Is The SEC's Insider Trading Case Implicating FrontPoint A Sting Operation Aimed At S.A.C. Capital?

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what's with the google charts lately? TD cutting back Bberg costs?


second look, my bad, where are those from anyways? I've seen them before.

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That's not google. That's CapIq.

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thank you kindly sir, there's another site, i'm digging, which shows crazy short sells vs. comps. I'll find it soon enough.

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always wondered how you get the bberg charts. hope they are not making a humble blogger pay their full blown rape prices

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20K per year. it hurts. but so worth it.

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by dark pools of soros
on Thu, 11/04/2010 - 22:09


kike on kike crime


And you were actually becoming an enjoyable read.  It's always right there for you, isn't it?


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zhid works for me.

more on the letter of 5,000:

judaism is a vast criminal enterprise disguised by a

(very) thin veneer of religion.

wish i could take credit for that quote.

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Good for you.  21 weeks on ZH - you might want to get a better feel for where this site has been and where it's going. I think you'll find that, for the most part, this kind of battle was fought some time ago.  As such, those who still harbor their beliefs have toned down the rhetoric - and the rest have moved on.  Stick around.

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I think CNBC just got material for a new American Greed episode.

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I think we will see more of this.  Fraud inspired by revenge/backstabbing.  Someone wanted to extort SAC and the go-between was this Rabbi.  They are all going to start turning on each other!

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Who does "Internal Affairs" for the FDA and other government entities? $50,000/year employee possesses info worth millions per hit, dozens of times over per year.

Hedge fund spies penetrating government agencies? Easy! They already have the Treasury and SEC. FDA? Just a side thought. 

Good stuff TD.


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I believe S. Cohen has been implicated through emails in previous illegal activity and never been prosecuted.  The most that will ever come of this is a fine amounting to a small portion of his gains.  A RICO prosecution with 20 year jail sentences would go a long way towards getting people to will never happen cause the tenacles go all the way to top IBs and FDA officials who have been leaking information for years.  WS owns Obama, and Obama directs the Justice Dept. and the laughable SEC. 

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Slobber.... you're talking about the Conehead here!

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wowwww pulling out the big guns for your libby friends TD? is this payback for stevie hitting for the 'pubs this time? i mean come on this has been "pricing in" for a long time. not that i give a flying **** this SOB should have gone down a long time ago, just the timing is suspect

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and also, the SEC doesn't do 'sting' they do 'fund raising' and 'networking'

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Which does googling for porn count as again?

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Wait...Healthcare scandal?

The lives and savings of generations of hard working real people played with like chess pieces (checkers?  marbles?  spitballs?).

The complicit are on the East Coast on Wall Street and/or Washington?

We can't blame Bush?  We can't blame Obama?  This happens all the time no matter what judges or politicians or police we have in power?

omg...where's my SOMA!?!?

That, or get me some fine hemp to make a glorious noose, or two, or three, or...


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smoke it and have a better day

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You might as well sue god because you will get the same result.

Good luck with that.

BTW - Lick my balls.

Steve owns you and yo momma (no for real, he owns your mom...and that lawyer trying to sue...yea he owns his mom too)

If you're reading this...yup...he owns yo momma too

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Classic.  Some stories just can't surpass real life.  PSI's, if ever written in full on all this would make for epic reading as well

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Sue the FED for market manipulation

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SEC - what do they do?

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Jew bashing makes this site look like a whack job hang out. The information being disseminated here is important. Tyler(s) is putting out something that very strongly resembles journalism. 

CUT THE SHIT, please.

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So this is what real journalism looks like. Thank you, Tyler, and you too, Tyler, and also Tyler.

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"CUT THE SHIT, please."


I'll stand with you on that one.  ZH is gathering some mainstream legs, why lop 'em off?

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Apparently, the poster who just did a drive-by junking doesn't get it. Stick around and add something useful, buddy. Have a pleasant day.


full disclosure:  I am a Jew.

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I would assume the Fed are trying to flip a more reliable witness before bringng charges.

umop episdn's picture

I would assume that 'someone' is covering up yet another crime. Rule of law...we can not haz.

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Nothing like a couple of racist idiots marginalizing a really well done piece.  Thanks for doing this.  Maybe someone at a regulator will actually start to do their job.  All anyone has to do is follow the money (as you point out) and then the information.  Maybe a few of the sacred cows will get sacraficed, but the system will be better off. 

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I sniffed out the Big Sting last year when one Ponzi scam in particular implicated about 9 SEC commissioners (can't remember the exact number).  From that point on, anytime the SEC appeared to be ignoring this ponzi or that one - or this hedge fund or insider trade or whatever - I presumed the guilty parties were operatives blessed by the Squid Nexus, and in the case of the victims, their carefully and deliberately chosen targets.

This will clinch it for me: I suspect Madoff will be pardoned someday, presuming HIS faction "wins." He was a loyal soldier who did his job. Hint: Look who he targeted. What did they have in common and most importantly what were their politics? Who had their loyalty?

You do know that bankster factions do these things to each other all the time, right?  This has been going on ever since the first Rothschild ponzied (one could say enronized) its first kingdom. I call it the NeverendingWar between the Krauts and the Crown.

Of course with all the mergers (marriage+business) it's all grown terribly complicated.  There are multiple factions working at cross purposes to each other by now. Identifying who's who has turned into a big game for me, despite the fact I know I probably get it wrong every time (no way to tell in any case).  Bottom line: The factions are bitterly cutting down each others' money trees, and we get to watch. Don't be too quick to choose sides, though: They all suck.  They're ALL above the law.

Rail at the pirates at Goldman all you want, but honestly: You don't know who they're fighting. They could be worse. I promise that if you're just one of millions of lumpen-investors, it's really not you the Squid Nexus is after. They're actually propping up your 401K while the enemy factions trying to hack the US into bits and hoover up the pieces and - seriously - even after 3 years of watching I still don't know whether to scream or cheer.

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"O.K., two guys from Wall Street and a Rabbi meet in a bar and......"

Looks like this all started off like another bad joke, only this joke is on us.

tom's picture

good snooping

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SAC & Cohen have received much interest on the deepcapture website over the years.  I'm sure all pure coinkydink...

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well I wonder if SAC was behind

the bullcrap pulled on Friday on AVNR

hope they get caught in the SEC sting

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Cohen is a mafia boss in hedge fund manager clothing. He makes Rajuratnam look like a hillbilly. Like any clever mafia boss Cohen does his dirtiest work through fronts and operatives who are ostensibly independent or employed by others, so my guess is that was the role Skowron and to some extent Frontpoint were playing. And it seems like somebody somehow working for Cohen felt shafted and tried to get even using this Balkany. Hard to say if Cohen will ever be prosecuted. I'm skeptical. 

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I'm skeptical too. In fact, since it hasn't happened by now, I don't want to know what kind of scam or market calamity it would take to take a guy like Cohen down.

It's all just another perfect example of what a shithole the financial markets really are, and why the little guy doesn't stand a chance of gaining anything from it. That's why I'm doing my best now to get my investments out to a safer place. I know this is what Warren Buffett meant when he said that 95% of all people invested in the stock market shouldn't be there.