Sean Corrigan Explains Why "This Cannot End Well"

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cannot end well bitchez

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Lehman / WaMu


Put on your radars and think about it.


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I'd hate to see Obama being generous to  Wall Street...

Seriously...could they have had it any better?


Obama Seeks to Mend Fences and Win Back Wall St. Cash By NICHOLAS CONFESSORE 10:19 PM ET

President Obama has started an aggressive push to win back the allegiance of a vital source of campaign donations in 2008.



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need bonzai or someone to put up a pic of Barry O stumbling around in a sailor's suit with a bottle of rum in one hand and throwing money to the four winds with the other.

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Goldman Sachs as #2 contributor to Obama's campaign, three TBTF banks, Morgan Stanley, UBS, couple of elitist Universities all in the top 12; how could Obama possibly be bought or in anyone's pocket?



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Why would the TBTF banks not support Obama. He has given them everything they want, carte blanche if you will.  He is their servant.  I think this is alot of noise over some other less obvious topic in the agenda havign to do with what comes next. 

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Prepare is coming. 

These are the people that will be at your front door!

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Walmart sells a lot of ammo too

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undeniable evidence of the deterioration in the economic environment may coincide with widespread investor distrust to provide a rather salutary end to this latest stage of the Sinomania...

emerging markets bitchez!

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Interesting analysis on China, suggesting they are in real trouble... and not likely to be a world saviour.  Always such conflicting, opposing views about China.  What´s happening with the Baltic Dry Index?  Im going to look at that now, but would welcome comments and interpretations of that.


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Quick research found charts showing the BDI falling against gold, oil and the continuous commodity index. An article suggests that the end of QE2 and the fact that the BDI is around its 2008 lows suggest the end of the commodity boom with the possible exception of gold and silver.  Look like a strong possiblity of a world wide recession to me but Im just a novice trying to understand and protect my meagre wealth.

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The American and European middle classes are no kore. You can see on the charts just how closely China's exports track the banksters' housing bubble. Chinas boom was engineered by the banksters and there are no more factories to offshore. The deindustrialization of Amerika is complete.
Now comes the ugly part.

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I just love the ugly parts of the movie.... tell me more! My guess, as I've posted many times, is major Chinese implosion. There simply is nowhere any more to put all that silly shit they make. The Great American Consumer - engine of world prosperity - aside, seriously....where the fuck ya gonna put all that shit? Well, I guess the Great Leaders will make a way - always do. Get everybody out of the factories and have half dig holes & other half fill 'em in. Full employment. Listen up, O'bummer!

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I know plenty of places "to put all that silly shit they make". Get Creative. Up Al Gore's ass may be a start...


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why you pickin on al?  he never even got to be prez.  how about the last two "poti"?

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Let's see, hmmm, Al Gore.  

He created of the internet.  He sponsored of 'fancied up' global warming based on deliberately altered data.  He was hoping like hell to make a mint off the carbon tax; same Al who flies around in a corporate jet and gets to ride in a limo.... whilst preaching to others how they must reduce their carbon footprint whilst burning many multiples of other's carbon 'allocation.' 

Just because he's didn't get the Prez job doesn't mean he's not a "typical" politician with self-absorbed motives (thanks to tutelage under the Sith Lord Clinton).  

Maybe that's why the writer don't like ole Al ?

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why you pickin on al?  he never even got to be prez.  how about the last two "poti"?

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potties for ex-potis? They'll need it after he's finished with stuffing them full!

I can practically hear him "grunt".

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Sean Corrigan, you are such a Debbie Downer --- I would much rather have breakfast with Leo, or even hang with RobotTrader in his low-rent, freeway-overlooking ghetto studio apartment!  Hell, throw in Methman, Spalding and Texas Shitslinger, and it would REALLY be a party --- we could start our very own ZH chapter of RA (Realists Anonymous).

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  The Chinese can do what ever they want. It's a thing called DEBT SURPLUS. 


          The last time the US of A holes had it on paper was Slick Willys internut accounting in the late nineties.

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be careful what you wish for.  the two prior countries/times where one nation had as much relative foreign exchange/debt surplus were the u.s. in 1929 and japan in 1989.  oops.

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All analysis of his analysis aside: holy crap, can this cat WRITE!

Re the analysis: this won't end well -- yah, I've known it since about five years ago. It pleases me not at all, but I'm ready.

Viva -- Sager

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 ya smell like water and vinagar.

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the profligacy of the state is so retarded.


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 Pro- lifigate?


    Work smarter?

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As the great Marlon Brando once said : when in doubt just clears the mind. Spoken like a true frustrated intellectual who was "labelled" Stanley Kowalski; and suffered from his double personality. Unfortunately, its a two way game when living with wives, not hookers, and it ended often in divorce for those who thought "practice makes perfect"...

I don't know why I'm telling you this...but who's done and said.

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i understood this when i was 3YO and i read.....


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the Kings horses and All the Kings men

Couldnt put Humpty Dumpty back together again

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 Nersury Rymes (Nursery Rhymes).  Interesting?

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You can't have a prosperous society that prints money in forms of debt giving it to the lucky few who piss it away. This is true in the US, Europe and China.

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Let's hope that China isn't really "planning to relieve its banks of up to $450B".


Defaulted loans is what China does need. $250'000 homes in a land of $5000 incomes is not what China needs.


If some of the banks were to go bankrupt this would destroy a bunch of ones and zeros, it would not destroy the incredible manufacturing capacity of China and nor would it destroy the massive human capital and entrepreneurial spirit in the far east and a side effect would be commodity prices falling a huge amount.

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 B/S it will be orderly. 5's and sevens will be next. Then 3's.

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Is it ok if I just read the comments on this one?

I've already had a few beers....and I'm such a lightweight these days

I promise to make a payment the article later.

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  Quit drinking. Jet lag and Mind Set  work the best!

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Risk Assets are rolling over in Asia again.

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Well golly, with all those new FBI powers to just root around in anyone's business without rhyme, reason or cause, I'm sure all those banksters will be shaking in their boots to amend their ways.

Its official. 

Call the FBI the "Secret Police" from now on.

Hear and see that?

That's your country going down the drain.



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  You are Multi Vowell.   Get it?  B- some thing?

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The lust of the greedy narcissists worldwide is setting up the rest of the world for a world war.


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"The war of the buttons" ...great film.

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 'greedy narcissists'

Like that asshole who continually posts pictures of himself with his articles on ZH.