Sergey Aleynikov Gets 8 Year Prison Sentence

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The man who singlehandedly almost stole Goldman's algorithm that could "manipulate markets" (p 8, lines 4-7) is now the person with the biggest prison sentence to come out of the entire financial crisis. Sergey Aleynikov has just gotten a 97 month sentence for doing absolutely nothing but copying some Goldman code that would likely never be recreated by anyone. In the meantime the bank execs who should be in jail, are currently benefiting from their coopted Fed to allow them to collect taxpayer-funded dividend payments. Justice may be blind, but not in America, where its eyes have been unfortunately poked out. On the other hand, at least Aleynikov did not get the gas chamber...

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The Pigmen will always bend the rules and screw the little guy.

Learn it, love it, trade it.


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Bisouuuuuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bitches!

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No way one of the Wall Street crooks will ever go to jail. 

Nerdy libertarians need to deal with it. 

GS, JPM and the FED will still exist in 50 years, and Ben Bernanke will end his life in tranquillity and wealth. 

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     FREE  SERGEV !!




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Free the open source guy.. C+

and then Hang the Pigmen for Treason on the White House Lawn.. Let CNBC cover hanging Cramer and Liesman!

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I told you I was looking for a free rent...

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As we will end our lives in chaos and filth.

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Not if I have anything to say about it.

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No we haven't had our eyes poked out, we have all been wearing "upside-down glasses" and engaging in willful "perceptual adaptation"

since the RayGun years.

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I'm looking for a free rent too. But I know I need to wait before the (jury trial) muppet show.

Long (waiting), but not boring.

No work, hundred chicks, silver bullions and plenty of toilet paper.

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That's Amerika* for ya'!

[Amerika, formerly known as America]

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Market is closed.  It's Miller Time!  Na zdorovie, komrads!!!!

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This shows how firmly GS is embedded into the government.

Not a single work what the programm actually does...


For me, a programm like this screws us traders who have no idea against who you're trading.

How can we compete with a computer programm that has infinite resources to counter our moves?


Unless you have a bloomberg terminal, all your data is delayed by a minimum of a few seconds or minutes.

They get it real time...

They can act in microseconds

At least I don't...

They have the inside info

I don't...

This stockmarket is like watching the "pro wrestling" competions...

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Justice seems to be a relative thing these days.

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Yeah with the right "Relatives" you have immunity

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The punishment was for crime by a Free Radical against the Corporation. Sergey, Bradley, and Julian are trying to ruin it for the old boy network; what justice can you expect for just us?

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did some of the code pinksterz got nekkid  over truth abt bradleymanning's treatment.  no foggy bottoms, there!  video at 11!

also this weekend:  code pink bingo buses to quantico as marines close ranks.  [Mar 20, 2011] Rally to Support Bradley Manning (Quantico Marine Base, Virginia) | Why We Protest | Activism Forum


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Uh no, actually its

"Bend over Sergey! Welcome to Kansas state penn.

My name is "Precious" and I"m gonna rock your hairy little world"

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

He should have gotten a lawyer who knows how to play the game. He would have done better trying to plead it out to get less time.


No parole in a Fed pen either.

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i'm sure they did not offer him a good deal.  the US attorney knows who their bosses are.

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You don't fuck with Lloyd!

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There will be a tipping point, after which, it will be open season on Lloyd and his ilk.  I feel the pressure building like a reactor going supercritical.

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Stealing IP is a crime, dumbass.  Should've taken money instead.

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With dozen of wi-fi hubs, a jury can (and will) debate the issue.

I remember a cop came to me when I was on a boardwalk and told me I was stealing IP with my laptop. I told him I was fucking Nancy across the street, and that she allowed me to penetrate her network as well.

When the cop finally accept to leave, I notice the donuts box in the car. I knew right away he was divorced.

That stupid asso doesn't even know that silver is going to 130$.

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There's that word America again, makes me want to vomit every time i see or hear the word. Hopefully won't be long now before that unfortunate blight is resigned to history.

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WTF...just WTF.  8 years for that???

Meanwhile Dick Flud got what?  Mozillo got what?  Paulson? 

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but they all got bonuses...

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Don't fret it. He is sampling the new fema camps.  Just not high enuff and not enuff cash to pass go, collect 200 dollars. Landed on prison place.

THe monopoly of future should be more representative and have a pile of debt notes, less cash and prison for the poor loser.

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Sakarhov comes home

uno's picture

wonder how much the judge was paid

MaldelBot's picture

I don't know. 


What is the going rate for shabbas goy?

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We all deserve the injustice we tolerate.

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This should only suprise you if you actually believe there's still justice in this country.  I'd weep for you, except I'm too numb to care.

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His own damn fault for not having enough lobbying power in Washington. Congressmen need yachts too, you guys.

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I find your comment amusing, because it's true.

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Yup. Corporate personhood...isn't anonymous getting on this? 

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All clear.  Everybody back in the pool...

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That the one on top of Fukushima Daiichi No. 3?

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Yep enjoy the refreshing "hot springs" before they're gone.

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Goldman can manipulate the markets...that's perfectly legal...anybody else...Jail! Very "godlike".

"You know, I rather like this God fellow. Very theatrical, you know. Pestilence here, a plague there. Omnipotence... gotta get me some of that."

Stewie Griffin

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It's not that Sakarhov got an unjust sentence (he didn't). It's that he is the only one. This crime with out punishment will destroy us all (with a long enough time line).

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No judgement is 'just' unless it's equally enforced.  It's like an oxymoron.

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So true; Now the issue is to equally enforce the law. Then there is anarchy (not my option).

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Stealing someone else's code = 8 years

Stealing someone else' money = record bonus

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Just like killing corporate heads at Goldman equals "murder, while killing for the Marines equals "Medals."

"Morality" and "legality" all depends who your boss is now.