Second Highest Weekly Short Covering Spree In Euro Contracts Follows Drop In Commercial Gold Shorts

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The most recent CFTC Commitment of Traders report confirms our expectations that there was a major short covering squeeze in Euros. In fact, with net short positions declining to -38,909, or a 34,761 drop in contracts week over week, this was the second biggest short covering rampage in EURs in recent years. The only bigger one occurred 4 weeks ago, when 50k net short contracts were covered. The current net short speculative interest outstanding is back to early February 2010 levels. Keep in mind that precisely a month ago, on June 8, we saw the biggest net number of EUR short contracts on record at 111,945. All weak hands have now been shaken out, and without any marginal sellers, a long USD positions would be counterintuitive sense, especially with Goldman and CS selling the other side of the trade.

Other notable CFTC observations: net JPY long positions just hit a 2010 high at 37,926, as CHF and GBP net shorts are at several month lows. It appears the entire speculative community is easing out of foreign FX shorts and refocusing efforts on shorting the dollar.

Lastly, in the precious metals category, commercial gold shorts dropped materially. Net gold commercial shorts dropped by 40k contracts to -249.1, as over 15% of the entire commercial open interest was covered in the past week. That could help explain the dramatic drop in gold as banks unwound existing paper short hedges as end users were selling their gold holdings. Gross commercial gold positions dropped by 30k from 482k to 452k.

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If you hold physical it does not matter. The upward trend is intact.

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+1000....... It's time we took back control from the gangsters/banksters/political traitors in DC........

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 The message is powerful. But who to carry it's power forward?

Fundamentalist Christianism? This would substitute one overlord for another. How about the people. Plain and simple - the people with their own voices. They do not need interpretation through politicians, self professed righteous zealots or leaders of opportunity. The people will decide who they wish to give them voice. The masses are slow to move, but once moving there is no power on earth to stop the momentum. Be wise indeed!

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We tried a magic negro. Maybe a gay or lesbian?

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Leave it to Carl Marks to thwart the call to the masses. Hilarious.

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Unfortunately, you are unaware of what "fundamentalist" christianity actually would be (by the very definition) - does "love thy neighbour as thyself" sound like setting up an overlord over others?  Not stealing, lying, murdering etc?  Wouldn't you rather be surrounded by those that actually cared than by a bunch of coyotes (or pirhanas)?

Not that the religious fruitloops haven't destroyed any credibility of chrisitianity these days, so you can be excused for your view!

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The Christians who founded this nation sought to escape the tyranny of a national church.  True Christians do not seek to force people to do anything, as God does not either, you are free to choose heaven or hell. 

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great song thanks for sharing....i replyed it 5 times...

someone got to send it to Glenn Beck...he should play it at the beggining and end of each show (even if it is for few seconds...i am america...)

thats what I like about Zero got Tyler and the crew the best of course and always on top of things, but also, there are some really smart people participating here (just to show my bias...CD tops my list)....sorry, i am not your level to contribute but really enjoy keeping up with what is going in these really "interesting times" as the chinese proverb goes...

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"End users selling their holdings".  Is there any way to determine if this paper or physical gold holdings? I take it he doesn't mean there was a short squeeze on gold with the price going down.

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Feds can't back out now, there is not other option till they fall dead or pump as much as they need.

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The market = Who's on first, What's on second, I don't know is on third. Good luck Tyler trying to figure out the Market. You got your hands full.

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That was a huge one day drop in commercial Gold shorts.  Commercial Silver shorts dropped a lot too but by a lesser degree.  Bodes well for PMs.

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So the glass is less full, but it still looks like a very big glass.

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Casey Research says the gold buying season is nowhere near over. They figure gold is going to be weak for a few more weeks.

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Rome wasn't built in a day.  It'll take some more runs upward and slams back down for the banks to get the shorts down to manageable levels.  The physical shortages are coming and they need to position themselves as best they can.

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The big shorts may go big long very fast.  They are sure to want to get in while the gettings good.  At some point keeping the Fed and Treasury happy are trumped by self interest.

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yeah right....just when none expects it is just going to rush through....thats how big money moves...nonexpected

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 record net euro short of -113.890 contracts seen May 11, 2010.

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Since when does short covering cause a drop in price?

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I was trying to figure that out too.

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understand what people do..


they sell at the bottom and buy at the top.....LOL

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Thanks so  much for your consistent and timely reporting Ty...makes ZH stand out head and shoulders above the fray on the net....

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