Saudi Arabia Bans Demonstrations As Its Plunge Protection Team Sends Stocks Surging

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Proving that Saudi Arabia is a fast learner from both China's and America's experience, today Saudi's interior minister announced he is banning all protests, marches and strikes following the world's realization courtesy of the clip posted on Zero Hedge yesterday, showing that not all is well in the kingdom in which protests are banned. Dow Jones reports: "Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia has banned all protests, marches and strikes in the kingdom after small protests continued over the weekend in the oil-rich Eastern province towns of al-Ahsa and Qatif, interior ministry said Saturday, according to state-owned channel al Ekhbariyah.  These activities don't conform with the Islamic laws and harm the interests of the nation and the society, the Saudi channel quoted the ministry as saying." What does, however, comply with Islamic law is openly using your plunge protection team to bid up the market: "Saudi stocks rose for the first time in three weeks, rallying the most in more than two years, after the finance minister said the Arab world’s largest economy is benefitting from higher oil prices and in “excellent” shape... The state-run General Organization for Social Insurance also purchased stocks, according to Ajeej Capital’s Fuad Aghabi." Not letting a crisis go to waste, Saudi has quickly learned Econ 101 and is now advising its citizens that America's massive economic contraction is its personal gain. And if that doesn't work, it will just use its pension fund to bid up stocks, as a massively Marked to Myth market is apparently in everyone's interest: just ask the Chairsatan.

More on the demonstration ban from Dow Jones:

[The interior ministry] said any attempt to cause public disorder will be prevented by security forces.

Saudi Arabia's authorities on Thursday night detained 22 people in Qatif, the main Shi'ite town in the Eastern Province, after they staged a demonstration demanding the release of prisoners they say are being held without trial.

"About 200 people took to the streets in Qatif on Thursday night. The protests were peaceful, but still the authorities interfered, they tried to stop them and arrested 22 people," according to Human Rights First, an independent human rights group.

Look for a kind but firm request for all foreign journalists to depart the country next week ahead of the planned days of rage, as Saudi confirms it had also learned from the USSR in dealing with social discontent.

And while Saudi Arabia is now openly using its pension fund to bid up stocks, thereby setting its own Plunge Protection Team loose to stabilize the market, this time learning from the US, we wonder just how widely the same scheme has been used in the US, as various pension funds receive a command from the New York Fed to do just that... or else mutual assured destruction. Not only that, but Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf pulled an Obama, and told the general population "stocks are attractive now, the economy is in “excellent” shape" and that "with my trust in this economy and this country, I also
seized the opportunity” and bought shares, Finance Minister Al
Assaf said. “I am a long term investor." Poor guy doesn't realize nobody is a long-term investor any more, especially not the GETCOs of the world, whose only job is to stabilize the market from plunging (alas, it didn't work too well for GM).

From Bloomberg:

Saudi stocks rose for the first time in three weeks, rallying the most in more than two years, after the finance minister said the Arab world’s largest economy is benefitting from higher oil prices and in “excellent” shape.

The rise in oil prices will boost the “strong condition” of the kingdom, Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf told Al Arabiya TV. Stock prices in Saudi Arabia, which holds about 20 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves, are attractive now and the Saudi Public Pension Agency bought shares last week, he said. The state-run General Organization for Social Insurance also purchased stocks, according to Ajeej Capital’s Fuad Aghabi.

“Assaf’s comments have had the biggest impact on the market,” said Aghabi, Ajeej Capital’s investment director in Riyadh.

Stocks tumbled across the region last week, sending the Bloomberg GCC 200 Index of Persian Gulf shares to the lowest level since 2009 and propelling the Saudi benchmark down the most in two years, on concern the turmoil in Libya will spread through the Middle East.

“With my trust in this economy and this country, I also seized the opportunity” and bought shares, Finance Minister Al Assaf said. “I am a long term investor.”

Stocks are “attractively valued and the moves by government agencies signal continued confidence,” said Asim Bukhtiar, an equity analyst at Riyad Capital in Riyadh.

How much this latest bout of totalitarian market control (so welcome by market overlords such as Larry Fink) and centrallized planning calms people ahead of next week's days of rage is unknown.  After all Saudi Arabia is quite a few months behind in spinning the "wealth effect" to its citizenry.


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60 Days This Year?

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In the finest of the Judeo-Christian ethic, do whatever it takes for the betterment of mankind; run the market.

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Breaking: Protesters Storm State Security Headquarters in Nasr City, Egypt....

Protesters stormed the state security headquarters in Nasr City and collected huge garbage bags containing shredded documents. Video courtesy of Ahmed Hassan, one of the first people who got into the building. I got his permission to share it. More video....

Reports: US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates heading to Cairo on orders from Barrack Obama, Room full of sex tapes uncovered, Several torture devices found....

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Follow the money ....


TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran on Sunday urged OPEC, especially Saudi Arabia, to refrain from any unilateral hike in oil output, saying current crude production was enough to meet any shortages arising over the unrest in Libya.

"There is no need for OPEC members to be hasty and take unilateral decisions" to raise output, Oil Minister Masoud Mirkazemi said of Saudi Arabia, when asked to comment on Riyadh's offer to compensate for any shortage.

Saudi Arabia, the cartel's largest producer, is pumping around 8.4 million barrels of oil per day, but Naimi said the kingdom still has a spare capacity of another four million bpd.

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Iranians are correct. Fundamentally price for light crude should be at $85-90 right now. There is no need of pumping more oil into the markets.  But! As far as I know the Kingdom does not have spare capacity, that's why depending on future events, price may deviate upward from Friday’s close.


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Btw. It seems decision - potentialy ... maybe yes ... maybe not.. will see - has already been made to leave the country and pillage the state coffers! $150 Billion for "shity deal". Blankfein must be smiling. Commission will be HUGE!


Saudi king to buy Facebook to end the revolt: report

In what is being termed as pure Wall Street Gordon Gecko tactics, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has decided to make an offer of $150 billion to buy out Facebook.



Spalding_Smailes's picture

Wow. Lol. Hush, my little darling money. I wonder what twitter will cost um'

What ever it takes....


Saudi Arabia's move to purchase as much as $60bn of arms from the US is likely to be completed within six months, a senior official from American company closely associated with the deal has said.

Representing the biggest ever US arms deal, Saudi Arabia will buy as many as 84 F-15 fighters, as well as upgrades for 70 existing jets, just under 200 helicopters, laser-guided missiles and bombs, and advanced radar systems.

Rockwell Collins' share in the deal will amount to "in excess of $60-70m", Churchill said, adding that the company had already started work on the orders.

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LOL?! Too many letters as for me.

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So that means that the US covert revolution spark worked. After the banking and the autos were rescued, the military industrial complex is now rescued.

Let's just guess which industry is next.

  1. Unions? Yes that's an industry
  2. GE Light bulbs and wind power?
  3. Real estate, Commercial and Residential? (Good try so far but no cigar.)

Please feel free to add to the list


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Is that a bit of OPEC humor, trying to get us to believe that there is actually 4mb of excess capacity? That myth was laid to rest years ago. It is all down hill from here.

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Saudi Arabia is way behind the curve. The western international banking cartel is cleaning their clock devaluing their dollar denominated assets. This is the double cross Lindsy Williams talked about. The House of Saud is the bitch being fornicated by western banking houses and they like it. 

God, Allah in Arabic, disdains the House of Saud as they fornicate with Satin the usurper of life. The House of Saud will fall.

Someone once asked on this board, what does the symbol of Al Jazeera mean? I believe it's the idealized image of Allah.,r:17,s:0&tx=94&ty=115

Spalding_Smailes's picture

The muslims can lick my balls.

Killing, lieing, stealing all o.k. if it furthers allahs/satan one world cause. Do your research on Islam.

The Catholic Church has been a den of vipers also for 70-80 years now. ( Nothing to say during world war 1,2 ) The raping of thousands of kids who's parents put them in the trust of said church. Pathetic.

If your religious in anyway, the only truth is the New Testament - Love, kindness, no debts, forgivness, helping those in need ect ...

If your not a believer in good/evil ... junk away. My last post on this topic today.


cranky-old-geezer's picture

If your religious in anyway, the only truth is the New Testament - Love, kindness, no debts, forgivness, helping those in need ect ...

So you'll be the first to forgive Bernanke, Blankfein, all the Wall Steet criminal cartel, PLUS all those child-sodomizing Catholics, PLUS all those "evil" Arabs / Islamics? 

You'll be the first to forgive all the evil in the world?

Michael's picture

Why can't we just leave the Muslims alone? We have more nukes than they do, so what's to worry about.

Hdawg's picture

No one please mention the Jews...afterall they own the corporate West.

Derrrr pathetic polluted website.

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Has it occured to you that the key messages attributed to Jesus, i.e. love one another, turn the other cheek, focus on the afterlife not the here and now, give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, etc., would have been immensely useful to a Roman empire seeking ways to passivate colonial resistance?


Perhaps it's just a coincidence that the church that adopted these themes happens to be headquartered in Rome. Right. And maybe Dick Cheney's shooting of Whittington really was an honest mistake.


aerojet's picture

70-80 years?  The Catholic Church makes the Muslims look like pikers when it comes to sodomy.  Let's not forget it was the Catholic  Church that caused the Dark Ages! 

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Wait until the House of Saud decides not to price oil in dollars anymore, and you'll quickly find out who the bitch really is.

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I think they just guaranteed that the March 11 and 20 protests are gonna be much much larger than originally estimated.

The law of unintended consequences will be in full display here.

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Good luck with that, abdullah.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

and if anybody knows, it's you, Gordo

gordengeko's picture

It's not a question of enough, pal. It's a zero sum game, somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn't lost or made, it's simply transferred from one perception to another.

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Looks like the Saudis are indeed concerned...enter the 10,000 troops to control the crowd:

From the UK Independent:

Saudis mobilise thousands of troops to quell growing revolt

Saudi Arabia was yesterday drafting up to 10,000 security personnel into its north-eastern Shia Muslim provinces, clogging the highways into Dammam and other cities with busloads of troops in fear of next week's "day of rage" by what is now called the "Hunayn Revolution".

Saudi Arabia's worst nightmare – the arrival of the new Arab awakening of rebellion and insurrection in the kingdom – is now casting its long shadow over the House of Saud. Provoked by the Shia majority uprising in the neighbouring Sunni-dominated island of Bahrain, where protesters are calling for the overthrow of the ruling al-Khalifa family, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is widely reported to have told the Bahraini authorities that if they do not crush their Shia revolt, his own forces will.

The opposition is expecting at least 20,000 Saudis to gather in Riyadh and in the Shia Muslim provinces of the north-east of the country in six days, to demand an end to corruption and, if necessary, the overthrow of the House of Saud. Saudi security forces have deployed troops and armed police across the Qatif area – where most of Saudi Arabia's Shia Muslims live – and yesterday would-be protesters circulated photographs of armoured vehicles and buses of the state-security police on a highway near the port city of Dammam.


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Borrowing a brilliant turn of phrase from a wisecracking hedgie, the Tadawul could stay Tadawful for only so long.

Rally on Tadawul, rally on. Looks like a full court press by Goilverment buyers. Out in force.

The unbearable lightness of a rising tadawool in your eyes!


Bob's picture

Plunge Protection has gotta be made a Team sport at the next Olympics.

DB Cooper's picture

Waiting for a statement supporting free speech and peaceful assembly from Hillary .....

Yen Cross's picture

That is a good post name. Are you residing in an Arizona bone yard on a 727 stretch? Can I join you if so?

DB Cooper's picture

 Yep, Internet coverage sucks out here though but that may be a good thing except gotta have my Zerohedge.

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The U.S. is the only one of five Arctic nations not exploring for oil, Parnell said, despite having access to the largest portion of the untapped but technically recoverable oil. Seventy percent of the world's undiscovered oil reserves are in the Arctic, Parnell said, and Alaska's 2,000 miles of coastline give it access to one-third of those reserves.

"Alaska stands ready," he said, "let Alaska help put America back to work."

Total, Europe's third-largest oil producer, is joining bigger rivals ExxonMobil and BP in pursuing Russia's underwater riches as conventional deposits become harder to find. BP last month agreed to swap 5 percent of its shares for 9.5 percent of Rosneft as part of a drive to extract billions of barrels of crude from offshore Arctic deposits. Exxon, the biggest traded oil company, followed two weeks later with a $1 billion accord to explore the Black Sea with Rosneft. Russia's biggest oil producer also has a preliminary deal to explore a separate Black Sea block with Chevron Corp.

The Arctic region, mainly in Russia's zone, holds about a fifth of the world's undiscovered and commercially viable oil and gas reserves, according to U.S. government estimates.

ColonelCooper's picture

Yes, but it won't change peak oil, and Bp fucked up, so we should just forget about it. </sarcasm>

buzzard's picture

You bet it won't. I can see that many are in for a large shock very soon. Oh well. Some of us have been trying to break the news for a  long  time. My horse looks more valuable each day.

sabra1's picture

excuse me sir, but i think someone just ate your horse!

Spalding_Smailes's picture

O.T. ... @ColonelCooper


Watched " Victory at Sea " for the first time last night. A must watch for all that love freedom !!! The Seabee's , Coral Sea, Midway, Guadalcanal simply amazing. Hat's off to all Veterans of War !!!!


Peak Oil ... Lol'

Let um' view the pictures from NASA ( oil in the artic ). And in most spots only a quarter of a mile down in the artic. Also, in the future ( say next 20 years out ) you will see all the natural gas we have put to better use. And with LED Lighting ect ... Consevation here we come.

Dr. Porkchop's picture

"It is a confusion of ideas to suppose that the economical use of fuel is equivalent to diminished consumption. The very contrary is the truth."

William Stanley Jevons


Better efficiency will lead to even more people driving in circles, and now with the miracle of super efficient LEDs, they'll be lit up like a christmas tree twenty-four fucking seven too.

Randall Cabot's picture

Did you just come out of a cave? FDR engineered the Pearl Harbor "sneak attack" and knew thousands of Americans would die that day but wanted to get the US into the war by duping the American populace that didn't want any part of war.

newworldorder's picture

No worries Colonel.

Ted Turner and his foundation are working double time to cure the population problem. Peak oil problem is one pandemic away from being solved.

trav7777's picture

you just can't get your head around this whole headroom problem in finite systems presented with geometric growth, can you?

Suppose we DOUBLE the amount of production RATE we can achieve; at present GROWTH rates, how long do you cretins actually believe that we can last before we AGAIN peak?

Put simply if bacteria double every minute and fill their bottle at midnight, and at precisely that time, they find DOUBLE their resource base in a magic unicorn's ass, it buys them ONE additional minute!  It may have taken them a year to fill their original bottle, but at the existing growth rate, even relatively MASSIVE additional reserves finds DO NOT ABEY the inevitable for long at all!

This is what Bartlett tried in vain to get people to grasp.

If we grow energy consumption 6% YoY, we would need to find DOUBLE the production rate in 12 years.  That's IT.  If we found, tomorrow, DOUBLE the production - which is unimaginably fortuitous - we would have another decade at that growth rate before we hit headroom again.

You simply need to ACCEPT that finite systems have limits and that growth CANNOT continue forever.  Make peace with the exponential function, please.

CD's picture

In case anyone hasn't seen it, well worth the hour lecture from Prof. Bartlett (though the first half hour will give you the basic gist as well):

And it most certainly applies for more than just oil...

financeguru500's picture

Stupid Saudi's. You shouldn't ban demonstrations. That will cause people to riot.

You need to create "Protest Zones" so that demonstrators will be placed out of public view where they can voice their opinions to no one.

What country is it that uses "protest zones"? The best damn country in the world! Go US

Oh regional Indian's picture

Good point Finance. 

"Corralled Free Speeech" is a truly American oxymoron/invention.

"You may bleat now"!


AnAnonymous's picture

You need to create "Protest Zones" so that demonstrators will be placed out of public view where they can voice their opinions to no one.


And plus, it is a tradition of the area. People (and their followers) were used to call to express their freedom of speech in the desert in those areas.

Once they had enough speaking to the wind and the sand, they could go back to society, this time staying silent.

dark pools of soros's picture

make sure you bought your protest badge from ticketmaster ... a few VIP passes are available that come with a licensed blowhorn and glossy program of the (non)event


the revolution will be commercialized  (and later securitized as we project more and more serfs will be demoralized - please see prospectus for more details)



Dr. Porkchop's picture

Just give them Nascar, American Idol, Home Depot and the illusion of freedom and they'll all be content.

zaknick's picture

@Three Chord Sloth

I've been reading your comments on the past few posts and I gotta say, magnificent insights into our world. Can't get enough!

You should consider submitting something in writing to the substitute Durden.

Best of luck..

Atomizer's picture

There is always a hidden agenda behind events. You will understand soon.

FYI - Coming to a theater near you!

Fuck You Soros.


rlouis's picture

damn, I've already hit my limit for writing anti-establishment rhetoric today.

dark pools of soros's picture

Cheeky Bastard offers a low rate of 16.8% to use some of his shares of rabble rousing while he is off in iceland or whereever