Senior NOAA Scientist Admits He Lied That Gulf Spill Oil Is Gone, Puts Administration's Spill-Disclosure "Credibility" In Question

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Bush's fault, bitchez.

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Personally I blame mother nature for being so selfish as not to provide ample supply of whales for oil harvesting and making their oil burn dirty.

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Nuclear whales would provide almost endless energy.

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What if we send the whales through an intrinsic field subtractor?

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insert maniacal laughter here

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" Personally I blame mother nature for being so selfish as not to provide ample supply of whales for oil harvesting and making their oil burn dirty."

CWOB.....clean whale oil bitches!!!!!

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Prescott Bush's fault bitchez's picture
Senior NOAA Scientist Admits He Lied

pulled a pinocchio†

The name Pinocchio is a Tuscan word meaning "pine nut"

i can loving be called, your little pine nut.

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Tinfoil Hatz, Bitchez!



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Ya mean Moses' "burning bush?"

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I thought Barry sent SWAT Teams armed with REALLY big sponges...what happened?...LOL.

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To the moron posting above, they cant blame Bush for something that happened this year and was a result of the obamanation administration.

IF it ever had any credibility, it sure is gone now. I'm not sure anyone outside MSNBC and Hollywood still believe in the Annointed One.

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To the moron posting above, they cant blame Bush for something that happened this year


Here, maybe this will help:

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Fucktard, who was president when they bluffed through the inspections on that Macondo well?

Hint: if he made a movie with his dad, they could call it the Wimpy and Chimpy Hour.


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Calling a foul here.

Ronnie had the chimp.  Look it up.  Was he a wimp?  Kinda.  But still, watch it with the historical chimp references.  Some of us care about these things.

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John Harwood and Steve Liesman didn't follow Dylan to MSNBC did they?

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Getting junked and loving it, bitchez!

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Go post on any Middle East thread and see what it is like to get junked big time.

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Thanks much you buzz kill.


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They should stop serving drinks after 9:00 here at Zero Hedge.

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I was going to edit previous post regarding the 9:00 am or pm but I don't think it matters on this site.

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" Administration's Spill-Disclosure "Credibility" In Question"..


   There is no credibility, no question.


    Next question.

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Who in their "right" minds was gonna believe that over 4Million BBLs (?) of oil were just gonna get sucked up by starfish??

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They found the reason, why it does not look to be there:

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They threw tons of "dispersant" on it to make it sink. Then they said: "There you go! all gone!"

The dispersant is toxic as hell for all forms of life. "There you go! all gone!"

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its time that those responsible were made to go out and swim in the fresh corexit filled gulf for a while -- there, enjoy the cool gulf water -- refreshing!

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Call the Guinness Book.. The Gulf of Mexico is now the World's Largest Lava Lamp

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When they first announced it was gone, I asked "where the hell did it go then?"  It didn't just disappear.  Who in their right mind, couldn't tell they were lying trying to pump BP stock that was falling off the crater.

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There was no leak to begin with. It was a bad dream.

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"these aren't the droids your looking for...."


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Remember, the media doesn't question the White House now. No more hardball questions. Wouldnt want the public to see through this farce.

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Yet another conspiracy "theory" proven to in fact be a conspiracy.

The list is getting long.

Now back to American Idol.

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Shit, I remember playing Deus Ex back before 9/11 and thinking how farfetched it all seemed. How little I knew.'s picture

i tried to buy an Aladdin lamp mantle today at a hardware store, guess what, no mantles since february. conspiracy, maybe. or else everyone is buying survival supplies, and they know it. b u s t e d. curious, what happens when the lights get turned out?

I did a little research and found the press release below, dated 2/10/2010, from the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company. Apparently, there has been a shortage of mantles for some time. The company is attempting to rectify the problem.

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Just wait till there is shortages of Lithium and Seroquel !!'s picture

go to ORVIS hot springs. you can go in naked too. it is outside ouray colorado. you know where the ugly bitchez ayn rand went when coming to america.

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I think it is about time for some impeachments to begin!!!!!!!  I know, like myself, millions of other people across this nation are tired of the lies being spewed out of this government. 

Impeachment= Change we can believe in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Obummer... make like a Palin tree and leave early...

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She is a total demogague bully.  Just like Barry.  Just like Bush.  Just like Bill.  Just like Poppy.  Just like..... Sarah Palin: Worst governor ever?: