Senate Nears Debt Ceiling Consensus Which Demands Change In CPI Definition

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I gues I have to ask why we don't just freeze cost increases to Dr's and Insurance Co's for medical costs....oh forgot that they are helping to write this bill....duhoooo

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That and price controls are a guaranteed to create a shortage of services.

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Orly? So in the countries where they have socialised medicine, (UK, France, Australia,Canada,etc) there are no doctors right?

Strange .... I haven't noticed a doctor shortage ... but I guess all those US doctors wouldjust just throw away their education, residency, practice and go become wall street bankers if the government ever interfered with their god given human right to charge whatever they wanted.

I guess thats why Americans who live in the North East never cross the border to Canada for medical services, because of Canada's horrendous doctor shortage. Someone better tell Canada about how they could get some more doctors by implementing the US model.



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This is REALLY getting ridiculous.  The Senate is so old and behind the curve of technology that they think they can make these changes (the same types of "changes" they have been making for decades) - except now technology can follow their every move - and can tell America in REAL TIME how they are being screwed....Americans NEED NEED NEED to wake up and start lambasting their congress-idiots.  I truly hope for congresspeople to experience the pain that normal Americans are feeling.


Rage against the Machine, people.

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Rage is Un-american activity. Rather, tell the old people they should sacrifice themselves for the Federation, since they're gonna die soon anyway, they get to be soldiers - for free and die for the fatherly HomeLand - in Iran, or where ever!

Ask not what the HomeLand can do for you, but what you can do for it.

That's the American spirit. One collectivist tribe uber alles.

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If it is coupled with a take-a-bankster-or-two-with-you-when-you-go program, I think you might have a Wynner.

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"Your city thanks you; your country thanks you; your planet thanks you. But the deepest thanks of all is from future generations."

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I think the machines won the last round and are still fresh as daisies.


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"and are still fresh as daisies..."

OTOH... In the end... some 'daisies' prove to be just a little too high strung...

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The old coots think they can enter a Model T and win the Indy 500!

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Yes, do to them what they have been doing to the country for years. 

repeat after me "disdain, disrespect, discredit, disrepute..."

Not that they need any help.  the congress is cerainly doing a bang up job all on their own. 


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grandma should have saved her own money instead of blowing it on woodstock and Cocaine and expecting the goverment to take care of her

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IF Grandma worked, SHE did save(forced SSI/FICA)............the Government spent Granny's money, and now they are going to bend her over yet again.

Got Vasoline?.


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This is not in jest: Real study by BLS:

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

First Quarter 2011

  • Consumer Expenditure Survey: Do two live as cheaply as one? Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey (HTML) (PDF)
O RLY? Part II:
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If Grandma thought SSI/FICA were the savings she would live off of through retirement then she isn't very bright to begin with.

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if grandma wasent dumb and trust her goverment then we would have no problems

Under the Supreme Court Case Helvering v. Davis case. On November 12, 1936, "(Social Security payments) are not earmarked for any special purpose." They are (Social Security payments) "true taxes, their purpose being simply to raise revenue . . . available for the general support of Government." This was a Supreme Court decision questioning the constituionality of Social Security

you been lied to bitchez!

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SS = separate taxation and welfare programs

Unfortunately few understand this.

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I always thought it funny that it has the same initials as Schutzstaffel (i.e. of 1939-1945 fame). 

Anyways, I believe the Supreme Court "had to" say that it is a tax which the govt is authorized to levy.  Otherwise, it amounts to taking of property without due process, a violation of the 5th amendment.

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@Doszap: Bullshit.  Grandma has gotten way more out of the system than she has contributed.  Moreover, we abandonned gold as our money on her watch.

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I have put a couple of hundred K into that system.BY FORCE,no choice,it's mine,it was a contract,has been since inception.

My beef is not that it's not that it take it's share,but to hit the least able in our culture to absorb it, is insanity.

The argument of recieving more back than put in applied to MY parents generation,and their parents.Not boomers born after WWII.

You get back a % of whatever you put in.....................I / we did not have a say in those rules either, did we?.

I do not expect younger people to get our mores, and value systems are far apart.

 Besides, any way THEY or YOU want to see it,it's MY money, my earnings, by my sweat of the brow,and I fully intend  to get it one way or the other.

I have yet to recieve one dime back,newsflash to all politicians,get ready for a lubeless f75698ng in 2012.

Wait till the older voters hit the booths.

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Give up the belief you paid into an intricate system which somehow guarantees you a return.

You paid the money to the then-retired, and you got a Social Security Trust shoebox full of worthless promises that enough money can/will be extracted from future generations to pay your pension when you are retired. If this won't be possible... politicians will come up with some nice excuses. We're now in the opening ceremony for that game.

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Your argument for financial justice, DosZap, is the one that will echo from the Atlantic to the Pacific if this Social Security revision nonsense gets anywhere near passage. If anyone thinks the political backlash from Murdochgate is big, wait till this one whips through Congress.

Former House Speaker Tip O’Neill didn’t call Social Security the third rail of American politics for nothing; he knew more than anyone that Social Security is murderous to touch.

This banker-run government is going through a process of unwinding Western civilization—the people are fighting the same exploiters—the banker-corporate connection. If the fight now begins in earnest, my bet is on the American People.

As for the U.S. Senate targeting the elderly, the historian Albert Toynbee concluded from his study of the world’s great civilizations that a society's quality and durability can best be measured “by the respect and care given its elderly citizens.”

The bankers have almost exclusive say about how America’s government is run, operating as private investment houses while bestowing upon themselves gifts from the U.S. Treasury with no-risk, too-big-to-fail privileges, pumping high-risk investments into no-risk largess backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. taxpayer.

And if they now have to loot the taxpayers and the old folks and later-to-be-old folks to do it by cannibalizing and bastardizing Americans' paid-up Social Security Trust Fund, so be it say the supporters of Chained-CPI fraud. The Obama-Goldman Sachs-Robert Rubin road map for social security “reform” has long been to increase the retirement age while cutting benefits. We'll see if Congress has the fortitude to just say the bankers. 

Well said, DosZap. 

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gramps done had 65 years to figure out how to protect himself... if he doesnt like the system he should call his people


ask me its better than mandatory health insurance at penalty of law for 18yr olds that cant buy beer legally


old folks are better suited to withstand actuarial oppresion.... kids just want to set shit on fire and chase girls when they revolt

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Please somebody explain to me why are Republicans are so eager to help Obama be reelected? Any idea?

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For the millionth, billionth, trillionth, quadrillionth, etc fucking time..........




Even with the re-election of that stupid fuck, the people who are sponging off the system to everyone else's detriment will continue to enjoy said lifestyle.


And one more time for the slow learners.......


D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T = R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N = F-U-C-K - T-H-E - C-I-T-I-Z-E-N-S


JFC I get tired of repeating myself

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I hear ya loud and clear, problem is I think I may be the only one listening!

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Spot on! At the end of the day both repukenicans and democraps have drinks at the same country club congratulating one another on another hard days work shoving it up the ass of the plebians.

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True enough. Democrats have become Republicans. However, Republicans have not become Democrats. That's why they're the same.

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Inflation what Inflation ?

What we got here is a  fangled deflation index

The real plan is clarifying: put the doc's and hospitals on a nice steady cost deflation glidepath, and guess what, all of a sudden it sucks being a doctor. head to the back of the line grannie, now shaddup and eat yer strained peeze.

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Grandma will be fine. CPI change will reflect the fact Government will slap price controls on the cost of the large cardboard boxes she and you will be living in under the overpass. Inflation in cost of "housing" will be zero.

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Also, I suspect TIPS investors will get the hose if this new CPI is approved -- look for good old "inflation" to FukushiMorph into "explosive decompression" when those principle hikes don't get paid.

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Anybody stupid enough to buy gov debt tied to a gov generated inflation index... well that's stupid squared.

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This should also free up XOM and the like to ramp gasoline prices higher for sale to overseas market without impacting cpi.. folks will switch from cars to bicycles to get around.. see inflation is chained down nicely. I'm looking foward to /XRB skying on this news.

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Quick, somebody show that the new inflation index is based on faulty methodology!

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And we welcome the United States to the ranks of an official banana republic.

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Big yellow banana on a chartreuse background may as well be USA's new flag.

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Just replace the 50 stars with one big banana.

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Top Kill,

NO 57 Bananas...........our POTUS thinks he's the ruler of the Arab states.

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Those banana's will look jummy with a red background, yellow half moon and a golden sickle.

It will look so great!


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That'd be an awesome T-shirt!  When/where will you be selling said awesome T-shirts?   


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What a bunch of assholes. Any time you hear any of them say "over 10 years" you know they are fucking liars because it's utterly meaningless.

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It is laughable isn't it? If this were to really create a public uproar, I would imagine either party would try and rally support by rolling the offending parts back.

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Saying they're cutting 3.7T is equally absurd.

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Even if it were true, 3.7T over ten years is 370B a year, and the USG is 14.3T in the hole.

lol, wtf?

I would love to call the Credit Card company and say "Yeh, sure I owe you 100 grand, but I am planning to pay back 25 grand of that over the next ten years ... while I still use my Credit Card."

Who are the USG's creditors?


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Bureau of Lying Statisticians