SIGTARP Calls Out Tim Geithner On Various Violations Including Data Manipulation, Lack Of Transparency, "Cruel" Cynicism, And Gross Incompetence

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too bad nothing will come of it...

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The ballooning police state has other preoccupations, like being granted access to every privately owned computer in America.

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Said of Google, “We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.”

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While interesting -- how is this related to the article?

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Guess I will change to Bing, and dump this tool bar from Google ( Chrome is a bust).  How come all the people I know that own Google shares are stock brokers?

No good for research anymore, all roads lead to eBay.

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I've been deeply disappointed in the FBI for its absence in this mess. 

Everybody's seen Goodfellows.  I saw The Seige last weekend.  The FBI used to mean something that people believed in, Hoover notwithstanding. 

We know and even sort of understand the SEC's hands-off policy wrt the guys on the other side of The Street--but what about the FBI?

How about  FBI Director Mueller?????

These guys were "warning" of "widespread fraud" in mortgage originations years ago.  WTF have they been doing with that information since then?

Let us not forget that these are the same guys who dropped the ball with advance knowledge of 9-11 . . .

With friends like these protecting us from threats both foreign and domestic, who needs enemies?

Whose side is the FBI on?

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According to the FBI, mortgage fraud is fraud commited by the lender, cannot possibly be the mortgage company:

More on this and the incestious relationship between the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and the FBI, Department Comedy Capers:

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So they're nothing but publicly funded goons for the banksters? 

Used to be that corporate warfare required private police forces like the Pinkerton Boyz:

So far it would appear that they've blown it on the largest orgy of organized crime in the history of mankind, after dropping the ball on the the largest incident of terrorism ever. 

Thing is, you know that agents go into that work burning to do the right thing.  Looks to me like they're being misdirected from the top.  Anybody know how morale is among the agents these days?


Bob's picture Prof. William K Black on dereliction of duty by FBI

JHC!  I just got to this, TO.  Dated two days ago.  Looks like I'm in damn good company on this one. 

Looks like even HuffPo is all over it (courtesy of our own Geo Washington):

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Let us not forget that these are the same guys who dropped the ball with advance knowledge of 9-11 . . .

i look at it like a dog you raise from a pup. maybe you teach it commands in another language that a would-be attacker would not have any knowledge about....your dog who obeys your commands no matter how much they want to go after that obvious aggressor.."sit boy".."stay".."down boy"..easy, no?

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The Motion Picture Industry of America and The record companies.  24 armed agents bust into a church senoir center showing a film to 13 alzheimers suffers.  No money paid. 

This is important work and it has time honored priority over Wall Street messes.

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Something will come of everything, on a long enough timeline! And this timeline is very short now, I just checked in on all the canaries, theyre lying on the bottom of their cages with their feet sticking up.

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Sheep you can be a real cunt!

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Nothing will come of it because you refuse to do anything to stop it; except bitch on ZH.

When is enough enough? Need they literally rape you and your family before you stand?

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The “catalyst” … gold & silver is money.

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i got so G A N G  raped three years ago. not just one rape but multiply times and multiply men. i tell you to read this article just makes you utterly sick to your stomach. who can possibly take down this type of mafia? i don't think it can be human.

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Send the jerk to jail.



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Your avatar is but a mere pipe dream.

Don't you know big gov rules all?

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He is a CFR member...if he goes they just plug another one in and the circus continues.

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They should put in Angelina least she'd be easy to look at.

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What does my avatar tell you?

Timmay needs a comb?

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Ha, larger image was key.

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Jail?   All he's done is enhanced his resume in the political world.  You have got it backwards, Jail is for the private sector  /sarc (but in reality, that's how it is now-a-days)

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This is the "New America".  Only Neil Barofsky will be jailed.

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Sorry, but Gross Incompetence should be first on this list.

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Holy smokes! "Scathing" is an understatement!

However, no outrage will ensue, no changes will be made.

Business as usual continues on Wall Street and "K" Street.

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Hopefully in 8 days the American people will express their outrage at the polls. And a Republican House will start holding hearings on this whole mess. Strictly for political points, mind you, but I think some changes will ensue. Not enough, not soon enough, but it's a start.

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a Republican House will start holding hearings on this whole mess.

May I assume you mean the mess 10 years of GOP policy got us into? At least the GOP majority in the house, courtesy of millions of $s pumped into key races by "black pools" of anonymous corporate contributors (thank you Justice Roberts), will give Boehner and Cantor an opportunity to prove they know how to say anything other than no... if you think these clowns are going to clean up this mess, I suspect you live in CA and will vote yes on Prop 19!

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Not ten years of Republican policy, 100 years of Republicrat policy.

It's just about the worst policy there is, and it took us from an industrial superpower to a nation of economic cannibals in just a few brief decades.

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Dude, you need to lay of the hopium. That shit's fatal.

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I wish I could summon fairer words, but fuck the Democrats and the Republicans. I have vowed never to vote for either ever again. Two sides of the same debased coin. I refuse to participate in virtual disenfranchisement. I would literally rather be shot than vote for, or have a hand in, the criminal monopolistic actions of the two headed syndicate.

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Funniest thing I've heard all week.

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Mark my works, regardless of which bunch get in the real winners will be the corporations, not political parties, the FED, Timmy, or America.

What all these saviors of the people haven't caught on to yet, is their UNPRESENTED liability to corporation who shoved the checks under the door.

On Zerohedge we have all read how the corporation own government, the FED, Timmy etc.  But, the real hidden meaning to all this is that now, thanks to our Supreme Court, corporations can elect congressmen, be it state or federal, to wage WAR on their competitors.    Think about what that means,  take the oil companies...they can now use full force to defeat any green movement by LAW.  Could Version get a law through that makes CDMA the only approved cell phone transmission standard?  How about a law that makes any school not offering Coke vending machines in schools ineligible.  How about FOX and the Wall Street Journal the only media that has access to government information for distribution.   How about patent and copywrite changes that make it possible for a company to userp inventions in the "name of GDP prosperty and the national good".

Not possible you say...stay tuned, corporations are just learning to walk.

Think I am kidding?

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... Guillotines for $100 Turd!

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I think we are not giving Obama enough credit.

He put Geithner in that place in order to take the focus off of him.


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Our Janitorial President had nothing to do with the decision about Geithner in the Treasury post.  The immediately preceding cabal had to ensure one of its own was in  in that post so they decided to stick Dumbass Timmah in there.  Obama was never asked, since under his employment contract  - same as his predecessor Bush - he had no right to appoint anyone other than Undersecretary to Excremental Affairs. 

Cleanup in Aisle 4, Mr. President. Bring the bucket. 

Anybody else notice the secret, unscheduled visit to China by Mr. Dumbass yesterday to go kiss some Chinese ass, in advance of the unveiling of QE 2.0. 

Pick me up some dim sum, dickweed. 


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Give Barofsky a bonus.  Give Geithner the big bone.

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too bad Timmy and the big "O' are double dutch rudder buddies...O will never let go!

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POW! Right in the kisser.

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Newsflash: Neil Barofsky found dead of apparent heart attack / drowning / self-inflicted papercuts.  Foul play is not suspected.

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small aircraft malfunction/shot from behind with rat pellet gun.

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Heart attack while drowning in hot tub, bitchez...

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Yes, Homeowners were given Modifications which most faithfully paid every month with the hope of keeping their homes.  Then after 3 to 6 months they were told they no longer qualify and have to come up the the total amount due or the Bank would forclose ASAP.  Once in Forbearance the Foreclosure process is excellerated.  To the Banks advantage.

It was like the Banks were renting to the people until they decided the time was right to Foreclose and put the house on the Market.

If the people were paying on time with the Modification why wip the rug out from under them to sell the house to someone else for less?

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But you will be happy to know that the banks did collect their HAMP $1,500 in up front payments from taxpayer dollars before kicking the homeowners to the curb.  

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when do they cancel the summer of recovery

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Obama changes the vision to: One-thousand Points of Fright.