SIGTARP Releases Quarterly Report To Congress

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I bet this report has something that will brighten my day.

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Wake me when the prosecutions start.

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you might as well never wake up


there will not be any prosecutions, either these guys will go on with business as usual or they will hang off lampposts....but there will not be a solution "within" the system.

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Did anyone really think that they would take the time to read through 224 pages?

I hope they keep their epitaphs really short, because I wouldnt spend much time to read those either. I will be much too busy gathering wood to keep me warm.

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"Did anyone really think that they would take the time to read through 224 pages?"

It could be two paragraphs short and if people are too frightened to face the truth, two paragraphs short is two paragraphs too long. What we as a nation are facing is a massively large but as yet unrealized collective Cognitive Dissonance by a population so enamoured by it's own creation myth that nothing short of starvation and war in their own back yard will force people to face the ugly festering truth.

Think about the long and tortured road you traveled to get here, slowing awakening to the filth and criminal self dealing, fighting to absorb little pieces here and there as you traveled further and further down the rabbit hole. Think about the months or years long learning curve you've overcome just to get here and then think about the average Joe, who hasn't even begun to scratch the surface.

Given a choice like that, how many people do you really think would chose the red pill of full disclosure and awakening. Do you willingly stop taking the tranquilizers and pain killers if (re)gaining consciousness means coming face to face with a filthy body covered with open sores, a mouth full of rotting teeth and gangrene setting in? I think not.

I suggest we all spend some time studying denial. The simple truth is far from simple and extremely hard to accept if it requires rejecting a world view some would die for in order to maintain. The calculation is very simple; knowledge equals responsibility. Who is going to chose responsibility? How many people want to face the fact that their spouse has been cheating on them for years or their brother is molesting his children or their father is a child rapist. Think these are exaggerations and not comparable to what we are talking about? That's because you're already wakening and most of the shock and trauma is behind you. What's it look like to those who remain asleep?  

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cd, this is why stephen colbert, jon stewart & comedy central writers were created‡

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"cd, this is why stephen colbert, jon stewart & comedy central writers were created‡"

"Truth" exposed as comedy is a wonderfully seductive drug we all partake in. It allows us to laugh at the truth, something that in reality frightens us to the bone, secure in the knowledge that since we get the joke, we aren't stupid or naive and the truth is exposed for all to see. All that and no skin off our nose, right? Now that we know it, now that everyone else knows it, now that it's exposed, someone will eventually do something about it, thus I'm no longer responsible for doing something about it. Thank God I don't have to do something about it. After all, there it is, out in the open, a laughing stock no less. I feel better all ready.

Thus the cycle of denial takes it's next inevitable turn. Warm and fuzzy in our denial, we can continue to live with the "truth" while never being responsible for the truth, never having to actually live the truth. Comedy allows us to expose the truth without ever doing anything about the truth. A public safety valve that allows us all to sleep at night without ever breaking a sweat.

Colbert's got my back. 

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I think there is a possibility that Barofsky's material will go somewhere..

after the U.S. treasury has been picked clean and credit runs out.

the U.S. is insolvent presently, but still has credit..

first to collapse will be the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) and the UK-creating a huge dollar rally, then the US.


But I am curious....

as to TALF---

is Barofsky looking at CWC Capital...definitely a bunch of crooks...

or Trepp, the collateral monitor? Trepp is supposed to be clean.

by the way..

FRBNY TALF Staff is collection of old Bear Stearns and Lehman ponzi schemers.


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even clicking on it i find the print hard to read (and probably hard to understand if i could read it).  some further analysis would be appreciated.  however the conclusion that the federal government now holds the majority of the mortgages in place of the private sector (and the bank bondholders never took any haircut at all) seems wrong and also bearish for the treasury bond, assuming more will be issued to make up for the losses yet to come on the mortgages.  does this seem right?

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One wonders where people like Barofsky and Warren come from?  Their professional lives a study in abject humiliation.  Universally ingnored.  Yet day after day the beaver away, producing reports for posterity one supposes. 

While the whole mess was a criminal enterprise few if any crimes were committed and certainly very very few that could be prosecuted and fewer yet that would ever garner a guilty verdict that would not be overturned.


Best not to get angry about this stuff but just to accept this is what the world wants and how the world works.  I don't think it will be a worse world, just different, as the corporate oligarchies relentlessly take over governance. 

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"Best not to get angry about this stuff but just to accept this is what the world wants and how the world works." 

Sorry, I know you mean well but I have no intention of accepting that my lot in life is to permanently be the fucked. That's the cowards way out and just because 99% of the other wage slaves are willing to shuffle off into the sunset with a forced smile on their faces and permanent bruising in the rectal area doesn't mean I will.

But thanks for spelling it out for the other 99%. Ignorance isn't bliss unless there's a blue pill to swallow and those little babies are becoming far and few between.

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The work of the SIGTARP is commendable for its detail and its pointing out the various dots. Whether the investigative team will ever be able to connect all the dots and present a prosecutable case of criminal misconduct remains to be seen. At least we are certain today that Congresscritters will never read the report. Clowns.

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I think a criminal conspiracy to violate the federal securities laws is a fairly easy place to start.  Empanel a grand jury and see if any indictments come out. Surely there is enough here to appoint a special prosecutor on the AIG-NYFed-SEC issue, for starters.

For the record, "good intentions" is not a defense to securities fraud.  However, it's pretty evident that the protestation of "we had good intentions because we had to save the world" masks a deeper truth that is far less selfless.  Time to get the SP rolling.  This is not har to figure out.

Or, you can do what the prior poster suggests: embrace the ugly truth and call it a day. 

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Agreed on a SP.  This whole Fedgate matter is a mess and it should be prosecuted.

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Or, you can do what the prior poster suggests: embrace the ugly truth and call it a day.

Asset prices (stocks, real estate) are going to fall to pre-1980 levels within the next 18 months.

Take a look at Japanese asset prices. Then factor in the time compression that will come in the US.  Japan rolled over its bubble without precedent.  So now, we've got a roadmap. Inevitability will be quickly discounted and prices will correct much much faster.

This will exacerbate the parabolic increase in bankruptcies, foreclosures, lawsuits, and congressional hearings. 

Something no-one is factoring in:  As public rage against the banks, the FED, the UST mounts, could there be a major change in public policy and move to abolish the FED from within?

Either its the fault of "the system" - which could be explained away and rationalized as an out-dated technology no longer fitting for current circumstances ...

Or its the fault of a handful of bankers and financial industry insiders and regulators. As the economic brutality increases, anyone remotely connected to the financial industry will not be safe walking the streets without a few well armed goons ...

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Please keep digging for the truth Mr. Barofsky.

We've got a real mess on our hands and the truth needs to come out.




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A quick analysis on US GDP figures.
While the natural tendency has been to shove it under the carpet saying that the number is unreal...
I think these is some substance in the GDP number and it may well indicate that we are entering into a phase os some solid recovery last seen in 1992.

The next thing to confirm this should be a solid job report..

US GDP: The Breakdown

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Take a look at the mortgage reset schedule first published by Credit Suisse a few years ago.

Mortgage Reset Schedule

We are just entering the inner wall of the second wave of resets, with almost all of the significant growth in the economy due to being in what amounted to the eye of the hurricane. This doesn't factor in the massive CRE component, the rising number of municipal bond issues that are holding on by their fingernails, or the nervousness concerning the European PIIGS. No, this storm will be well and truly over by mid-2012, at which point, there may not be a lot left standing.

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Yes,  jobs are coming!!!! Probably in those Gov. Departments which are producing constant flood of reports, predictions, revisions, revisions to revisions, screwed up statistics and other equally useful activities. I guess check printing for unemployed is thriving, ranks of retraining counsellors advising welders how to switch to new carriers as teachers or nurses, also are growing.

We don't have manufacturing in N.America any more, we won't build too many new houses, puting up windmills somewhere doesn't require to many workers, all those Wal-marts and other retailers don't need any more associates, yes, we will start our own businesses like Express Pet Grooming, Magic Shit Removal or 22-nd Century Space Travel Agency.

Those GDP numbers - whatever we import from Asia and put in the box here and move around in the truck they count as made in USA, isn't it? 

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Barofsky confirmed last week he is probing whether the Federal Reserve Bank of New York improperly limited release of information about payments to AIG.

Barofsky is also working with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the investigation into Bank of America’s merger with Merrill Lynch, the report said.


Barofsky, based in Washington, is opening a branch office in New York and satellite offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco to support the investigations. Calls to Barfosky’s toll-free hotline phone number rose 41 percent in the quarter, to 9,900, according to the report.

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According to Fox news the SIGTARP report outlines 77 possible cases of criminal and civil fraud.
Businessweek says that SIGTARP is baced in Washington and is opening an office in New York and offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Calls to Barfosky's toll-free hot line phone number rose 41% in Q4 to 9,900.

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We need to bankrupt the current currency/credit scheme and start over.

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I'm going with B "not sufficiently intelligent" but none the less after about 7 tries to enter/remember/find/request my password and 3 or 4 days of trying here is a comment.
Nice reporting and great information.
Now where did I put that calculator?

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Yeah, I called this thing pretty well, but I can't figure out the negative numbers. Soon, I can hire a banker on work-release to do the calculations for me, and mow my lawn while he's at it.

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In the medium term, performance / valuation of Fed MBS holdings must represent a major risk for the Fed.

If the public finds out that Fed MBS programs have caused serious personal financial harm, the timeline for reorganization of the US Central Bank is likely to be accelerated.  In other words, when Americans can directly associate a degradation of their standing as a result of Fed policy, they will eventually demand change they can believe in.

It is astounding to me that ZIRP and the resulting impairment to yields on private savings seems like a non event.  Americans who have savings know for sure they are being ripped off by their deposit / borrowing spread, but just seem to accept this for what it is -> Theft.

This can only go so far before Americans have had it.  Everyone who is anyone of consequense in government and finance knows this.  The big deal right now is to delay the reckoning as long as possible.

This is likely to get messy.  Be ready.


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You are right. When they put out the "TARP" "all paid back lie", leaving out the 8 other acronyms and the cost to savers of the backstops and ZIRP, I seem to be the only one to correct that (on other sites).

Lee S.

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Was it a co-incidence that they shafted Eliot Spitzer so comprehensively to spike his guns?

I'm sure he has the energy and appetite to get some sharp teeth into all of this.

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These "great" new GDP numbers for Q4 aren't happening on the ground; must be a rounding error.

Without a manufacturing base this country is lost.

Playing with paper does not a country make.

The next declaration of war should be on the offshore banks to find out where Lloyd and his ilk, along with our bought and paid-for politicians have hidden our money.

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RLJ? You know, because there are a lot of synergies between BET and RMBS.