Saudi Stock Exchange Plummets 6%

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Not many exchanges are open on Saturday. But the one that matters in a contagionary light sure was. And the drubbing it took was not pretty. "Saudi Arabia's stock exchange tumbled by over 6 percent on Saturday,
setting the stage for other regional markets to drop as concerns mounted
about the violent protests in Egypt
. The Tadawul All Shares Index fell 6.44 percent to close at 6,267 points.
The market in Saudi Arabia, where the start of the work week is
Saturday, was the first to react to the violence in Egypt and the drop
in the TASI offered a window into the potential battering that could
emerge when other regional markets reopen on Sunday. On the Saudi market, there were no gainers as investors sold off holdings. Hit hard was
Sabic, one of the world's largest petrochemical companies and the
largest publicly traded firm on the exchange. Sabic's shares fell 8
percent, closing at 97.75 Saudi riyals." And this is just the beginning. If there are any further rumors (or confirmed sighting) of protests in Jeddah and elsewhere, regional markets will go bidless, oil will go offerless, GETCO and other NYSE SLPs will go bankrupt in their attempt to keep the stock market alive, and Bernanke will just go, once the entire world realizes that Genocide Ben, which is what ZH has been calling him for quite a while now, is really much more appropriate an appellation for the man who gives a bad name to helicopters.

From the AP:

"The fall is due to sentiment about what's happening in Egypt, and also in the US because the Dow went down" on Friday, said John Sfakianakis, chief economist at the Riyadh-based Banque Saudi Fransi-Credit Agricole Group.

"You have some collateral damage which is related to investors .... who have exposure in Egypt, and are trying to hedge that exposure by selling down their positions in Saudi Arabia," he said.

Egypt's stocks exchange canceled its start-of-week session on Sunday, and the country's banks were to remain closed following the weekend, Egyptian state television reported. Some banks in Cairo had been looted on Saturday as the violence entered its fifth day.

The protesters have demanded President Hosni Mubarak's ouster and measures to deal with the crippling poverty in the country, rampant corruption and the growing disparity in income distribution.

The rioting — inspired by similar protests in Tunisia two weeks earlier — prompted Mubarak to ask his cabinet to step down. But that move appears unlikely to significantly allay the anger of Egyptians who argue that the 82-year-old leader of the Arab world's most populous nation is sorely out of touch with their daily lives.

The violence sent Egypt's benchmark index tumbling almost 17 percent over two days ending Thursday, and analysts expect that the unrest will fuel another plunge both in Egypt and in regional markets which are slated to reopen on Sunday.

"The momentum is there," said Sfakianakis, predicting that regional markets drop.

"There's no reason to expect the Saudi market to go up because the general sentiment is sell-off and wait- and-see rather than sell-off and immediate buying," he said.

On the other hand, once Ben sends his plunge prevention emissaries to Saudi, and the exchange starts the same endless  meltup only reserved for the US stock market, at least the silver lining will be that Chinese fraud companies, about 99% of them, will commence IPOing in Mecca and finally force the US housewife momo chasers to go cold turkey on 100x beta stocks that only trade up on short covering sprees.

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Quick, how do you say "margin call" in Arabic?

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I had to redo the sample sound tracks on my original version because of Time Warner copyright infringement of the thousands of labels they own, and it was banned in the USA that kept you from seeing it the first time I posted it.  I found a couple of my other favorite tracks on British labels that I used. I must say, they did me a favor because I had a second chance to tweak it and make it better.

Video Description;

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I made this Youtube in honor of the world wide Revolution.
Please spread it around if you like it. Please rate it and leave a comment.

Homey D. Clown Don't Play That Police State Shit Thus Revolution

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I thought that was:

Quss sumak!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yo, chindit13 & Hulk!

Do we have an Arabic speaking junker after us?  Must be one of the Gaza troll services that Obama's people hired to go after Hillary back in 2008...

Hey, someone want to junk?

Alhamdulillah, bitchez!

Hulk's picture

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm speaking Lebanese here...

chindit13's picture

Gulf Arabic "tainted" by Lebanese and Egyptian friends.  Heck, some of them almost even have me saying "a hwa" at Starbucks.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

FYI Hulk, an anecdote for you.

Some 30 years ago when I lived in northern VA I ate at a Lebanese restaurant once in a while.  I got to know the son of the owner, he was a tough & bony Lebanese Christian, seemed to be a real mofo.

He invited me to take him on one evening in a game of backgammon.  I think that I got my butt kicked harder (ouch!) than in any board game I have ever played (other than once losing in a "Fool's Checkmate" in chess)...

Ah well, a smart Bearing will always claim ZERO intelligence (look at the center of a bearing, there is nothing there!  A complete round ZERO!) and so can avoid being labeled as a human dumb-ass...

Hulk's picture

Ah DCRB, it was 30 years ago that I received the crash course in Lebanese, thats when I learned what hatred really is...


stormsailor's picture

my roommate at the citadel was killed in a "crash course" in lebanon 28 years ago.  rip  charles "chuck" schnorf class of 81.


i think we should study these uprisings very carefully.  soon it will occur here and tptb will use the successful parts against us.

we can use the successful parts against them.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm speaking Lebanese here...

I knew.  My wife is Lebanese, and although she does not speak in it, she knows how to swear in it.

snowball777's picture

If you're smoking unfiltered camels, walking a mile probably isn't your strong suit.

The guy in the ad seems really pleased with himself for having stepped in some camelshit hash.

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Bang dae hoe^H^H^H blowout preventer.

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Isn't margin blasphemous????

NewThor's picture

I saw Justin Timberlake last night at a pizza joint

in Austin. His girl was gorgeous. That has to be a good

omen for America and the globe right?

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I think the question about usury was the best answer, but here's what we picked up from the "call monitoring for quality purposes" at the E-Trade branch in Riyadh:

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Berneke is a greater threat to the well being of the USA than any bueracrat in history.

Just sayin'

wretch's picture

This goes way beyond the USA.  Ben's printing kicked off the food riots.

LMAO's picture

This is linked directly to the USSA, the man who pushes all the wrong buttons atm is next of kin with the former president and is acting on his direct instructions.


Hosni Mubarak = I am Koran Bush


What's in a anagram.




Hephasteus's picture

I see why you are always laughing your ass off funny man.

LMAO's picture

Well Heph,

It has taken the Egyptian people 30 years to understand what the USSA's Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama Axis of evil has been up to. (I refuse to include Rea-gun to the list, being an actor he was just playing under instructions of his director)

After I've helped the Egyptians to solve the enigma all hell breaks loose. Needless to say it was a cleverly designed plan and calling him "Koran" made him blend in easily with a none expecting Arab community.

Expect more to come out of this region as more infiltra(i)tors are getting exposed.


Sudden Debt's picture

This goes indeed way beyond the USA.




Anybody remember what happened when Dubai was hit during the crisis?

ALL THE MARKETS WENT DOWN, but Abu Dabi saved the day.

Nobody can save that market now.


US banks have a lot of exposure of there, an they'll get a hit on monday.

Expect all the markets to go down big from now on.

And this WILL GO ABOVE THE 10% expected correction!

Misean's picture

This should all be contained by Monday.

HarryWanger's picture

As long as nothing spreads into Saudi Arabia over the weekend, we'll probably start with a sharp pull back and climb throughout the day as the Egyptian news gets bantered around by every talking head on the "financial" channels as meaningless to US earnings.

Friday evening, all the "Street" guys were out saying none of this matters for the US markets and you should be buying this dip. I think, whether right or wrong, that's precisely what will happen on Monday. Open at lows and straight up from there.

alien-IQ's picture

is this like your "look for a better than expected unemployment numbers" call? That went well didn't it?

it seems that, as you see it Harry, nothing that takes place outside the narrow corridors of Liberty Street and Exchange Place matters to the market does it?

of course what happens in Saudi Arabia won't matter either right? after all...what do they really provide?

Yeah...go the dip. I dare you.

your not're foolish and blinded by the myth of american exceptionalism.

EscapeKey's picture

What do you think the market would do, as it reflected an ever-increasing expectation of an inflation tsunami?

I wouldn't short the market for the life of me at present. Buy some puts, perhaps, because there at least you know your losses.

alien-IQ's picture

the market has been going straight up for the better part of 5 months on ever decreasing volume and an endless spree of 11th hour (3:30 PM) stick saves with nothing that can be even remotely called a correction during that time period. We are now at about where the market was pre Lehman. do you really think the overall economy is reflective of these lofty levels?

I have been pretty much sitting on my hands and not trading much lately as, just like you would not dare short the market at present, I would not dare go long. My wait paid off. On Friday I had my best trading day of 2011. Mainly because I didn't need to get out of anything...instead I was all cash and went with short /ES, F 14 puts, short Eur/USD, VIX 22.50 calls and fully cashed out on all of it by end of day. Now I'm back to cash. Much more cash than before.

As far as what Monday will bring...I'll be watching the futures as they open up on Sunday and play accordingly. But I feel a correction is LONG overdue...and the volume on Friday was certainly suggestive that many do not trust this market to have a whole lot of justifiable upside left in it.

just my two cents.

ZeroPower's picture

the market has been going straight up for the better part of 5 months on ever decreasing volume


I dunno, Nov was quite nice w/r/t vol.. Nice s/t plays on F and VXX. Played F short myself while ending the day with some long 16 calls - dump was overreaction IMO.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

The "Street" guys have F in their portfolios.

Twindrives's picture

Harry's a lot like Obama touting U.S. economic prowess while the common citizen in this country suffers under oppressive federal taxes and banking abuses.   And while the commoners in other countries starve under the yoke of the Federal Reserves' monetary policies.    

chindit13's picture

Harry, you'll get your usual number of junks, but deep down I suspect you are right.  Other than yourself, very few other human beings are in the market.  Of those who are (humans in the market), most are already wildly long, as most are portfolio managers fearful of underperforming their benchmark.  Then there's the IB prop desks, who feed off the endless supply of Bernanke Bux.  I expect some "emergency" POMO's coming their way.

This latter group, who probably think Al Jazeera is a used car dealer in Bayonne, is looking out its windows in Jackson Hole and Telluride this weekend, seeing lots of fresh powder, and waiting for the eight or nine figure bonus its company will plop into its account this week.

Hunger?  That's something their wife suffers when she wants to fit into that new Size 2 Valentino black cocktail dress, before heading to the gala fundraiser because, well, these people just care so much.

For most market players, the events in Tunis and Cairo/Alexandria/Suez are a world away.  Isolation breeds false thoughts of immunity, even immortality.  It takes a shock to disabuse people of false notions.  When the first banker gets gunned down by an angry man---something I suspect we'll see before Easter---only then will the market be in trouble.  It will seem like high quality 3-D TV, except those mutants really will be in the room.

As is becoming increasingly clear to anyone paying attention, pretty soon there will be no safehaven, so those G650's pre-packed with bugout kits will prove useless.

Odds are growing that the human species is on the brink of a collective 1789/1917.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Chindit, do I hear a cloud in your normally sunny outlook? This is the first I have seen you allude to true tumult as a possibility.

What are you really seeing? Ehhhh?

I've been branded an eschatologist and wear that well. It's been a longish downhill ramp and now we seem to be entering the tight end of the spiral before the big squeeze.

Earth and it's putative ruling elite seem to having a collective upchuck. About time I say.

In a relatedish note, SuuKyi's release was clearly a programmer moment, releasing a long standing tension when it's useful date was past. See Baby Doc's "return" to Haiti, Oprah's long lost half-sister..... connecting the dots nowadays is quite the challenge.

Hope your part of the world is calm, for now. Juntas seem to be having hard times in these times.


chindit13's picture

ORI, I'm not generally sunny so much as resigned to a certain complacency on the part of the masses. Frankly, the last two or three weeks have altered my outlook.  A combination of the street protests, which I expect will spread to Saudi, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Pakistan and maybe your country, and the events in Tucson (a batshit crazy young man who still gives otherwise sane people ideas), suggest to me we have crossed the Rubicon.  This anti-elite, anti-status quo movement, once set free, cannot be put back in the bottle.  People worldwide are sick and tired of a self-selected few taking advantage of them.  If it is stopped in one country it will embolden the masses in every country.  Perhaps I border on hyperbole, but I think we have reached a significant turning point in the history of our species.  If I am one of the elite, I would lay low, no matter the country of my residence. 

The Third Man's picture

Very astute observation. The divergence between the haves and the have-nots has reached a turning point. Throughout history, the playing field is routinely leveled out, or the deck reshuffled. God himself understood this when an allowance was made for a Jubilee. I suspect he knew a little bit more about the selfish tendencies of the human animal than the wisest of us, and placed limits on our behavior in order to help us, "love our neighbor as ourself."

blackbox's picture

So you are definitely buying this dip then Harry?

When will you know which 'dip' not to buy? As this pump job is being bought and to be paid for by future generations of US taxpayers, rather than supported by the fundamentals of a self-sustaining free market, will you also be buying all the dips all the way back down?

Being a European, I'm just trying to understand the mindset of someone in the US who remains so perma-bullish in the face of what is so obviously a huge con job to be paid for by your children and grandchildren.