Senator Ted Kaufman's Final Remarks On Market Structure And Integrity

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Silver hit 21.92. It just won't stop.

At least he can watch the currency crash from home.

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What if the fed raises.interest rates unexpectedly and for a undetermined duration. Say to 5%.
Then when gold is sold on the open market the fed buys all it can
And continues to raise rates and buy gold until a rebalance is attained 1980 all over again-

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Cant. How would we service the interest on our 14T debt with 5% rates and everything in Tbills now? Cant happen. This is end game. Enjoy the show.

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Agreed currency market crash is in progress. How long it takes is anybodys guess but I think it will become painfully obvious that it's under way within a week or so.

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The marketplaces have been sold to the highest bidders. 

The market belongs to them. It's theirs. They bought it. 

America has owners. 

We're not them. 

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"we owe it to the millions of families who have their savings in the markets and to the businesses that rely on the markets for the capital that they need to survive and grow to make sure that our markets function properly."


well sen. levin if you "owe it"  we want it now.  what are you waiting for 

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all your marketplaces are belong to us, make your time...

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Market keeps getting stronger.

Those oil driller stocks which were very weak lately are now taking off.

Looks like steel stocks are also trying to run, NUE pays a dividend of 3.8%, sure beats those Uncle Gorilla 10-yr. loans paying 2.5%.

And on top of that that "Eddie Munster" Joe Terranova says "short financials"...


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The finacials are the *tell* follow the money...

A quick ramp before the floor drops out .








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Robo, would you just stop.  Your act is tired.

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Since you insist on cherry picking:

Keep in mind, these are "gas station coffee" guys, should be a hell of a lot more stable than this.  Why the big miss, Robo?  Care to explain away this one?

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This self serving true american like all of us should ride off into the sunset, as should every single elected official every election cycle, my chemical engineer neighbor told me once "Vote the bastard out and vote the new bastard in, that way they can do the least damage". I totally agree, at least with a fresh crop of parasitic do nothings, the lobbyists will have to work harder before they tell the working class dogs to bend over , or a quote from the 60-70's BOHICA

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I think calling Kaufman 'self serving' is a little rough.  He appears to be one of the few with the intellect and sincerity to actually have a positive impact on trying to fix the issues. 

Sure, we can start fresh every 2, 4 and 6 years with a new set of corporate sponsored people in office.  That wouldn't give the lobbyists even more control now would it, "Congressman, this is good for the $%^&% industry and good for America...and how would you like to ______(fill in the blank:  work for us, have a seat on our board, etc) after they vote you out next election.

Hey, I'm not a fan of system but, there are some guys who actually take an interest in a subject and try to fix the problems and I think the Senate and the Markets are going to be worse off without a guy like Kaufman.

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He can leave with his head held higher than the highest high frequency trader, just not as fast.

I hope it doen't take ten years to get some restraints put through congress.

 It takes a while to get by the aisles in congress when Barney and Dodd are bending over taking a high one frequently by the Big Bangsters.

 They can't get their pants up because their wallets are bulging too much.

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I'm counting on you to apply the same criticism when the Republicans move into office and get the same bend over treatment.  Somehow I feel like you're going to disappoint me.

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No worries. No allegiance any party except my own- Anarchican- get rid of everyone and start over(except Paul)

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Not to worry, in 10 years there may not even be a Congress.

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Czars Bitches!


(sorry, I had to join in just once. I promise it won't happen again)

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After listening to his farewell speech, sounds like any other blood sucking politician.

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"the retail investing class, which accounts for a vast majority of the stock market's capitalization"

Huh? Who is this "retail investing class"?  

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The only way to teach the prime brokers that hft is bad is to nail them a few times by rigging the markets so they lose big $$$

The only entity big enough to that is the fed
/ treasury

Here' s hoping it will

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could of, would of, should of

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Soon, everything will be back to normal, where the only guaranteed outcome of any stock trade is a loss.

Literally untrue as a short sale is a trade, as is a purchase of an inverse ETF.  But in general, I agree.  FV on SPY 70-75, with overshoot easily can see 50.

Ref on FV  (averages q and CAPE):