Shareholder Sues Berkshire, Buffett And Sokol (And Munger) Over Alleged Lubrizol Frontrunning

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Mr. Mason Kirby is about to suffer an "accident".

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Further proof that "the root of all evil" can affect even the worlds' largest philanthropist.



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I can't believe no one has said this yet:

Suck it up, boys!

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It's: "suck it in and cope".

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"It takes a lifetime to earn a reputation, and 5 minutes to lose it." (WB)

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dont this guy know you dont fuck with made men?

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Even made men make like Johnny Roselli take the trip and end up in a 9 pieces floating in a barrel off Santa Monica or like Jimmy Hoffa in a barrel that dont float.

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Didnt they hear?  Warren Buffet wrote in his press release upon the resignation of Sokol, he was not going to speak of this anymore and anyone who has questions should see the press release.

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Yeah and his credibility will suffer every time he defers to that.

He lives in the wannabes and kiss asses attention. Oh savings and wise investments get you rich like him? No, just the same Ol fuck em over fraud.

Put him in with madoff and let them be poker buddies, in both ways

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Yeah, Warren and Charlie are just going to send the Memo to court - no attorneys, no company representatives, no defendants...  Yeah, the Memo appears before the judge and the case gets dismissed on demurrer.  The Memo doesn't say or do anything - just sits there, propped up on the defendant's table.  The judge grants the defendant's  demurrer with the exclamation, "The defendant is Warren Buffet, dammit! - CASE DISMISSED! Get this shit out of my courtroom!!!!"  Then as he leaves the bench he shoots the Memo with the hand-pistol gesture and mouths the words, "good job - you da man! - Thus another day of Justice in Gov Inc f/k/a the USA is fulfilled.



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Good for him, hopefully it goes somewhere.

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I think Warren knows Brobama....and Becky Quick's throat.

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My heart pumps piss for all of those involved.
The lawyers, the litigants, the whole fucking lot of 'em.
Fuck them all.

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Guess this means he should spend roughly 100 times as long in jail as Martha Stewart did.

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Shakedown, bitchez!



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Yeah don't forget about Munger, I distrust that man more than the whole rest of the Berkshire crew. And remember even if buying gold works, your a jerk!

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Buffett...survivorship bias. (the math in CAPTCHA is getting easier)

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...more like Ben Graham long term value investing (the only free lunch) + the float (free money).

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All of his investments are either closely regulated (how do you spell regulatory capture) oligopolies or live in the financial theft-o-sphere.

Fuck that Graham and Dodd bullshit, it's a con. 
He's a top money boy in banksterdom.

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Maybe, but for the most part it's nothing you couldn't have owned too (what's your 40yr record?) and G&D is, empirically, not bullshit:

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Good luck with that lawsuit.

I think Buffett is unnecessarily making himself look like a sleazeball here but it's likely that Sokol acted within the letter of the law.

Insider trading laws are pretty screwy and apply differently to transactions in different types of securities.  And enforcement is pretty much a joke anyway. Be interesting to see what the Raj actually gets slapped with.

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Enforcement IS a joke. Besides, the regulators are too busy looking at porn, while everyone knows that the White House/Pentagon prefer child porn.

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And to think all this started just because Becky asked for some lubricant.

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Mercury's right.  Break up BRK.  Parts stronger than whole.  


Buffett peaked just after The Who, Rolling Stones, or Pink Floyd.  

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Stop The Presses! Radical shift disclosed by Reuters:

Fed Unveils Proposal on Mortgage Standards- Reuters

Lenders would be required to make sure prospective borrowers have the ability to repay their mortgages before giving them a loan, under a proposal released by the Federal Reserve on Tuesday.

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Guaranteed risk-free for the banks 30 year mortgages? So bottom line you need to put up collateral worth at least as much as the loan. Allrightey then!

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The government can have that or residential mortgage portfolios that "look like America" but not both.

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Ha! This from the same Fed that buys all of the Treasury's debt on settlement day from the PDs, but isn't monetizing it.

I really need to drink more.

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Case to be dismissed, because little guys don't count.

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What's the difference between pink and purple?


The grip.

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Janet Tavakoli discusses this with Max on the latest Keiser Report, starts at 12:30 min mark

She really rips Buffet and the SEC, good stuff.


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Ah yes, let the serpents eat one another.

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Anyone know how Brent Wilsey has a job in financial services?  Literally, this guy said yesterday, about S&P making the end of the world call on US debt, "I don't care about that...just look at the companies."  And that is a direct quote.

So how does a guy who is supposed to be a money manager keep his gig when he does not care about...anything, apparently?  Seriously, I could do his job.  Really, I could.

I could do UnicornDew analysis as convincing as his investment theories.


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Market completely BROKEN  VXX and TVIX  products to blame...totally ETF world fucked. 

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Is Buffet sending his plane for his personal fluffer Becky?

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Sell your BRK stock and be done with it. Bitchez.

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Judges on the SEC haven't ruled in favor of a plaintiff in 20 years. Does this guy know what he is up against. I guess there is sheep amongst the rich too.

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Yea, and reading and comprehending are two different things.

While it is admirable for someone to believe that the legal standard in America is equal for both normal people and multi-billionaire, we are confident this lawsuit will be burried shortly (and absolutely nothing will come out of any SEC investigation into BRK). Regardless, Kirby does bring up a valid point, indicating that Sokol most certainly acted in breach of Berkshire's Insiders' Trading Policies and Procedures, which states:

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The lawsuit was filed in a Delaware Court. An SEC investigation is a totally different event.

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They are getting down and dirty, just like they live, in the gutter.

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What a jackass,  read the fine print

Investing involves risk, including the risk of loss.

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depose those bitches.  what else will be found!  imagine.

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Nothing like decades of adulation wiped away by minor infraction. Buffett needs to spend the rest of his fortune to fix the corrupt system. That would ensure his immortality.

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Not surprising to me. The Fraudsters are Blantant since they know no one will indict or even investigate.

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Can somebody help me with this?

Was this not insider trading? Buying Lubrizol ahead of BH buyout?

This guy then goes on CNBC bragging about it?