Shooter Identified As One Jared Laughner, Used Pistol With Extended Magazine

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Per the AP, the gunman in Arizona lawmaker's shooting identified as Jared Laughner, and the weapon used was a pistol with an extended magazine. According to Jay Bookman, Laughner is "ex-military and fought in Afghanistan."

More as we get it.

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Jared Laughner's Facebook link?

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My sympathies go out for Jared Laughner. I'm sorry they damaged you enough to take this action and I'm sorry you don't have a president asking everybody on the planet to feel sorry for you while she does.

This is how they control judgement and sympathy. Asking everybody to take the side of those in charge and gang up against those who oppose them. If you feel sorry about doing this examine the feelings closely. It's likely just them being sorry you did it and stuffing down your emotional brain in an attempt to confuse you.

It doesn't matter if it's the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do. All that matters is people know and see understand how it works.

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Flag me as junk all you want. People are siphoning this crap off and tossing it into the who gives a fuck bin. You're days of overwhelming people to catatonic states are ending. Nobody is going to vist your well you can claim you have repaired it all you want. It's full of shit.

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I think you're correct. How is it this fellow was mentally and emotionally damaged to the point of taking this action?

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To be honest, if i was you i would stop reading things that you obviously cant handle mate, you are just inflicting pain on yourself, stick to things you actually understand. You sound lost, talk to someone you know, stop reading sites like this, seriously.

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Who the hell are you ? God ? What site should he/she read, then ? ? Don´t touch the red pill, mate.

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But you see, mate, the red pill is just an excuse to make up any old shit you please, it doesn’t actually take you anywhere, its just nonsense, grow up. You will end up at the same place regardless of what pill you take...only with one pill you get to the destination with your common sense and nerves still intact. Fuck taking any pills, take it as it comes and stop whingeing



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"making up any old shit you please" actually falls under the pervue of both the Federal Reserve and the BLS.

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And religion and modern art. And Television and movies. And children's shows.

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And language.

And thought.

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Well I see your point. Yes. But that does still doesn't make my message any less clear. And that still doesn't make the switchover from time based life here to no time any less invalid from a logical perspective. And using english or universal dream language or hell popping open a huge rote or thought ball on someone who decides to come by for a visit that consists of simply experiences and reactions to experiences that comes from working and being worked by other clairsentients.

I mean sure it can all be bullshit. But until I start putting huge tittied actresses in nightgowns and writing bullcrap stories that all end well and are designed to fit in 40 minutes of stupid fucking ghost whisperer. I think I can maintain a grip on reality.

But thanks for the advice. I'm not really worried about going crazy. I have very strong logic and good enough perception to know when I'm going down crazy road to nowhere.

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FWIW, I often consider your rants to be inspiring exit ramps from the mundane onto Meta Ave.

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That would make me a poor communicator. I know what I'm saying and you will too if your curiosities take you there.

What exactly is so crazy here. That you don't know what causes catatonia or that I do?

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Im not saying you are crazy dude, i am just saying that you are jumping in at the deep end, the wrong end. You are considering how the media will seek to exploit this to control you emotionally etc, that’s just wrong and its not doing you any favours.

Its like this, if you don’t know what to feel for yourself, you will be pumped full of shit from all quarters, mainstream or otherwise. The media have to construct some kind of narrative around the events to actually get the story across, to have an impact on its viewers, and hopefully to illustrate the seriousness of the event.

In doing this they will use professional discretion to word the reporting with an emphasis on the victim usually, in situations like this…a perfectly normal and understandable thing to do- in this case, the victim that took a point-blank bullet in the head, the upstanding citizen and democrat with a fucking astronaut husband and cute little children perhaps, and all the other innocent dead and wounded men, women and children. Don’t you think it would be a little odd if the media automatically ignored all the dead and wounded and focused they’re efforts in trying to cultivate sympathy for the deranged schizophrenic killer? Would you think that’s normal?

What will happen is that later on the media will probably do some investigative pieces on the killers background, maybe a documentary or two, some kind of analysis with a selection of interviewed experts and psychologists, and do their best to give a decent answer as to what was driving this particular nut at the time. In the end, it probably wont be all that sympathetic. He doesn’t deserve much sympathy anyway, he deserves treatment if anything, he’s a sick fuck and probably would have killed regardless of his circumstances…he just couldn’t handle this world it and decided to execute other humans. Sorry dude, but some people just get it very wrong, he was one.

In my opinion, you and growing number of people like you get angry because you actually depend on the media to tell you how to feel, whether its outrage or sympathy, and sometimes you don’t like what they put across, so you stamp your feet and claim that they are trying to manipulate you into believing this and that. The media put opinions “out there“, that’s what they do, its they’re bread and butter and how they have always made they’re money. If you feel they’re opinions are too much, don’t read and don’t watch. As for forming opinions solely on the premise that the TV and press is trying to control your emotions and therefore make you do things you don’t want to do- fuck man, as I said, you should probably go easy on the whole mind-controling elites gibberish.

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Ya I wonder if there is ever any point in your writing or listening to me about how you are trying to conform what I say or how I say it and it's just not working yet you continue accusing me of being too weakminded and unable to protect or defend my chosen expression form.

And it's cute that you think you control him getting what he deserves or deciding on what he deserves. All that is being controlled by a few people. You're not one of them and you'll never be one of them. And it's not your mind. You are simply hosting in an alien body. It even acts and reacts on it's own. And if you try to control it too much they'll let you, if you are evil and go along with the plan of domination. If you try to fight your host body too much and you're not on the approved action jackson list they'll make you the equivalant of a fainting goat. Freeze you when you need to take action. This is called an atagonistic reaction to the sympathetic nervous system.

So you see i'm not really out there in lala land ungrounded and divorced from all reality. I'm not at all worried about people controlling my emotions. I'm capable of very careful very controlled emotional expression. Not to avoid the wrath of idiots or to deceive. But as a precise tool of communication that necessarily comes from developing clairsentient communication abilities. And there really is no way to understand anything until you can jump into the deep end and get all the way to bottom of something. So thanks for diving with me. You're a decent guy. I'm here for the really nasty fucks.

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My sympathies go out for Jared Laughner. I'm sorry they damaged you enough to take this action and I'm sorry you don't have a president asking everybody on the planet to feel sorry for you while she does.

You're way off the fucking reservation there chief! We are all responsible for our own actions! Lots of people have had tough lives and don't go around shooting people.

It's too bad this poor, damaged, nut didn't put the barrel in his mouth, where it belonged. If this life is too much for you, you're welcome to exit anytime you like.

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and exactly how many tours in Stanland have you completed IS?

Thought so.

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Oh, so serving in combat gives men the right to vacate personal responsibility, harm others and then blame others for their actions?

Plenty of men have fought in combat and they don't run around wasting innocent civilians. Plus, we don't even know if this fuckstick was a vet.

Regardless, I find your rational just as fucked up as the guy that feels sorry for this nut.

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According to Jay Bookman, Laughner is "ex-military and fought in Afghanistan."

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People around the shy, reclusive Loughner tell a variety of news outlets that he seems to have exhibited an escalating level of disruptive and disturbing behavior that reportedly forced him to leave a local college.

Loughner, the sheriff said, has made threats to kill before. Giffords — whom he may have met in the past — was the shooter’s primary target, law enforcement officials say.

But the motives of Loughner — an English grammar-obsessed Army reject — remain murky and don’t fit into an easy liberal-conservative rubric. In recent weeks, he took to the Web to rail against brainwashing by government officials and “mind-control methods.”

Read more:

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Americans have really become idiots without balls.

You deserve what you get.

You deserve the bankster fraud. I admire banksters, I admire Bernanke. They would not exist without your stupidity.

DosZap's picture

The Great Punzi,

Ok, I'll bite, and agree w/you to an extent.

Now,that aside, WHAT would you do differently?.

(since its obvious your a foreigner).

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Oh everybody just GIVES me just what I need. So you are promoting internalizing and self destruction. So when a cop pulls you over and gives you a 600 dollar ticket knowing full you don't deserve it and he's not protecting any greater good or serving the public he's simply stealing money because his boss told him to he should put the gun in his fucking mouth and kill himself. What are the chances of that happening there chief? What are the chances of him suddenly developing a concious and just handing out a warning. They are slim and none.

So what do we have here. A little internalization externalization puzzle to solve. How much time does law enforcement devote to self improvement and collecting external opinions about what the do and why they do it. How many databases have been developed to track wrong doing inside the government versus wrong doing outside the government.

You see. I'm not off base at all. When it comes to crime and punishment the focus is always on you. When it comes to sympathy and support the focus is always on THEM. And you are a horrible fucking judge and a horrible fucking problem solver. But I have NO DOUBT you're pathetic little thoughts of kill yourself next time sicko will be dutifully collected and compressed into self destructive liquid emotional energy and shoved down this guys limbic system. That's how it works. That's the energy mechanics of it. You're a prison guard helping out the wardens by being a clueless fuck.

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You sir are an asshole.  What poor Jared did was inexcusible - period.  Innocent people, including a 9 year old girl, died.  Others were injured.  Did she deserve to?  I think not.  Neither did anyone else.  Fuck you and anyone who thinks like you.  If you have a problem with the way things are, then do something productive.  Killing people is not.  I'm digusted.

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Well thank you commander cody. I enjoy your indignation and disgust. It's been a real pleasure. Ya people died, children died. It's just like afghanistan. Only haliburton didn't get to make 400 bucks a gallon off the gas. So that's the real tragedy here. The lost profit.

I state MY FEELINGS and MY THOUGHTS about the subject. Now I guess all we need to do is count how many times this has been attempted to be 'corrected' to see just how an important an issue this is to earth sucks mechanics.

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And? Really who the fuck cares about the mag size? I've seen Japanese and Scottish decimate schools with swords.

Here is the thing, this is what pisses me off, thousands of people have died today. Children have starved to death or been abused, beaten until they were unrecognizable. People have been bombed and shot. Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Babies, Elderly.


Where are our fucking priorties.

We are stupid, ignorant and arrogant.

We are sad and deserve every plague that comes our way.



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It's because, unlike you and me, she's a "public servant":

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If the link's not active, copy and paste:

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Sho yu right, GF. Amerika's priorities are on channels 2-2000.

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I don't no why you were junked when all you did was speak the simple truth.

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So it was one of thier own servants. And a lowly volunteer level at that. I wonder if thy had planned to turn it into an anti-government spin.

They can't even get a drawing of the fail boat off the "plot"ter any more. Much less gas it up and take it out for a due dilligence sinking.

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So if the killer used a chainsaw with an extended cutter bar would that be part of the headline?

We are being conditioned here folks. First it's extended mags, then semiautomatics, then pistols, then long rifles, then all arms including pitch forks and torches.

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"So if the killer used a chainsaw with an extended cutter bar would that be part of the headline?"

Of course it would, that's much more sensational than using a gun.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Of course they would say a chainsaw was used. I was talking about mentioning that the chainsaw had an extended cutter bar instead of simply saying a chainsaw was used.

What exactly was the purpose of pointing out in the immediate headlines that an extended clip was used other than to pursue an agenda. Was only one clip used? Did he reload with a second or third clip? I heard nothing about that initially. But quickly everyone knows about the extended clip. Enquiring minds want to know why this was highlighted.

Agenda driven news repeating.

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Most Gun folks here know exactly what, and why they did what they did.

Why they are going to harp on it, and I guarantee you if the House had not been taken over by the GOP, the SWHTF in a major way.

As we all know, you cannot control a free people unless they are disarmed.

IF the admin starts more shit w/regards to gun laws(which they will), get ready for a lot more of this kind of incedent.

The Odumster said their is NO reason this should happen in a free society..............

Newsflash Odamsta,we do not live in a free country any more

A Walter Mitty country, maybe.

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I read that the gun had a 30 round clip. I own a small 9mm and the clip is 7 rounds and takes up about 3 1/4 inches. That means that 30 round clip was appx. 13 inches long and weighed about 1 lb. loaded if it is somewhat the same as mine. A 30 round clip for a hand gun that has a handle that is 3 inches long??? Something is not koscher here.      Milestones 

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Your pistol uses single stack magazines... the rounds lie in a row, single file.  The glock uses a double stack mag... the rounds are not quite side by side in two columns.  That 30 shot magazine does not fit flush with the grip, it extends well beyond it.  Think Terminator 3, the pistol John uses to shoot the TX in the hanger near the end is a glock-18 with extended mag.

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He's also been labeled a gold nut or some such associative description.

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***** "Per the AP, the gunman in Arizona lawmaker's shooting identified as Jared Laughner, and the weapon used was a pistol with an extended magazine. According to Jay Bookman, Laughner is "ex-military and fought in Afghanistan."

More as we get it." *****


Here's a song for ya'll!

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Never served, was denied service................guess why?

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Sorry, but no Jared Laughner in AZ under various people searches.


Bogus name....

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No... Bogus research...

Jared L. Loughner (o not a), 22 years old, from Tucson AZ... Parents: Amy Joanne Loughner & Randy L. Loughner (52 & 58).  Lives (or lived) on N. Soledad Ave. Mom is/was a natural resource specialist at Pima County Parks & Rec.

Criminal complaint filed against him in Pima County in October 2008.  Complaint dismissed by the city attorney.

Archived photo of Loughner as a volunteer at the Tucson Festival of Books here (date unknown):



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Here is his YouTube suicide video:

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YouTube channel for Jared Lee Loughner.

No, I won't pay debt with a currency that isn't backed by gold and silver.