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)

Karen Mills(Jewish) - Administrator, Small Business Administration (SBA)

Christina Romer(Jewish husband) - Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers



Kayman's picture

Free Frank

Well duhhhhh.

B. Obama, Chief Teleprompter Reader (Jewish)

Sarah Palin, Intellectual Wannabee (Jewish)

Warren Buffett, Backroom Throat Slitter (Jewish)

George Bush, Captain Awshucks (Jewish)

Freewheelin Franklin, Bullshitter Extraordinaire (Jewish)

Well, fuck it, let's all be Jewish.

Don't sharpen your narrow mind pal, blame it all on the "Jews"

Your bleatings actually strengthen the criminals.

Max Hunter's picture

Are you disputing the over-representation of Jewish people in Banking/Government/Media/Name it??..

Although I agree that it is silly to place ALL the blame on one tribe, but one would have to take notice to certain facts..  Because.. well.. It matters..

nmewn's picture


"Your bleatings actually strengthen the criminals."

It's like no other "tribe" on the face of the planet can possibly have a criminal element.

Including the political tribe.

I'm seriously starting to think the Irish Catholic bankers are behind all this anti-joo crap posted around here of late...LOL...with the help of (gasp!) Christian black Africans!...and, and, and those damn mooslim Arabs too!...aaahhggg there everywhere!

There's a Red under my bed!

Kayman's picture


You usually seem well reasoned. So... let's start with the fallacy of composition.

All Nazis are German, ergo, all Germans are Nazis ?  What the fuck ???

Let's start again.  

All (most/many) criminal Banksters are Jews, ergo, ALL JEWS ARE CRIMINAL BANKSTERS.

What the fuck ?

Hey, let's just have us a good BOOK BURNING and bust up a few windows and little old ladies.


All Christians don't think alike (look to Northern Ireland) so don't be a Jew Baiter.  

For me it is open season on Criminal Bankers- Christian, Muslim, Jew, Agnostic or Headhunter.

If I misunderstood your thoughts, you have my unabashed apology.

nmewn's picture


"For me it is open season on Criminal Bankers- Christian, Muslim, Jew, Agnostic or Headhunter...If I misunderstood your thoughts,"

We understand each other completely and I agree wholeheartedly.

I don't care if they worship the bathroom toilet in green eye shadow with a screw through their nose...criminals come in every shade, race and religion under the sun.

Almost didn't come back to this thread, they got it butchered up so much...I'm starting to think the banksta's have hired a few people to throw shit up on the wall around here.

Take care. 


As a matter of fact, because this has all been hashed & re-hashed to the point of absurdity my new term for these assholes is Banker Troll.