Schaeffler Financing Complete, Next On Deck: Continental Merger And Lots Of Pain For RBS

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those people are insane: Elisabeth was looking for a government bailout, and Merkl told her to GFYS. Anyone who has a position in this better be looking to short this bitch in the upcoming months, and for all you hedge managers/traders; get you CDS contracts ready; this ones gonna blow.

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Cheeky.  How do you have time to reply to EVERY THREAD?  Are you pushing for a job over at ZEROHEDGE???

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Are they hiring?!?  I'm looking!

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no dude, just don't have anything to do; and i prolonged my vacation for another 2 weeks. so; ill be boring you guys some more.

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Somebody forgot to hack in WFC into the nightly feed.

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Just one little detail:
Schaeffler is originally maker of needle bearings, they bought few years ago the maker of roller bearings FAG and now Continental. Their madness seems to have method.

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well they managed to lose all their money and the company too with this deal so eh

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Blood from a stone. Next leg down anyone?

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